How To Start Insecticides Production Wholesale Business In Nigeria

How To Start Insecticides Production Wholesale Business In Nigeria.

Insecticides Production Business In Nigeria


Insecticides Production


If you are looking for a way to start insecticides production business, you are at the right place. Read to the end to know to start and also to learn the step by step production processes.

Companies and individuals spend a lot of money every three months just to spray insecticides in their houses and offices.

Somebody might be Asking, How do I define Insecticides.



Insecticides are chemicals that might be in solid form, liquid form, solution form or a gaseous form. They help to kill or repel all types of insect both flying, crawling and walking, that might cause discomfort at home.



  1. It helps keep our home free from flying and crawling insects.
  2. The use of insecticides reduces the rate of disease attack at home.
  3. It helps prevent insect attack on food-stuffs.



  1. It Creates employment oppotunity.
  2. Its production process is very easy.
  3. It does not require any form of degree before you can start.
  4. It has a very high market demand rate.
  5. It can be produced anywhere at home.
  6. Insecticides production business is highly profitable.


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The profit potential Insecticides production business is very high up to 150%. The percentage is not just the reason it is profitable but the rate at which it sells.
The production rate for a small container is N50 – N70 but the product is sold for N250 – N300.

If you want to make a good number of sells, you must write down a good business plan with a good strategy for growth.



Below are the basic requirement for starting up insecticides production business in Nigeria.



A business plan is very essential if you are planning to start a very big company or if you want to start small but have the plan to expand the business.
Smartincomepro will advise every business be it a big or a small to have a business plan.
A business plan guides you on getting capital for starting the business and also guide you in increasing funds to grow your business.

With a good business plan, where to get the raw materials for production will not be an issue.

A good business plan will guide you in getting the right market strategy that will yield success.

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We advise you write your business plan yourself or you give it to a guru to write for you.



Carrying out a feasibility study for insecticides production business as necessary, as this will help you know your target market, how to produce, the type of packaging to apply.

The feasibility study will help you know how much it will cost for production and the profit rate you will get.

In carrying out a feasibility study, you will have to visit a lot of insecticides production companies to know how they operate. you can ask staffs question or decide to work in the industries for some time.

We advise that you take feasibility study from 3 or more source, This will help you know a lot including the management aspect of the insecticides production business.



  1. Killers.
  2. Eucalyptus oil.
  3. Camphor.
  4. Desired Color.
  5. Nice Fragrance.
  6. Kerosene.

Note: These raw materials are also referred to as the ingredients for the production of insecticides, and all of this ingredients have their role to play in the production.

Killers: This is the main chemical that makes the insecticides active and effective. If it is in a high quantity in your insecticides you produce, the insecticides will be very reactive and it will kill insecticides from a distance.

Camphor: Camphor is a repelling agent, it tends to repel insect and when combined in large quantity in the insecticides it makes the insecticides more active.
Camphor is a diffusing agent that helps to spread the insecticides through the air when used.

Kerosene: Kerosene is a solvent that is used to dissolve the all the ingredients for the production of the insecticides.

Color: You will need to add your desired color (dark colors should be avoided).

Fragrance: It will be nice to have your insecticides know with a nice fragrance that might serve two propose (as a fragrance and insecticides).



Insecticides production is one of the very few production businesses that require little and non-technical equipment for production.

The process of production is mixing the chemicals by stirring, which means a stirring rode will be needed for local production while a mixing machine for a commercial production.

Each chemical will be in a separate bowl and the mixing will be in a bigger bowl.

At the end of the whole production process, we will package our product in a container making it ready to sell or use.

That means for this production process to be complete we need the following equipment

  1. A big bowl (for mixing).
  2. Smaller Bowls (To hold chemicals).
  3. A stirring rode.
  4. Packaging containers
  5. Funnel (To pure product into containers).
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This insecticides production process don’t take up to 15 minutes except for the camphor that is required to dissolve in kerosene for some hours.

The process is all about just adding and stirring. Below is the step by step map of how to produce insecticides.



  1. Soak the powdered camphor in little kerosene for some hours for it to dissolve.
  2. When the camphor dissolve adds a little of kerosene to it and stir.
  3. Pour the eucalyptus oil and stir too.
  4. It’s time to add the killers and stir vigorously.
  5. Now, add some fragrance.
  6. Add your desired color and stir.
  7. Add preservative (formalin).
  8. Pure into your packaging containers.



Packaging has a long way to go in contributing to the success of a business.
This is the same as branding, you will need a good brand name, good logo and also good colors for your business package.

Packaging is no longer difficult as there is a lot of insecticides production company in the market, they will give you an overview of what packaging will be best.

Insecticides application is by spraying, thus the container should have a room for that.

Now, you are advised to look at the companies before you, so as to come out with something unique and not to do exactly what they do.

Having a unique package in the industry gives your product a degree of respect.


Insecticides Production



If your product has a good package and you did your feasibility study well and also write a good business plan, then your marketing is a done job.

Promotion should be a major hold in your business plan. Companies spend millions of dollar each year just to get their already know business on billboards and other advertisement platforms.

Social media is a good source for promotion as almost 80% of uses tends to log in on a daily bases. You can run free ads or paid ads depending on the written business plan.

You can also employ staffs to market your product and pay the per sales. This will go a long way in increasing your earnings.


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Registration is essential if you are going big, insecticides production has to do with chemicals which means if you are going big and wide in production you will need to get certified by the government or any other body that has to do with registration.

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If this is not done on time, it might lead you to serious problems. Competitors use it as an advantage to ridicule the new companies that did not register.

In Nigeria, you have to register with NAFDAC. To know how to register, visit the official NAFDAC website.



I received a congratulation message for a business I studies and wanted to start 5 years ago, the message was like “5-year Anniversary Achievement, Happy anniversary with *company name* ………..”

I quickly go to check the key players in that business niche, you know what I noticed? They are all below 4 years in the industry and they are receiving a very large amount daily.
I regret never continuing 5 years ago.

I wanted to help someone purchased some goods from UK and China, after selecting out items to the chart and about to pay, when he saw the delivery time of 2 weeks he asked me to stop the transaction. He said 2 weeks was too much.
A month letter has no bought the items and the money is gone, you know what he told me?
“I would have just ordered those items at that time”.

I have my regret for not continuing what I started 5 years ago, I don’t want you to go through same that’s why I am here to tell you where I failed so you won’t fail as well.

If you have a business idea, even if it is not insecticides production business any business at all just get started.
Never let an idea slip through your fingers, you might regret it.

If you don’t have the capital to start, write the business idea done with all the required amount to start, now keep it close to where you can easily reach it.
Go through it from time to time to awaken your spirit to work towards that achievement.



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