How To Start A Lucrative Liquid Soap Production Business In Nigeria.

How To Start A Lucrative Liquid Soap Production Business In Nigeria.

liquid soap production business

liquid soap production business


About every home today uses liquid soap on a daily bases. We either use liquid soap to wash dishes, cars or even clean the home.
The liquid soap which is also referred to as liquid detergent has finally taken over the most used-to-be famous Granulated detergent(powder detergent) because of its importance.

The public gets to know that the use of granulated detergent fades the brightness of the surfaces that it is been used on, making it look old and unpresentable.

Washing of dishes, toilet surfaces, and the floor becomes attractive and glitters when washed or clean with liquid soap compare to powder detergent or any other soap.

This know by the public makes it a very profitable business as the members of the public tends to go for a liquid soap to take care of home compared to other forms of soap.

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  1. Liquid soap is used to wash plates.
  2. It is used to wash cars.
  3. It can be used in the cleaning of home floors like tiles.
  4. Liquid soap is used for washing of dishes (plate).
  5. It can also be used for washing of clothes.

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  1. Liquid soap production business is a high paying business that produces a high-profit rate.
  2. It is every day must use household washing agent, so it is of a high demand in the market.
  3. Its production does not specifically demand a lab or a setup company.
  4. Liquid soap production business can be started, and done from your residential base (your home).
  5. It does not require any form of ex-party for you to have an effective production.
  6. It also does not require any qualification to have your liquid soap production company establish anywhere in the world.
  7. With a little capital from N3,000 to N20, 000 you can start a small Liquid soap production business and make good money.
  8. Starting a liquid soap production business place you on an advantage during production, because you don’t have to travel far to get production materials (Raw Materials).



Liquid soap production business is a very profitable business no dought. The percentage of profit it yields depends on some factors that will affect the business starting from the purchase of raw materials down to the sales of the final product.

Give you an exact profit percentage will make this article so unrealistic.


The first factor that affects the profit potential of liquid soap production business is the price of the raw materials. The price of raw materials depends on the place the raw materials is been gotten from.
This is why most small liquid soap producers don’t make a very good profit because the bought their raw materials from an open market that sells at a retails price.


Most people think the promotion of a business with money makes the business to produce less, but that is not right.
It is always normal for every business to suffer a dry-heat-season in its first 6 months or even a year, but during this time if you engage in serious promotion the number of sales will increase thereby accumulating your profit.

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Liquid production business in Abuja is not same in Lagos, competition differs with a location when it comes to business. In a place where the competition rate is low, the product can go for a higher price, and lower when the competition is high.
Competition has a lot to do with liquid soap production profit.



Below are some basic requirement for starting a liquid soap production business in Nigeria.



The amount of capital you need for liquid soap production business depends on the size of the business you intend to set up. Also, the size of the liquid soap production business you can setup depends on the capitals you can come up with.

People start liquid soap production business with just N10,000 and made it to hundreds of thousands. You can decide to start a business small and learn as you grow.

If you don’t have a good amount for starting the business you can get loan or grant from NGOs.



This study needs to be carried out by you, so as to have an effective business ahead.
your feasibility study will help you know what is required for the liquid soap production due to the studying of other business in your niche.

How the liquid soap production business is been managed, all the technic of production and the required raw materials for production will be reviewed once your feasibility study is correct.


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Proper documentation during this study will help you understand the business before you start and will also give you a clearer understanding of the business while you must have started the business.
A feasibility study helps to reduce the work in business plan a bit.



Having a business plan for your business is good because it helps to remind you of the high mountain you are to climb.
A good business plan has all the steps to success programmed in it, it also has the basic requirement you should do to make your business stand.
The amount required to set up the liquid soap production business, the equipment needed and their various amount are boldly written in a good business plan.
A business plan has a lot to do with the success of every business, so it is advisable to write it yourself.

If you think you don’t have the time, you can get a good business plan writer to write one for you for a fee.



Reading this post is the first stage of self-training yourself to becoming a good manager of a big liquid soap production company in Nigeria.

After reading this post, save the page and write done the list of raw materials for the liquid soap production, take is to a chemical shop closer to you to buy those raw materials.

Read the post over again and follow the steps until you get the right product.

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Self-training does not just end there, your product needs a promotion at all stages, there are times when you will have to talk to a group of people about your product if you don’t know how to address crowd you will have a little problem with there.

There are many other things you can self-train yourself about in liquid soap production business.



  1. A big mixing bowl.
  2. Smaller bowls.
  3. Stirring rod.
  4. Measuring Cup.
  5. Teaspoon.
  6. Branded container.
  7. Hand Gloves.


