Lucrative Ice Block Production Business In Nigeria 2018– All You Need To Know.

Lucrative Ice Block Production Business In Nigeria 2018– All You Need To Know.

Ice Block Production

Block shape Ice Block Production


Ice block production is a business that is seasonal but really profitable in it’s season.

Africa as a whole has the highest supply of sun light, this causes the body system to request for water.

During the dry season when the heat is high, one can continue to drink water without getting enough of it if the water is not cool.

A glass of ice or chilled water can quench a taste that 5 liters of water was unable to quench.

We don’t plan to bore you with long articles.

Lets to straight to the point.


How To Start Ice Block Production Business In Nigeria.

To start Ice block production business you need the following.



Water is the raw material for Ice block production and as such we should have a large supply of it.

A clean treated water that is free from impurities.

Our water storage should always be clean and neat.

When there Is supply of water, you can store water in your water storage.

Water storage should be of plastic and not metals, reason is because metal rust but plastic don’t.



This is one important step in the Ice block production business.

You should get a packaging that is unique and also effective.

The water proof is one of the mostly used packaging for the ice block production.

You can think of a better and well presentable packaging that will not cost you much.

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Ice Block Making Machines

Just having water and packaging will not make the ice blocks, you will need a special machine to do that.

In getting machines for your ice block production business, there are things you need to lookout for one of which it capacity of the machine.

If we are planning a very big Ice block production business, we should be looking for a very big machine that can carry based on our required capacity.



No business in Nigeria should depend on power supply by the electricity companies else the business is planning for doom.

You can get a big generator or even a mikano generator will be better if your setup if big.

Make sure your have alternative should incase of any disappointment.


Reasons Why Ice Block Is Required.

Below are a few reason to why iv3 block is required.

Weather Condition.

The weather condition in Nigeria makes the urge for ice or chilled water high, creating a good business opportunity for entrepreneurs.


Electricity Challenges.

Electricity Challenges has made Nigerians to source for ice block to use in place of their freezer.

This is one big problem to many that turns out to be a blessing to others.



People just love taking cool water or any liquid no matter the weather condition.

A very good friend of mine can’t do without taking chilled drink even if it’s just water she is okay.

You can ask her anything by just giving her something chilled.


How To Make Good Sales In Your Ice Block Production Business.

To be successful with the ice block business you will to know…

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Locate Population (Human Traffic).

A very populated place should be your target.

Human traffic is what we need for this business to be successful.


Know Your Competitors.

It will be better is you know your competitors in the ice block production business industry, this will help you strategies and get the best off the business.


Service Machines When Necessary.

Keeping you machines and tools in good form and shape will help you produce more and keep your machines from getting spoilt.




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