How To Start A Lucrative Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) Production Business In Nigeria.

How To Start A Lucrative Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) Production Business In Nigeria.

Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline)

Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline)


Have you ever thought of producing Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) for home use or as a business?

Here is all you need to get started … Just before that, let’s get to know our product better.

Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) is a body cream that prevents the skin, lips and other part of the body from cracking during Harmattan seasons.

It is also used in hair to split ends, one important thing about this Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) is that it does not cause any skill reaction, and it can prevent the body from excess cold during cold season.

It is no news that the giant of African (Nigeria) got into recession and most people have moved to the use of Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) because it is cheaper.

Some people now use Vaseline to polish their bags and shoes instead of buying the nutria color polish.

With all these, we should know that starting a Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) production business is going to yield a lot of profit to its investors.

Below are the materials needed for the production of petroleum jelly body cream.

Materials Needed For Making Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline):

  1. Paraffin wax ————— 1/8 slab
  2. Petroleum jelly ————-3kg
  3. Micro wax ——————-1/16 slab)
  4. Paraffin oil ——————–5 liters)
  5. Perfume oil (100ml)
  6. Colour

Equipment  Needed To Produce Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline).

  1. Gas Burner or Fire Wood (this is better over stove because; it’s faster than stove)
  2. Stainless Steel Pot
  3. Turning Stick
  4. Rubber Spoon
  5. Knife (for cutting of wax)
  6. Weighing Scale
  7. Measuring Cup
  8. Packaging Material
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Steps On How To Produce Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline).

  1. Get your Gas Burner or whatever source ready
  2. Place the Stainless Pot on the Fire source.
  3. Now Put the Paraffin Wax (1/8) into the Stainless Pot.
  4. Add your Micro Wax in the same stainless pot.
  5. Put the Petroleum Jelly (3kg) into the Stainless pot on the Fire and stir properly for it to blend.
  6. In an empty boy, pour 4 liters of Paraffin Oil into it(keeping 1 liter)
  7. Now Pour the Stainless Pot contents or melted “Paraffin, Micro Wax and Petroleum Jelly” into the Bowl containing the 4 liters of Paraffin Oil and stir properly.
  8. You can now add your perfume or desired color and stir proper.

Check the hardness of your final Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline) to know if it is okay, if you feel it is too hard you can add from our reserved 1 liters of paraffin oil to make it lighter (softer).


Packaging the Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline)


After production the next thing that comes to one’s mind is packaging.

Let’s get to know what our packaging entail.

  • Your packaging should be unique.
  • It design should be pleasing to sight (color).
  • You should provide room for different income earner,  thereby making various sizes of your Petroleum Jelly Body Cream (Vaseline).




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