How to Start Fresh Fruit Juice Production Business in Nigeria.

How to Start Fresh Fruit Juice Production Business in Nigeria.


It is no news that fruit juice production business in really making a lot of money to entrepreneurs that have seen the importance of living a healthy life with the required Vitamins.

Vitamin C is an important vitamin that is gotten from fruit which helps in clear sight and nourishment of the body.

fresh fruit juice has a higher percentage of this vitamin than some of the juice that is sold on the market and that is why the demand is very high in the market.

Starting up fruit juice production business will make you a good amount of money and help you build a nice string of income.

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Select your niche.

Fruit juice production business is a very wide business field that has so many varieties as to which aspect of the business to engage in.

Deciding the part to work with is selecting the niche for the business.

Niches in fruit juice production are so many and everybody has his best type of juice based on the flavor with is referred to as the niche here.
the various type of flavor or niche for fruit juice production business are listed below.

and so many others.

Study the market.

This is the market surveil, very important. this is the most important aspect of any business as this determines the success and the failure of the business.

Study the market very well, know how those that are already in the market run their business. starting from the way they operate, how they operating, know the best niche that sells well, how to brand the product and the best branding that will sell well.

Buy equipment.

After having a close look at the market and picking a niche which is a flavor you will like to produce you need to buy the equipment for the production of the fruit juice production.

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Not all equipment can be used in the production of every fruit juice business, this is because their method of juice extraction and their shapes are definitely not the same.

one common equipment that most fruit juice production business requires is the bender.

Not disputing the fact that there are so many others fruit production business equipment that is commonly used like the sieve, but the blender bits them all.

Get branded.

Brand, in this case, is our packaging, we will attain a very big hight if we can get a nice brand name for the product.
NOTE: the name alone is not the branding but an item for the branding. the branding comprises of the name, the customized package, the various sizes and many more.

Buy fresh fruits.

Getting fresh fruit in any quantity is not a problem and will never be since having fruit market in almost every state is a sure thing. NO! I did not say you should buy from the market, NO.

This is what too do.
play a smart one on the market sellers by contacting the suppliers one on one, you can ask a few questions on where they buy their fruit from if you intend to buy from the farmers direct. this could be a good source if you are into a large fruit juice production.

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Package product.

Nothing moves market than a good package production for your product. this is something that distinguishes your product form its kinds in the market. getting an affordable package that your customers can buy with it putting a hole in their pocket.

Hypo bleach did this by producing a small quantity of bleach in stache. that was a wise idea and that is making a good sell today.

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Your product cannot make any impact if it does not get to the market. making your product available in the market for your customers is a stage that owns the whole production process.

To make your product fully available in the market you will have to RUN the market promoting with a very effective market strategy. there are many ways to run a promotion for your product and we will be listing so below.

After getting the product fully packaged you can now use some means to promote your product like.

Television advertisement.
Newspaper advertisement.
Social media promotion.
Open market promotion.
Street to street promotion.

Television Advertisement:

This is the promotion of a product via television channel, people with goods or service uses this medium of promotion to get to the targeted audience. This type of promotion is done through the multichoice GOtv/DStv platform. anyone who uses this platform will see the ads on them.

if the audience is your target go for it. for our fresh fruit juice production business, I will advise you give it a try because it is a very good source of traffic.

News Paper Advertisement:

From a very clear estimate, over 30% of people read the newspaper on a daily bases and you should know that even 1% in any business is big enough to mean millions.
you might have seen a newspaper that has some advertisement in them, the publishers did not just put them in there to make the newspaper full but for business purposes.

if you want to use this means of promotion you will see the contact at the down part of the newspaper on the advertisement page. then you can contact them to know how they operate.

Social media promotion:

Social media has been an advantage to the whole promotion process, looking at it you can promote your goods and service for free and very fast if you have a good number of audience.

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ever since the knowledge of social media hit the world masses ideas of business have been coming and success has been the result.

Most people shy away from this kind of promotion because they don’t have the kind of audience that is required to meet success, that should not be an issue.

Social media has both paid and free method of promotion, making a post and letting your audience see the is a free method while paying for the whole process to be done so you can meet a good amount of audience is the paid method.

To know more I will advise you read online to know what it is all about.

RUN a search like “Deference between social media paid and free promotion”

Open market promotion:

this is a kind of promotion were a megaphone will be used to attract attention to you as you sell the product. you will have to let people know the importance of your product and why they should buy it.

Echo the Vitamin C very well so those that know the importance of vitamin C to the body can buy it, also try to educate people on the importance of Vitamin C.

NOTE: You can get people to do this for you.

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Street to street promotion:

this is just the same with the above method and the same process can be applied to it the only difference here is that this will be done street to street.

Alright, If you have further question feel free to ask in the comment below. You can let us know how you run yours if you do this business.


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