How to Start Small Scale Car Wash Business in Nigeria.

How to Start Small Scale Car Wash Business in Nigeria.

Car wash business in one of the few businesses that anyone can start with little money (startup capital) and No special skill. Car wash business can practically make a monthly income of about N300,000.00 if well handled.


The requirements for car wash business is far as easy then anyone can imagine.


Steps to start a small scale car wash business in Nigeria.
Below are the requirement and compulsory steps to start a car wash business in Nigeria


Sketch your Business Plan:

This is the first and most compulsory aspect in any business that must attain the hight of success. For a business to be able to meet a standard it will have success attached to it achievement it must be well planned.

A business plan is the practical sketch and theory of new and intending business which helps the business to grow.

A good business plan will have all the requirement of the business in it and also what it takes to set the business up. For the car wash business, it will also have a further plan on how to expand the business.

Get Finance:

Only a few businesses do not require money or startup capital to set and this car wash business is not one of them.

Having seen many questions online like
How to start a car wash business
How to start a small car wash business
The requirement to start car wash business

and lots more, it is important that you know money will be involved.

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If your business plan is well written and sketch this shouldn’t be a problem at all. every step involves in the startup of this car wash business including how to get finance should be well explained the business plan.

you can get startup capital from various source to set up your business. Read here.


Study the Business:

There is this saying Nigeria elders are used to “If you want to know the way forward ask those that are coming back”. It is a clear and important thing to do, ask those that are into the business; you can run a background check on them to know how they operate.

Studying the business should include how they run the business, the things needed to run the car wash business, the best location for such a thing of business and so many others factors that might be needed.


This will stand as a proof or as a result to show how well or bad yours have carried out the study of the business.

Location plays a very vital roll in your car wash business becoming a success. this is not just for the car wash business but for all business that one is doing.

First, your location should be in a relaxable environment maybe close to the relaxation center or a restaurant, it can also be close to a beer parlor.

NOTE!!! your location must have a drainage so it will not get you into an environmental problem with the authorities.

Water Source:

Water is the major raw material for this business. while picking a location we advise you consider the source of water too.
Most people that have their car wash business located in a swampy environment have a higher advantage compared to those that have theirs on a hilly or rocky environment.
If a river I located within the environment it is a plus to your business.
But what are we don’t have that?

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we will have to make a borehole or a well so as to get a constant water supply. digging a well will cost less if you don’t have money to make a borehole.

Overhead Tanks:

We can’t put all our eggs in a basket. we will need big sized overhead tanks to store water for our car wash business.
Size of about 4000litters and above is good to supply the business with water, we are targeting a good number of cars each day so we can’t afford to not have enough water to work when needed.


We will need a generator to pump out the water to the overhead tanks. A Small generator will not be good for this because it might not be able to carry the load and might get spoil thereby disappointing us and those that want to clean up their cars.

Liquid Car Wash:

Not all things ladder are good to wash cars. Have you ever noticed some cars having faded color some few months or about a year and a half after the user bought it? the fading color might be as a result of the kind of soap or detergent used in washing the car.

Cars are allergic to detergent because detergent kills the shining spray that comes with it. Using a Liquid Car wash will help preserve the shining spray and keep the car looking as new as it was.


About Three to four bucket will be needed for this business. The buckets will be used during washing of each car that will be coming.

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You will need to increase the quantity of the bucket as time goes on when you hire more people to help you out.


Let us know how you run your car wash business or how you intend to run your car wash business.

Take time to ask any question you might have and we will be here to give the best answer we could. checkout other related posts… Thanks.


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