How To Start A lucrative Snake Farming Business In Nigeria 2018.

How To Start A lucrative Snake Farming Business In Nigeria 2018.

Lucrative Snake Farming Business

lucrative Snake Farming Business

lucrative Snake Farming Business


Snake farming business is one of the most lucrative business of our time. It has achieve this lucrative status because of the believe of a normal person that snakes are dangerous.

Actually, snakes are not dangerous , they only try to be defensive when the feel threatened.

Before We Go Any Further Lets Discuss


The Preventive Measures Needed In Snake Farming Business.

In starting a snake farming business, safety should always be our watch word.

Snakes as we said are only harmful when they have a feel that they are been threatened, this is not withstanding the fact that we need to take care.

Below are some safety measures to take in starting a snake farming business in Nigeria.

Have a means of Identification:

A lot of Snakes farmers have a means of identification once the enter their snake farm.

This will help the snakes to easily recall and identify that their owner or master is around.

The means of identification can be a body spray, a constant color, whistle or even a song.

This will help create a trustful relationship and will help the farmer to calm the snake down when something or someone provoke it.


Always use Boots And Gloves in Farm.

This is very recommend as a snake might be attacked an left injured, and the next moment you work in without knowing, this snake might at that time be aggressive.

Gloves and Boots will really help in times like this.

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Always have Anti-venom at hand.

Snakes attracts snakes, a strange snake might be in your farm and bit you thinking you are a threat to them, your anti-venom will safe you in such a case.

Requirement To Start A Snake Farming Business.

Learn How To Communicate Calmly With Snakes.

This is the first thing that is required of you before you can go into this business.

Snakes are naturally harmless unless the feel threatened by something or someone.

There are places in the northern part of the country that rear snakes, those guys are said you use charms on the snakes, to an extent the charms work but not all of them uses charm.

Most times their natural self still play with snakes and tell them to do things.

I believe it is just understanding that makes this possible.


Get a Secure Location For Farm:

These are snakes, and snakes are naturally enemy to man and man to them.

If your farm is not in a secure place, you might come back and meet your snake dead killed by people or meet someone dead killed by your snake.


Buy Snakes.

There is a need to buy snakes, because we can’t afford for go hunting for them.

The biggest snake market is in Benin Republic there you will see all types of snake that you want to rear for your snake farming business.

Considering your transport to Benin Republic, you should buy a lot of snakes to balance it.

If you are starting small, you can just buy from the local sellers here in Nigeria.

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Get Snakes Food. Snakes live on rodents, insects, eggs, birds, fish, lizards, frogs and other small mammals.


This is dependent on the size of the Snake, because snakes like python and anacondas which are a lot bigger feeds on bigger animals like pigs.


Know Where To Sell.

This is were to make the money, Snakes are sold to restaurants for meat knowing that most people specially request for this at some restaurants in the country.

You Can also see to the zoo or the Pharmaceutical industries that uses then.


How To Make Money From Snake Farming Business In Nigeria.


Restaurants As Meat.

You will have to look for restaurants and pepper soup joint and hangout that need snakes for there business in your city or town.

Pharmaceutical Industries.

A lot of pharmaceutical companies industries fight over snake venom there by making the snake venom a good min for snake farmers.

The demand of snake venom is high that an ounce of snake venom can be sold for as high as $500 depending of the rate of demand.


You can rear snakes for sales to the zoo as this is a good business to most farmers.


A lot of people love snakes as pet, if you have snakes that are attractive, or can do something special then you will get a lot of people coming to by from you.


Fashion Industry:

The fashion industry in one very big industry that needs snakes as raw materials for the production of fashion wears like bags, belt, shoes and a lot of other required thing.

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