Lagos To Abuja By Air, Flight Fare And Other Details (2018)

Lagos To Abuja By Air, Flight Fare And Other Details (2018)

Lagos To Abuja By Air all Details (2018)

lagos to abuja by air

Lagos to Abuja by Air


Transportation in most recent times has witnessed a lot of changes owing to the fact that you can travel from Lagos to Abuja by air.

However, road transportation still remains the most used form of transportation in Nigeria because of the cheap price attached to it.

Nonetheless, technology has made transportation from one state to another with the country faster and easier through the use of an Airplane.

While traveling by air seems the fastest form of transportation, it is also seen as the smoothest and most convenient way of traveling.

And that is why; air transportation is slowly starting to become the norm in the present age.

Lagos, being one of the busiest cities in the world, has embraced the idea of having to transport people by air.

Lagos, as we all know, holds a large percentage of working-class people who travel on a daily basis in search of signing new contracts and completing deals.

That makes movement from one location to the other a common and constant thing within Lagos. The most common place which people visit when they travel away from Lagos is Abuja.

Since Abuja is similar to Lagos, in that the business people also have offices in Abuja, they seek to go and come when they like while using the Airplane.

If you are the type of individual who cherishes and loves comfort and convenience, then traveling by air is just the perfect option for you.

Also, those who wish to reach Abuja quickly in no time, traveling by air also is just perfect for you.

It should not be a surprise to you that about 10 airplanes leave Lagos for Abuja every day, making it one of the most popular forms between these two states.

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In this article, I will clearly detail out the flight fare from Lagos to Abuja as well as other related details.

Flight Fare From Lagos To Abuja

Unsurprisingly, we all should by now know that transportation by air from Lagos to Abuja Is very expensive and the most costly form of transportation between distances.

People travel from Lagos to Abuja for business, vacation and other things. Most of them opt for the option of traveling by road for the sole aim of saving money.

But for those who want to save time and not been stressed up, they will easily opt for the option to travel by air.

To purchase a flight ticket in Nigeria is not something that can take most of your energy. However, flight fares vary because of the fact that there are numerous airlines available in Nigeria today.

The different airlines in Nigeria give out individuals different flight price packages to their customers.

However, there are no much differences between the prices one airline will offer you and another airline will offer you if you are seeking to travel from Lagos to Abuja.

Some airline may be cheaper, while some airline may be expensive.

One of the major factors which affect the flight prices to be different in most cases is because of the time the ticket is booked.

In all cases, the earlier you book a flight ticket, the cheaper it will be.

Whenever you book a flight ticket 4 weeks or 3 weeks ahead of your actual flight take place is usually about N3, 000 to N6, 000 cheaper than when you book the flight ticket just days before the actual flight.

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We are going to take a brief look at the flight ticket prices from Lagos to Abuja of some popular airlines.

The list will contain from the lowest to the highest price of flight tickets from Lagos to Abuja.

One Way Flight From Lagos to Abuja

  1. Dana Airways: N22, 000 – N35, 000
  2. Air Peace: N20, 000 – N34, 000
  3. Med-View Airline: 23,000 – N40, -000
  4. Arik Air: N20,000 – N35,000


Return Ticket From Lagos To Abuja

  1. Dana Airways: N40, 000 – N64, 000
  2. Air Peace: N40, 000 – N65, 000
  3. Med-View Airline: N45, 000 – N68, 000
  4. Arik Air: N40, 000 – N68, 000

Prices of flight ticket may vary depending on the date and time you booked the flight ticket.

The clear meaning of this simply states that it is relatively possible for a flight set for between 12pm and 2pm to be more costly than the same flight from the same airline set for earlier hours on that same day.

How Long Does It Take To Travel From Lagos To Abuja

The flight times for various airlines are different. Some airline may be much faster and some airlines might be slower.

However, on the average time, it takes about one hour to travel from Lagos to Abuja.

There are some few flights from Lagos to Abuja which takes less minutes than the average time of just one hour, while there are some flights that might take much more minutes.

The flying distance which has been calculated from Lagos to Abuja is about 536 Kilometres which is equal to about 333 Miles while the driving distance from Lagos to Abuja is about 753 Kilometres.

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Amazing Places To Visit When You Drop By In Abuja

When you travel from Lagos to Abuja, there are some amazing places which are recommended for you to visit when you stop by at the Federal Capital Territory.

Since Abuja is one of the major cities in Nigeria which offers relaxation to those who need it and business places for the business people, it is sure an interesting place to visit. Also,

Abuja is also home for tourists and for those who are looking to visit the major parks and also holds one of the best hotels for the business people to stay in for some time.

The places which you can visit when you stop by in Abuja include:

  1. Millennium Park
  2. Aso Rock
  3. Magicland Amusement Park
  4. Jabi Lake Park
  5. National Children’s Park and Zoo
  6. Gurara Fall
  7. Eagle Square.

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