Ways to Make Money on Campus as a Student

Make money on campus; As students it is never easy to always expect something from your parents or sponsors before you will be able to do what you what.

We never went to school with a skill but we tried all we could to graduate with some good paying skill both online and offline.


  1. Photographing: In years to come even if the smart phone producers (techno, itel) like they should add a printer to the new phones they make, this will still remain the most lucrative source of money on campus.


Most people I know sent them self through school with photographing in school and some others are still doing it.


Get a mini-camera if you find it difficult in buying a bigger one (will prefer you buy the bigger camera for best quality).


Buy a printer for your work, on campus most people wants to get their images as soon as possible so they will go to anybody that offer a one minute get image service even if the printing is not truly a minute.


You will have more client and attention even if you have a competitor in campus.


  1. Seminar: During school especially final year most people are digging for information they want to be sure they will have something doing after the school.


Most people will apply to acquire many skills so as to be able to have something to do outside school environment.


If you know how to do some things like making of bar and liquid soap, cakes or any other thing you know people will like, create a flyer and posters post them at the student resting place with your phone number attach to it.


This seminar can be a one to one seminar or a group seminar, whichever way you will make your money. you can also invite an entrepreneur to advise them.


  1. Sell motivational books and novel: Never under estimate the power of books, have done this once I know what it means.


Have you try reading a book about someone success and noticed your self-getting a new and unusual energy to want to pursue your believe?


Books can make you believe in your dieing dreams and resume work when you have given up.


Sell motivational books on how to make it during school and after school, how to be successful in the little you do. Books like these will bring people just by hearing of the title or seeing it alone.

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These books can be self-written or you can select them from a major book shop.


  1. Laundry service: Yes as you must know some people don’t have time to do some things like to wash their own cloth, bed spread and other washable. This people are very good for business.


Offer your free time for this service to your mate and anyone that can pay your bills. You can get a small place for this business in campus.


Promote what you do to those that are close to you at first and with time you will begin to see people in need of your service running to you with their money.


I will like to remind you to please do everything that is worth doing well. Your client is your money, treat him fine. because with them you will make money on campus


  1. Tee-shirt design: Customized tee-shirt will really make you a reasonable amount of money on campus. This has been a great source of income to many in school today.


Most people want to express themselves without saying a thing so they do this by customizing the things they put on like cloths, necklaces and even caps.


It gives people some percentage of egos to know that they are doing something or wearing something special that catch the eyes of others.

You can acquire this skill and be good after a few work and practices, it all depends on you.



  1. Sell recharge cards: recharge cards business is a business that most people never see as a business in campus because they look at the gains per card.


Every second in every minute people are making calls, some others are browsing and most recently some people now play games soccer games online with call cards. So you see how important this will be to the lives of those on campus.


You can buy the card from a wholesaler with the best and that you can trust. Expect to be making very small profit as you being but with time you are sure to be making something reasonable.

You can buy cards pin from this reliable seller www.clubkonnect.com .


  1. Sell phone accessories: Phone accessories like earpiece, paunch, phone casing, battery, charger and some others are very important to students in campus.
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Most students are addicted to the use of earpiece and can do anything to get one; some other might have bad battery and will want to use their phone, getting a new battery would be the next option.


Some students will want to protect their phones and will need a good looking paunch to attach to their phones.


This will actually make a good return and you will be glade you started something like this to make money on campus.


  1. Start data reselling: You must have come across a flyer or a postal on campus like “get cheap MTN 1gb N650 call 080 xxx-xx-xxx” these are data resellers.


As a data reseller you will get some percent off every data you sell. The more you sell the more your profits accumulate and the useful the returns will be.



I have done this I can testify to it. The money comes in with no stress that does not mean you won’t work.


Sure you will have to work, postal and hand bill have to be distributed all over for people to know that you are really offering that service.


  1. Hair barbing salon: Barbing salon business is very lucrative business that has been making wave in all campuses in every country. Everybody wants to look good so they must barb their hair.


If you are very good with what you do you will surely make money on campus even with your skill of barbing.

You should purchase a complete set of barbing tools and you can also decide to buy a chargeable hand clipper that you will use even when there is no light.


I will advise you get a good solar system will be able to carry your clipper and serve you as required.


  1. Hair dressing: The ladies you know are always in competition in looking good, they actually can spend a fortune just in making themselves presentable.


If you have this skill you don’t have to hide it as it will get you a lot during your schooling days in campus. People have done this and are still doing it.


This is a skill that will show you to your pairs on campus, till tomorrow people still regret not learning this skill when they had the opportunity to.


Make money with this do not require most tools or equipment, at least not in campus your client will understand and your money will be sure.

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read up this post it will help you start up


  1. Makeup artist: Most guys now go for this skill; it is no longer a thing for ladies because of how profitable it is.


You will be making some good amount of money by make some fine faces look beautiful. Get you make up kit from a very affordable source, you are not going professional that implies that you don’t have to spend a fortune in getting the equipment for making up students.


Bear in mind that you are nurturing a very profitable career after your stay in campus.


  1. Computer service: you can offer service like printing typing and other services. Most expecially C.V typing and type setting is a lucrative way to make it here.


People will also want to make photocopy of document, if you have the photocopy machines that’s nice you will make some decent amount from it.

this is very porpular and to make money on campus with this you need to learn wide. This post will be helpful. 



  1. Phone repair: This method had been making money to those with the skill over 8 years now. Everybody as you must know will want to make use of their gadget during this time and will be ready to pay to get it done.


Phone is one gadget that is of multi-purpose and everyone I camp will be having one for communication purpose, recording data (image, video) etc.


If you have this skill you just have to let your friends know and don’t be afraid to let people know what you are doing. Don’t ever forget your work is your prides so don’t be shy.



If you noticed you will observe that most of these business needs a please to set up.

To get a place to make money on campus for business you will have to go through the student union.


The student union controls the allocation of business place and management on campus.


This post will frequently be updated, deem it fit to check it out from time to time.



Updated: May 25, 2018 — 3:24 pm

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