How To Start A Profitable Laptop Sales Business In Nigeria 2018.

How To Start A Profitable Laptop Sales Business In Nigeria 2018.

Laptop Sales Business In Nigeria 2018.

Laptop Sales Business

Laptop Sales Business

The use of laptops in the recent years have been proven to increase, this might be because of the demand of must online jobs or the demand for just the computer knowledge.

In starting a laptop sales business in Nigeria, one just need to know some little thing and we are good to go.


How To Start A Profitable Laptop Sales Business In Nigeria.

  1. Get A Good Location.
  2. Furnish Your Store.
  3. Get Stocks.
  4. Promotion.

Let’s take the above one after the other.


Get A Good Location:

You will agree with me that not all location will be good to start a laptop sales business.

Note this, You will not expect to start a laptop sales business in a location that has just primary school children and market woman and then make good sales, in face you will pack up.

You have to do a lot of look-around for the best location. Locations like the school environment (Universities and other higher institute) are a very profitable one for Laptop sales business.


Furnish your Store:

The kind of money a laptop cost can well be discussed in a nice and calm environment.

If you are calling a price for someone, your environment should be the first to convince the person that the product is worth the price.

A laptop is not a thing that a person can just stand and be looking at it; the buyer need to set down to calmly checks what he or she is buying.

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Get Stocks:

We will have to get what to sell. Buying of laptops for laptop sales business can be done through two ways – Local and International.


Buying of laptops in Nigeria an also selling them in Nigeria is know as the local method of getting stock.

To buy laptops locally, you will have to go to Lagos and source for the place to get the cheap laptops that are worth your money.

With time you can have a customer that will supply whatever you need without you going over to Lagos anymore.


This happens to be the most profitable means of getting stock in a laptop sales business.

Here the seller can decide to visit china and other countries to buy the stock from them directly.

He can also buy all the types and quantity on laptops the he need for his business online through Alibaba, ebay and other well know online sellers.



Promotion is very well required for a laptop sales business to be very successful.

There are many ways to promote a laptop sales business in Nigeria, The first is by printing flyers, second TV ads, Radio ads, socials media.

Printing of flyers and distributing it on campuses and office area is a good way to meet potentials buyers.

TV and Radio station will also do well if you have a means to run ads on them. Social media is another killer means of mass promotion.

Now you have a brief idea on how to start a profitable laptop sales business in Nigeria 2018.

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Comment and shear.


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