Lagos To Abuja By Road, Bus Fare And Other Details (2018)

Lagos To Abuja By Road, Bus Fare And Other Details (2018)

Lagos To Abuja By Road Full Details (2018)

lagos to abuja by road

logos to Abuja by road


Travelling by road from Lagos to Abuja is quite stressful because of the amount of time you would be on your seat.

If you want to travel to Abuja from Lagos by road, you would spend at least 12 hours but it depends on the part of Lagos you are starting your journey from.

Traveling by road from Lagos to Abuja is seen as a very cheap and flexible means of transportation unlike when you travel by air from Lagos to Abuja.

Traveling by air is much more expensive but faster.

If you are traveling by road from Lagos to Abuja, bear in mind that there are some important information you are expected to know.

Even with the fact that there are no too much documents required of you if you are booking a bus ticket, it is still very much necessary that you inspect the fares of the bus tickets from Lagos to Abuja.

However, in this article, we are going to be discussing the bus fares and other necessary details which relates to traveling by road from Lagos to Abuja.


The recent technology in the world today has made it relatively easy for you to book a bus ticket. You can book a bus ticket from the comfort of your home online provided you have a very good internet connection, Mobile phone or a Laptop.

This is made easy, rather than you going to the terminals of the bus company for you just to book a bus ticket.

When you visit the website of the bus company which you want, you would have to navigate to the option which says book tickets online and click on the part which you would see the details of your trip which will contain the time and date of your trip and most importantly, your seat number.

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If you are looking to find the best and most suitable bus company, you should be able to compare and contrast between different bus company websites in order to find the one suitable for you.


  1. Chisco Group
    Terminals: Jibowu, Alafia, Oyingbo, Empire Terminal
    Take off time: 6am, 5:30pm, 7pm
    Fares range: N3,500 – N8,000
  2. ABC Transport
    Terminals: Jibowu
    Take off time: 6:15am, 7am
    Fares range: N3, 500 – N6000
  3. Cross Country
    Terminals: Yaba
    Take off time: 5am, 6am, 8am
    Fares range: N3, 000 – N8, 500
  4. Ekesons Transport
    Terminals: Ajah
    Take off time: 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 5pm, 7pm
    Fares  range: N6, 500 – N7, 500
  5. Ifesinachi Transport
    Terminals: Jibowu
    Take off time: 6am
    Fares range: N5, 500 – NN6, 500
  6. GUO Transport
    Terminals: Ajah, Cele, Ejigbo, Iyana-Ipaja
    Take off time: 5:30am
    Fares range: N6, 500 – N7, 500
  7. God is Good Motors (GIGM)
    Terminals: Ajaj, Jibowu
    Take off time: 5:30am, 6:15am, 7am
    Fares: N6, 500 – N7, 000
  8. Peace Mass Transport Limited
    Terminals: Ajah, Jibowu
    Take off time: 5:30am, 6am, 6:30am
    Fares range: N5, 500 – N7, 000
  9. Young Shall Grow Transport
    Terminals: Lagos
    Take off time: 6am
    Fares range: N4, 500 – N5, 500

Lagos to Abuja by Road look-out

However, there are some other buses at some popular and famous parks which you try out today in Lagos.

Terminals: Jibowu, Berger, Ojota, Yaba, Iyana-Ipaja, Ajah

Take off time: It ranges from 6am to 9am in the morning and 7pm in the evening.

Fares:  ranges from N3, 000 – N6, 000

The Fares for bus tickets from Lagos to Abuja are different.

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The differences in the price of bus tickets may be as a result of the price of fuel at that particular time, the take-off location from the terminal, the number of buses available to travel by that road at that particular time, the rate at which people are demanding for the bus ticket.

Take, for example, the terminals in Ajah and Jibowu.

The terminals in Ajah would be relatively much more expensive because of the distance when the journey takes off.

In addition, the prices of bus tickets can also vary depending on the period in which you are traveling.

In all cases, prices of bus tickets significantly increase during festive periods like Christmas in December and Easter in April.

That is because of the high number of individuals who seek to travel to enjoy those festive periods.

As the demand for the bus ticket increase, so also the price of the ticket.

It is also important to note that the date and time slated for any bus company and in any bus ticket do not affect the prices which the bus company labels down.

However, in some certain situations, it does affects the price of a bus ticket.


Things to Take Into Consideration Before Selecting a Bus From Lagos To Abuja

There are some things you should take into consideration if you want to select a bus from Lagos to Abuja.

Those things could go a long way in affecting your convenience and if you would have a smooth journey. Sometimes, the factors could have a say in the price of the bus tickets.

  • Consider Your Budget: You should be willing to know how much you want to buy a bus ticket from the little or abundance you have.
  • Consider The Route: There are different ways to travel to Abuja from Lagos by road. Pick the best route so you would enjoy your journey.
  • Consider Your Comfort: Since you would be sitting down for about 12 hours or more, you should be able to pick the bus company which will offer you comfort during the course of your journey.
  • Pick The Best Terminal Closer To Your Home: Go in search of the closest terminal to your home which will offer you what you desire.
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Time Frame From Lagos To Abuja

The time frame from Lagos to Abuja varies depending on some certain situations which may arise. The average time frame is 10-12 hours.

Some bus company may get to Abuja before 12 hours, while some may get to Abuja after the estimated time.

It depends on the speed used by the driver and what happens during the course of the journey.

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