How To Start A Computer Business Center In Nigeria

How To Start A Computer Business Center In Nigeria – Quality Guide

A Computer Business Center is the place where we do go to duplicate of document (photocopy as it is mostly called).

This is one of the routines we mostly go through, from photocopying to printing and at the same time we are using the Cyber café, scanning document and C.Vs, laminating those important documents and name it. You can see that their services are endless.

Before we recommend any business to our client we always want to be sure they know what they are getting into. We often ask them some questions that when they answer, on their own they will know if they are ready or the need some time more or they will have to switch to something else.


Why do you want to do this?

Never venture into a business because anyone is doing it and you just want to start the same business. You need a concrete reason why you choose the business over all other businesses. These reasons could be known to just you but make sure you are not just doing it. Most people if you ask them why they took their choice of business they will tell you I just choose it, some other will say my friend is doing the same business.


Can you do this?

Here you will have to consider the labor factor of the business, how stressful it is or will be to your health considering the business start-time and end-time.


Do you have the time for this business?

Now, do you have time for the business? Most people I have seen over the years that engage in this business don’t travel much, they are almost fixed to the town of work.

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For you to start a Computer Business Center you will need to buy all the tools which we call “Equipment”


Buying Equipment for the Computer Business Center


Laptop: this will be used to do almost everything, though not all. This will be used for the internet service, it will as be used as the major equipment for typing, Scanning service, Internet service, School fee login, Course registration, Letter headed design, Business card design.


Printer: this is the machine that translates the softcopy to a hard copy, all the textbook, receipts, notebooks, bills, and even money are all made with the help of a printer.


Photocopier: this helps to duplicate the printed document into many other copies. They will all look the same.

Scanner: this helps to convert or produce a softcopy of the exact details in your hardcopy. Scanned document can be transferred online and use to fill online application forms.


Stapler: This is one of the equipment that cannot be neglected in a Computer Business Center. It is used to pin or hold multiple sheets of a document together to avoid lost or unexpected detachment.


Puncher: This device or equipment is used to bore holes on printed and duplicated document for filling purposes.


A4 paper: The A4 for paper is used for documentation and it is the general paper size fo general work. Other paper sizes are A3, A5, and A2.

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Spiral binding machine: This machine helps to hold document together. It works but punching on the document and then fix the clip that will keep the document together and safe.

Spiral binding covers: These are the cover you use during spiral binding to protect the back of the document from getting unkempt. This also makes your documents look presentable.

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Get a suitable location
Now we have our basic Equipment for the Computer Business Center the nest thing to do is to look for a very nice environment for the business.


How do you know which will be the suitable place for the business?


Some people might target market as there are many people there while some others will target offices knowing that office people will make copies every day. BUT I will never recommend any of those to you.


Why I won’t recommend those:

First the “market”, you will agree with me that businesses like this can barely survive in the market. Just tell me what will a market woman be printing for?

Now the “office environment”, yes by all reunifications this is supposed to be the base-life of the business but it’s a pity. The reason I said it’s a pity is that any office that still does its office work outside is underdeveloped and should not be allowed to operate before they will mismanage peoples information and money and run away.

I hope you understand from my own point of view.


Where will I recommend for the Computer Business Center


Where a place where less than 5% of the person around uses those computer gadgets. Where it is a must to do all these computer transitions. I saw no other place than the “School campus”


Why the school campus?

In the campus now these days everything you do start from the admission you got to the end of you finer year clearance are all online, you can never say you don’t have money let you leave it. This is now a MUST which makes it very good for business.

In the campus get a place that has relation with the student that is the best place to start.

Now we are set to board!


List of services you can offer?



This is one of the most useful equipment in the Computer Business Center. People mostly photocopy their document for many reasons. Using job application as a situation, anybody that wants a job will have to submit a C.V which will contain some other files together.

The person already has them he just needs to submit some copies to some job agencies. He might be making up to 5 copies of each document.


Printing service:

this can be done based on the device the work to be printed is on. If the document to be printed is on your system you can just go straight and print, if it’s in a flash you will need to insert the flash into your system then locate the file and then print out.


Scanning service:

Document to be scan would be used over the internet. Some other people scan a document so as to have a copy of their original everywhere they are for easy and free mobility.

