How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others.

How To Join A Cult; Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others.

Join A Cult

Join A Cult


What is a cult?

According to Wikipedia.

A cult is a group of people who have a religion or a set of beliefs.

In modern times the term “cult” usually does not mean a mainstream religion, but a group set up “in opposition to a centre of established authority.

The word cult originally meant a system of ritual practices.

It was first used in the early 17th century to mean homage paid to a divinity.

It came from an ancient Latin word cultus meaning “worship”.


Reason Why People Join A Cult.

The following are the different reasons why people join A Cult in Nigeria.



The quest for power is one of the main things that get young Nigeria into cultism.

They always want to be in control of whatever they are doing and they want to be able to say something and see it done without wasting of time.

The reason always makes 100level universities student join cult in their first semester.



The is mainly common among the 200level and 300level students in school settings.

If a student happens to get intimidates or beating be some groups of boys on campus setting, he will start thinking on how to get even with those people who intimidated him, joining a cult will be his only thought at that time.

Here is the Shocker:

They may come to find out after joining that the person that intimidated them is a key-man in the cult they just join, thereby making himself a servant or boy to the person.


Most people join cult for this innocent reason “Protection”.

This is actually not true, at first they make you feel as if they are going to protect you, but with time or as time goes on, you will begin to see yourself in more danger than you ever was.

Peer Influence:

Yes, Yes and Yes, it is true that your circle represent who you truly are.

If your friends are cultist, how long do you thing you can stay with them not being one?
You should try to answer that.

Low Self-esteem:

Actually, this is one of the reasons why people join cult in Nigeria.


How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others

Dangers of cult in Nigeria.

Cultism in Nigeria put your life at high risk.
Anyone who join cult finds it hard to leave except death.

Cult activities take a lot of time.
You must have to fight with weapons.

The moment to join a cult, you automatically becomes someones target (cult fight)
You loss your freedom once you join a cult.
You might loss focus for your life goal.

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How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others


Ways to know a cultist.

This is simple; you must smile something if your friend is a cultist.

Here are the simple ways to know.



Most cultists have a nickname that adds a prefix or a suffix of something unexplainable, something only they have a clue of.
Notwithstanding, with the name you will start to have an idea of the kind of person your friend is.


Scars :

No mater how clear your friend is, he must have gotten into a tool war (fighting with weapons) with other people or somebody somewhere that might leave a scar on his body.

He will shy away from any question related to that.



This part cannot be hidden even if they are able to hide every other thing from you.

Cultist have a special handshake that they do with their fellow cultist as a means of identification and respect for there confraternity.



A cult member will always feel bored while in mist of other people.

The oath and blood covenant they took with other cultist keep the bounded together.

They have a lot together so they are always together.


Dress Code:

It is easy to tell a cultist by his dressing code, The colors he put on and a lot more.


How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others

Nigeria Cults



This cult group was the first identifiable cult group formed between 1952 and 1954 at the foremost Western University of Ibadan now University of Ibadan by seven persons namely: Ralph Opara, Ikhehare Aig-Imokhuede, Sylvanus Egbuchie, Nathaniel Oyelola, Pius Oleghe, Olumuyiwa Awe and Wole Soyinka.

The pioneers of NAS were collectively known as “The Magnificent Seven”.

It was headed by CAPON BLOOD.

The aim was basically to combat the then increasing occurrence of violence caused by tribal groups during students’ activities, western influences and other secular gatherings, in ways suitable to the cult group but with the advent of time deviation of purpose manifested.


Pyrates Beliefs and sayings:

Odas is Odas (010)
No Friend, No Foe (NFNF)
Absolute No Lagging (ANL)

Members are known as: Ahoy, PC, etc

How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others


In 1972, a member of the Pyrates Confraternity, Bolaji Crew (Code-named “Late Ahoy Rica Ricardo” and others were indifferent to the teachings and doctrine of the confraternity and as such, before one could say Jack Robinson, the birth of a new cult group named Buccaneer emerged structuring it styles and hierarchical structure after the Pyrates.

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Different notorious cult groups had emerging without check from the concerned authority, unleashing terror on humanity and posterity.

Some beliefs and sayings:

No prize no pay

No brothers in the wood

Blood for blood

No laughing on board

Let the devil that lead you guide you

They have other sayings, which are basically thereby to make new members feel they made the right choice in belonging to a fraternity with such high code of conduct and discipline.

Members are known as: Fine boys, Ban Boys, Alora, Bucketmen, Lords, etc


How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others


Three young men formed this confraternity in 1982 (also known as de Norsemen Club of Nigeria) was founded by a former members of the Buccaneers at the University of Port Harcourt, with code-name namely:
Rising angel
Eric De Red
It was also called victory COSSA presently the Alpha Marine patrols.

Beliefs and saying:
Blood on the high sea singing songs of hojas never to hang a leg even in the face of death.
Members are referred to as: Aro-mates, Adventurers, Vultures, e.t.c.

How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others.

This cult was formed at the University of Benin in Benin City in 1976 by some young men with the motive of building a body to fight against the oppression against Blackman (Students) in the university.

Those who initiated this association are rumoured to be runaways from of Africa, an organization in South Africa that fought the apartheid war and escape into Nigeria for safety.
Investigation has shown that it was the borrowed notion that was imported to Nigeria.

Some of their beliefs and saying includes:
The Blackman will be freed with an axe
No Bleep ups
Forgiveness is a sin
Don’t betray your brother in the hood
Obey before complain or Abeyance
He who price must pay

Members are referred to as: Aye Axe-men, Seven (7) or Amigos


How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others


This cult was formed in 1978 at the University of Ilorin in Kwara State, but started operation in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in 1980. It started with eight (cool persons in its mob (institution) called the ONO-BRIGADO (1st Brigade) with the first Don as Don KOOLKAT.

This cult is styled after the notorious Chicago and Italian Mafia/Mob stars

Some of their belief and sayings include:

It is better for a bastard (non initiate) to chance/provoke a member than for a numbered bastard (members of other cult group)

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Retaliation after oppression
Secrecy is where our power lies

They believe in gambling, partying, dating girls, etc.

Members are referred to as: Maf or Mafians.


How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others



The K.K.K. cult was started by five students at the University of Calabar, Cross River State in 1986 during the military era.

It ideals were borrowed from a cult in California and bears another name known as ETERNAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF LEGION CONSORTIUM or KLANSMEN KONFRATERNITY (KK).

Members worship a demon called “Ogor” as their god.

Symbolized by a human skull, mostly that of a mad/insane man.


Their beliefs and sayings

The affairs of a klansman before any other thing in life.

What concerns a klansman concerns all klansmen.

Status of other cult members are not considered or relevant
Oath of secrecy abide to all members
Peaceful man in a deadly mood, disagree to agree.

Members are referred to as: Klansman or Klansmen.


How To Join A Cult Black Axe, Aiye, Aro mate, Alora And Others.

If you really wants to join a cult please reconsider, we are not giving any info beside that in this post.

Please see a life worth life, build your dream now so you can live in it letter.
Thanks and God bless Nigeria as we work in peace.



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