You will need a big bowl to mix your liquid soap, The size depends on the quantity of liquid soap to produce.

A stirring rod plays a very important role in the production of the liquid soap, as you can not stir with your beer hands.

We will need a good product, which means we will need to add our chemicals accurately in the right proportion and this can be achieved only with the use of a measuring equipment (measuring cup).


  1. Caustic soda…….1/3 tin milk cup.
  2. Soda ash …………1/4 tin milk cup.
  3. Sulphonic acid…..1/2 Litre.
  4. Nitrosol…………….1/2 tin milk cup.
  5. Texapon……………3 teaspoons.
  6. SLS………………….3 teaspoons.
  7. STTP………………..3 teaspoons.
  8. Formalin…………..3 teaspoons.
  9. Perfume ………… desired.
  10. Colorant……………as desired.
  11. Water ………………10 liters.


Your measurement should increase if you are producing more, it should be in this proportion. You can solve the maths to know what quantity of each chemical to use.


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Liquid soap production is just all about soaking your chemicals and mixing them together in the right manner.

Below is the required mixing steps for liquid soap production business.



  1. Soak your caustic soda for at least 3 hours before production period.
  2. Also, soak you soda ash for about the same time before production period.
  3. Pure your sulphonic acid inside a big bowl and add texapon and perfume into it.
  4. Add 2 liters of water and stir very well for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Pure 2 tin milk cup of water into a small bowl and dissolve STTP (Sodium tripolyphophtate sulphate) in it by continuous stirring.
  6. Also, pure 2 tin milk cup of water into another small bowl and dissolve SLS (Sodium Laurate Sulphate) in it by same continuous stirring.
  7. In a big bowl with up to 15 liters capacity is where the whole mixing process will be done.
  8. Ture Nitrosol into the big bowl.
  9. Dissolve with 2 liters of water.
  10. Add the dissolved sulphonic acid, texapon and perfume into the nitrosol and stir very well.
  11. Add the dissolved caustic soda and stir.
  12. Pure the already dissolved soda ash and stir.
  13. Add the dissolved STTP and stir well.
  14. Add the dissolved SLS into the mixture and stir again.
  15. (Optional) Add 5 teaspoonful of formalin and stir.
  16. Dissolve your colour and fragrance in water and mix it very well.
  17. Our product at this stage will be too thick, so add the remaining water to it and stir.
  18. Keep your solution in a safe place and leave it to settle down for over 10 hours or more.
  19. If you noticed it no longer has a foamy like-nature our product is ready for use.
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You should package your product after production. people buy a much a 4 liters of liquid soap down to 1 liter.

Your packaging should be done in liters, but if your location demand selling lesser quantity then you have no choice but to sell according to their demand.

The branding of your liquid soap will either bring buyers or push buyers, you branding colour should be the first thing you should look at when your brand designer give you samples.

A good unique design should be your target.



Your product branding is the product identity in the market so it will be wise to give it a good one.

You should make your branding unique that one can identify if from a long distance.



If you are starting a very big liquid soap production business, you will need some extra hands to help you with the production and management of the business.

Depending on the size of business, you will need.

  • Producers
  • Cleaners.
  • Securities.
  • Marketers.
  • Drivers.
  • Suppliers.



If your business has a reliable marketer you will not struggle to make sales.
Your marketers will be in charge of taking your liquid soap to the markets and other marketing opportunity arena.



Your level of promotion will determine your level of success. Liquid soap production business has a lot of competition and with you coming in is like adding another competitor to the business.

You need to adopt a very good promotion strategy that will rank your business high so as to give you more sales.

Social media can be a good advertising place and also street to street promotion will also be good.



Supplying you well branded liquid soap to supermarkets, shops and to the market will help you sell more.

Teaching people about the importance of using liquid soap at home and instead of using granulated soap will also help your product get noticed.

Self-promotion is not a sin, if you don’t tell people about your product or business, I won’t tell them about it.

Be wise.



No matter the competition in a sector, I always feel there is a good position and opportunity for me that no one can occupy except me.

Never let the competition rate in a niche or a particular sector of a business or life make you believe less of your capability, but rather let it be your motivational force that will drive you to success at the long run.

Be focus and believe that this life is for you and you are sure to have it.


Alright, it has been a long and interesting time with you. Hope you enjoyed the post?

Do well to let us know in the comment below and don’t forget to shear with your friends by clicking the social media icons below.

Thanks and GOD bless you.


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