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Internet service:

You will need internet access for this. A client might want to do research on a particular thing and might need internet service. In the Computer Business Center service, you will always need internet service no matter what to meet some other needs.


School fee login:

log in to the student profile and input the bank payment pin that is the only thing as simple as it is the collect N500 for it some other people collect N1000. It all depends on you and your price list.

School fee online payment:

almost all schools now pay their school fees only, thereby creating an additional option for the business.

The use of internet service and a printer will be required for this. You have to always put other factors you will combine with the current to get your result. That will help you with billing.


Letter headed design:

you will need the basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Corel draws or Photoshop to be able to carry out this service. Note, anything you do not know how to do you can always ask my best teacher (online). He will not let you down.


Business card design:

This service needs the basic knowledge of Corel Draw or Photoshop. You can download a nice beautiful template online and just edit the name, log, and all the necessities.
You can watch tutorials on Youtube so as to get a clear picture of what you will be doing.


Jamb registration and result check:

follow the directions in the card or visit their website to get the right info you will need.


NECO registration and result check:

follow the directions in the card or visit their website to get the right info you will need.


WAEC registration and result check:

follow the directions in the card or visit their website to get the right info you will need.

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You will need an operator for your business:

You cannot do all the hard work and attend to the client that will be coming with most of them having funny characters. Some of them will be picking things from your shop and you will be very disorganized if you are the only one there. No matter how small or how big you think the payment is I think it’s worth it. A dextral hand will help you a lot in doing your jobs, even if the person is not very good at first.


Overlook of profit in Computer Business Center

A serious survey was carried out in Ambrose Alli University off-campus and we got an average daily profit of N8,000. I know most people will not believe this but I will advise you take your time to visit any of the Computer Business Center in off-campus, spend quality time there and do you who analyses.

Most lectures give an assignment and demand the assignment be typed and duplicated and typing a page is around N100 – N200 the assignment is 20page, it will be 100×20=2000. If he had 2 people he will be having N4000 and that Is not the only thing he will be doing for the day.

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Even if he does makeup to amount, making half if far more than a normal salary earner.


Let’s try this:

if he makes 4000 each day and he works for 26day
4000×26= 104,000 a month
Sounds like unbelievable?


Your Budget

  1. Photocopying Machine N60,000
  2. Laptop computer N80,000
  3. Spiral binding machine N10,000
  4. Laminating machine N12,000
  5. Staplers/paper cuter N5,000
  6. Paper and other things N10,000
  7. photo printer N40,000
  8. Generator N50,000
  9. Furniture N20,000
  10. Modem 12,000
  11. Total = N304,000.


This is the best investment in a campus environment.

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Other services you can include in your Computer Business Center


Buck SMS:

buck SMS is lucrative in a school environment, this job is mainly given to the Computer Business Center owners to do on a frequent and scheduled date. People that use this in a school environment are :

Departmental Heads

To offer these services you will need an account with one of the numerous buck-message providers.

Some are complicated while others are as simple as sending a normal message. I was used to using some other providers but I recently moved to use for my buck messaging services.


Web design:

you do not necessarily need the skill to offer this service. Just look for a good web designer and let him know that you will need him to do a job for you when the job comes. Surely you will have your cut of the cake.


One minute passport:

most people never saw this as being possible that a Computer Business Center will be running a one-minute passport as an addition to the business. You will need a camera for this so buy one as soon as possible.


Recharge cards distribution:

you can be buying recharge card as wholesale and sell to the retailers near you, with time you will know for that and people from far will locate you.

You might not be getting a lot from this but is something you can give a try since it will be an addition to your main Computer Business Center service you offer. also recently starts to offer this service. Play around with the site to know how the work, you can also call them with the number on their site.

Computer lessons: To do this effectively you will need an extra system for your students so as not to disturb you when you are doing something for someone. You can teach you a student depending on your agreement with the student. Areas to teach are

Application package
Web design
Application development
Website development
Graphic design
Mobile development
Hardware etc

The list can still be going down and down. Just be sure to give more than you promised.

I am sure that you will be making a lot in the Computer Business Center service if you follow this guide carefully.

Alright have a successful day, don’t forget to post your comment below

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