How To Start A Profitable Snail Farming Business In Nigeria 2018.

How To Start A Profitable Snail Farming Business In Nigeria 2018.

Profitable Snail Farming Business.

Snail Farming Business

Snail Farming Business

Starting a snail farming business In Nigeria is one of the most profitable businesses of all time.

Many people eat snails but only a few see the opportunities in making real money by setting up and managing a snail farm.

Snail Farming business is a business with low risk unlike other livestock farming.

The farm will have to spend less in feeds and supplement, also in medications because of the strong nature of the snails to resist diseases.

Millions are made yearly from this snail farming business in Nigeria.

You should consider setting up one if you had the idea in mind.


Important of Snail Farming In Nigeria.

  1. Snail Farm are very few and the demand is higher than the supply which makes it a good business to venture into.
  2. Snail farming business has low risk compare to other livestock farming.
  3. A part of snail usable in various industries like , fishing industry, manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and even as meat at home and restaurants.
  4. Nigeria has one of the best climate conditions for rearing snails which makes exportation of snail from Nigeria very lucrative to the Nation economy.
  5. Snail rearing unlike other livestock farming, it does not produce any noise, or smile.


Requirement To Start A Profitable Snail Farming Business In Nigeria.

Below are the requirement, study with care.

Get Snails.

You will need to get the snails that you will go for in your snail farming business.

We advice to get healthy snails from the forest and not from some local sellers.

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If you buy your Snails from a local seller, you do not know what they have gone through during the time they are with the seller.


Construct Snail House.

It is expected that you first get that place your snail be kept before going ahead to purchase them or fetch them from any source.

The snail house depends on the size of snail farming business you plan to start.

You can build a very big wired- fence that is protected to the ground level.

If you just want to start a small snail farming business, you can just build a snail wired cage for the snails.


Food For Your Snails.

As expected, whatever you are rearing, you must feed and take care of it.

Snails feeds on calcium supplements to grow shells, beside that the mainly feed on vegetables and fruits.

Leaves like pawpaw leaves, cassava leaves, eggplant leaves, cocoyam leaves are used to feed snail.

You can also feed your snails with fruits like, tomato’s, mango, palm oil fruits, cucumber.



It takes about a year for snails to get to maturity.

At this time their brim shell will be thicker than the rest part of the snail shell.

When harvesting, you will want to let some of the mature once remain so as for them to reproduce for the nest farming season.



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