Ice Cream Cone Making Business In Nigeria 2018.

Ice Cream Cone Making Business In Nigeria 2018.

Ice Cream Cone Making

An Ice Cream Cone Making


Ice cream cone making business is a very profitable business if an investor  could think out of the small box.

It can be initiated as a home based and small-scale basis.

Ice cream cones of many varieties flavours and in different forms are served round the year and demand is going up year after year.


The most popular mode of serving is in cones as it is neat & clean, easy to store and

there is no disposal need. With the continuous increase in the sale of ice-creams, demand for cones is increasing. It is a consumer durable item.

Ice cream cones generally come with different colours and flavours. Ice cream cones are not only convenient but there is no residual waste as well.

Manufacturing process is simple and simple machinery is involved in manufacturing. An entrepreneur with a proper planning can initiate this business with low startup capital investment.

Consumption of ice-cream has been increasing steadily over the years.

With changing lifestyles and food habits, this trend would continue even in future.

A majority of the consumers prefer ice cream in cups or cones.


Serving in paper cups requires a spoon to eat and disposal is a problem.

But in the case of cones, there is no need to have a spoon and they are eaten along with the ice-cream.


In starting ice cream cone making business you will need to register your firm first. Register your business with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). This cost about N20, 000 and registration process takes just a week.

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Ice cream cone is a food item you will need to have a license from National Angency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

All registration with NAFDAC takes time.



The major raw materials are wheat and corn flour. Apart from these food colours and flavours are required.

These raw materials can be procured from the local wholesale market.

You will need to have some packaging materials also. Generally, moisture proof packaging is recommended for ice cream cone packaging.


Ice Cream Cone Making Machine


Automatic ice cream cone making machines are available in Nigeria market with varying capacities.

Capacity has to be decided by the size of the market and required production output.

A machine with the capacity to produce 48,000 cones per shift of 8 hours cost N150,000 at jiji.


These machines offer cones to the next process to be filled with ice cream.

First, it dispenses batter on the baking plates to prepare the wafer for shaping,then rolls them up, keep them in shape unload them finally.

It is the main device of the production line.

Apart from this, you will need to have some stainless steel utensils, racks, weighing scale and sealing machine.




Initially corn and wheat flour is mixed with water and required quantity of colour and flavours are added.

Then this dough is fed to the cone making machine.

The machine makes cones as per the mould they are baked in and ready cones come out of it.

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Now, our ice cream cone making process is completed.

Thanks for your time.


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