How to Start A Lucrative And Profitable Popcorn Business Nigeria 2018

How to Start A Lucrative And Profitable Popcorn Business Nigeria 2018


Popcorn business is very lucrative to those that know how to go about it. those that are into popcorn business and are making it very big are those that are exposed to this little secrete that you are about to find out in a second…

I used to think that there are some business that are not good (that can’t bring money the way I

Lucrative Popcorn Business

want) but since I was exposed to entrepreneur seminars, readings and watching, I got to know that if a very business is not juicy (not producing income as expected) you have needs swizzing the wrong part or maybe you have not been swizzing it well, swizz with logic you will get the right juice.


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Our approach to this popcorn business will not be the normal aboki newspaper approach or the street waterproof approach on almost every street. Though the aboki and the street sellers make real money over N70, 000 monthly which is more than most certificate jobs today.

We will be using two special strategies to make real money from the popcorn business, these strategies are what the aboki and the street seller did not do.

First, we will be using the well-customized packaging strategy to force money out of our customers pocket.

Have you ever try to but suya from an aboki and same week buy same suya amount from a well organized and well-packaging place in town? if you have what was your experience?


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Your guess is as good as mine…
so you now know that with a good packaging we will be able to make good money from this business and also maintain a high standard.

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The second approach is the wholesale approach, yes people sell popcorn in wholesale.
You might have bought popcorn from the cinema where you went to watch movie or from a very high supermarket in town, their packaging is very cool and presentable.

You know they did not produce that popcorn themselves you know, they had supplies from those that produce them.

That is one of our targets.

Another target is the street and holds up hawkers, yes I mean it, the hold-up hawkers.

Now let’s settle the little dispute that might be in your mind.

The hawkers you see selling all such of things in the hold-up, do you think the produce those products themselves?

The answer is NO.

They sell those products to make a cut of profit based on how much they sell.

That is another target.

We will explain further how to target in the market strategy below.

Read on…

potential profit:

At the holdup and the supermarket a cup or a pack of this popcorn might cost N100 or N200, but for the sake of this post we will stick to N100 per pack.

As the producer, you might be producing a cup or a pack for as low as N10 – N30 and then end up selling it to the supermarkets and the hawkers for the rate of N70 per cup or pack.


Now the supermarket and the hawkers make N30 per pack or cup.

If in a week you supply over 2000 pack or cups to all the supermarkets, cinema and football view center in your city and towns you will be making 2000 x 70 = 140,000 / week.
If you have a reasonable amount of hawkers like 10 – 20 and they are able to sell in the same week up to 700 each per week (100 per day).
10 hawkers will be 7000 sells/week = 70 x 7000 = N490,000.
In a month we will be having 4x what we had in one week.
N490, 000 x 4 = N1,960,000.

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if you were not able to get our target and you get up to half, then you are a million naira richer just in a month.


The Requirement to Start a Lucrative Popcorn Business in Nigeria

To start this business, some things are required and below are those things we will need.


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Popcorn Machine:

if you want to buy a popcorn machine which is widely called popcorn maker, we will advise you check the condition of the power supply in your locality.

If in any case, you notice that the light is not constant please do buy a popcorn machine that uses gas cylinder and electricity together so as to be able to switch to gas when there is a power failure.

You should also check for the machine that produces both salt and sugar at the same time as this will save energy and time of producing two type separately.

This machine costs from N75,000 to N85,000 depending on where you are buying from.


Sealing Machine:

Since we are producing out the product in two packages (Nylon packs and cups)we will need the sealing machine to seal the product in the nylon pack and possibly to seal the product in the cups as well.
this machine cost N15,000 – N20,000.


Customized Pack:

The two packs will be customized with name and image as well.



We will need nylon for this packaging, this can be gotten from the market or you will tell the people producing them to produce for you, as that will be cheaper.

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Disposable pack:

We can buy the disposable cup from the market or from the manufacturing as it will be cheaper from the direct source.


Bags of Corn:

We will be needing a lot of corn as this is the major raw material for this production.

We will be buying from cheaper source so as to reduce your production cost and increase our profit.


Reasonable amount of sugar is needed.


Reasonable amount of salt is needed.



A big pack of butter will do just fine for a start.

Marketing Strategy:

To get hawkers that will hawker your product you will have to do a little search and marketing.

Go to all the holdup spot in your city meet with majority of the hawkers there to know how much they make.

Now, offer them a mouth-watering deal that they can’t reject, N30 – N50 profit for them per pack is okay.

At first, let them have the maximum profit they can have if you have most of them selling your product you can then reduce their profit rate to meet your own profit weight.


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Alright, that is How to Start Lucrative Popcorn Business And Make N1,000,000 or More per month.

Drop your comment below and ask any question you might feel is necessary.

Shear your post to encourage us. Thank you.


Updated: November 16, 2018 — 3:59 pm

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