How To Start A lucrative Shampoo Production Business In Nigeria.

How To Start A lucrative Shampoo Production Business In Nigeria.

lucrative Shampoo Production Business

Lucrative Shampoo Production Business


One of the businesses that one can do and make a very good source of living is the shampoo production business.

Production as a whole is a means of becoming a millionaire, provided that the right strategy and approach is put in place.

Shampoo production business is a very lucrative that anyone can engage into and have no cause to regret it.

Shampoo are used to remove dirt and excess oil from hair, they are also used to remove skin debris (sebum) form the hair.

The general use of shampoo at home or in the saloons by men or women is just to clear the hair and leave it looking good, clear and smelling nice.

Below are the required chemicals for Shampoo production business.

The Chemicals (ingredients) for Making Shampoo are:

1. Nitrosol/Antisol or C.M.C
2. Sulphonic Acid
3. Caustic Soda
4. Soda Ash
5. Laurel Rice
6. Texapon and S.T.P.P
7. Formalin
8. Fragrance (Perfume)
9. Colorant
10. Water
11. Aloevera Gel
12. Vitamin E
13. Glycerine
14. Pacol or Antisol 1 kg

Chemicals Needed For Shampoo Production Business And Their Measurements

  1. STPP ——————– 1/4
  2. Caustic Soda ———- 1/16
  3. Natrosol ————— 1/4
  4. Soda ash —————1/4
  5. Sulphonic Acid ——- 2 liters
  6. Laurel Rice ———— 1/4
  7. Texapon ————— ¼
  8. Formalin ————– 1/4
  9. Coloring —————(As desired)
  10. Fragrance————–(As desired)


Steps In Shampoo Production Business In Nigeria


1. Soak little amount of caustic soda in water and label it A.
2. Soak the Soda ash too in a different container and label it B.

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3. Soak the STPP in another container and label it C.

4. Soak the Laurel Rice/Rice in another bowl and label it D.

5. In a bigger container( let’s call this bucket1), pour Sulphonic acid and the Texapon into It and stir to dissolve the Texapon.


Let the chemicals to dissolve for about 30 minutes. At this time, go get a snacks for yourself.

(30minutes letter) Welcome back…

  1. In a 30 liters capacity container, pure about 15 liters of water in it (clear water).
  2. It’ Natrozol into the 30 liters capacity container that contains water already and stir with care.
  3. Now pure all your soaked mixtures alphabetically from A to D into the big container containing the Natrozol.
  4. It’s time to add bucket1 containing the Sulphonic acid and Texapon into the bigger (30liters) container.
  5. We will apply continuous stirring for about 15 minutes.
  6. After that, add little quantity of Formalin for preservative.
  7. It is not compulsory as too much of this chemical is dangerous.
  8. It is time to add our desired color and stir for some minutes.
  9. We can now add our fragrance stir for another 5 minutes.
  10. Add Aloevera Gel – 5 Tea Spoon
  11. Then,  Add Vitamin E – 5 Tea Spoon
  12. Add Glycerine – 2 Tea Spoon

You will noticed that our mixture has some burbles in it which might make it look as if we have done something wrong, not to worry we have not made any mistake.

These burbles will disappear from about 12 – 24hours depending on how thick or light our Shampoo is.

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Packaging at this time is a matter of choose, some people prefer to let the burbles disappear before packaging while other just go head to package just after producing.

I really don’t see any difference.


How To Make Your Shampoo Production Business The Market Leader.

There are various ways to make your shampoo the market king and this are.

Have the best packaging (easy to identify).

Your container should be easy to use.

Produce various sizes.

Run both paid and free promotion (Ads).

Give a discount or a buy 3 get one FREE.



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