Ways To Make Money From Blog In Nigeria Aside Google AdSense

Ways To Make Money From Blog In Nigeria Aside Google AdSense.

Make Money From Blog Aside Google AdSense Today.

Make money from blog

Make money from blog


Are you looking for a way to make money from blog without an adsense account?
Read this post till the end.

Bloggers today has taken Google AdSense to be the only source of income from blogging, which is not a wise thinking.

Tons and tons of ways you can make money from blog should hit on you the moment you setup your blog.

Blogging initial aim was not for AdSense, it was to promote an already established business buy driving excess traffic to a business via a blog.

A blog was taken for an online aspect of your real-world business.

This was misinterpreted the moment Google introduced AdSense around 2007.




As It stands, the rate of search on how to make money from blog aside Google AdSense is as high as the search on how to apply for a Google AdSense account, this means something.

The more Google approves new accounts some older account lose their value and Google trust.

A good research shows that over 80% of the search on this topic ” ways to make money from blog aside Google AdSense” is due to Google disapproval or banning of previously operating account .

Google plays by their rules, no matter who the offenders are (use or blogger) they tends to carry out due punishment mostly banishment or disapproval.


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Once account is been disapproved or ban the blogger begins to run a series of Google search on other ways to make money from blog aside Google AdSense.

Though a few blogs were setup not for Google AdSense payment because of the rules of Google being too high.



You are about to see ways you can make money from blog aside Google AdSense.

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A blogger can combine two or more of the below ways to make money from blog, so as to get the expected success which he desire from his blog.



An affiliate marketer is a person that market other people or company product for commission.

This is done buy having an account with the affiliate company and then selecting a nice product to promote.

You can work for as many affiliate companies as possible at a time.

Affiliates marketers do not need Google adsense to make money from blog they own.

Note that the product you choose to promote should be related to your blog niche for maximum success.



You can actually make money from blog that you manage without Google adsense account, If you have any course you can offer online.

People still pay for E-courses, in fact I still pay for courses online if I love them.
Some extra box will be made to take care yourself.



Private advertising is a major and the best source to make money from blog.
This method people use to make money from blog depends widely on two factors which are;

  1. The functionality of the blog.
  2. The amount of traffic the blog gets.


The Functionality Of The Blog:

This is a very important area a company or an individual that want to promote his or her products or services will pay attention to.

This will determine if the traffic he will be getting from your blog will be beneficial to his or her business.


The Amount Of Traffic A Blog Gets:

If a blog functionality fits the client’s business, he will look at the traffic rate to know the amount of traffic he will be getting.

With this method, it is easy to make money from blog aside Google AdSense if you have a lot of traffic to your website or blog.

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Sponsored post is a good way to make money from blog aside Google AdSense even with the little traffic your blog might be getting.

Most times you don’t need to promote the sponsorship advert for post before you will begin to make money from blog.

I can remember requesting for a sponsor post and I was being charged 5k (N)

If you are taking this as your major source of income then you will have to promote your business via forums and other top sites.



Product reviews is a two edged sword, meaning you can make money from your blog in two ways.

If you are running products review on your blog the company that requested for the service will have to pay you for it.

This is really profitable because the company will give you some of the product you will be reviewing to your visitors to try, so as to know what to review about the products.

The other means to make money from blog aside Google AdSense in product reviews is to look for similar products to the one that you are reviewing and compare them both.

You will need the affiliate link of the other one you are not been paid for, add it to your blog or website and get paid just for that.



Selling E-book is a smart way to make money from blog and still retain your visitors trust if the e-book is worth the price.

Most bloggers that have one skill or the other use this to make extra money from their visitors.

If you are very skillful in Corel draw, Photoshop, Excel, PowerPoint, After effect, Vega pro, Affiliate marketing, blogging and any thing at all, just write down a very detailed yet simple to understand e-book that is worth buying, market it through your blog to make money.

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If your blog is a health blog, business blog, relationship blog or career blog, you can be making money buy just attending to people and hearing them out afterwards you give them valuable and useful assistance or advice to solve their problems or Challenges.

A lot of money is been made both as a physical and an online consultant.

Bloggers Make money from blog aside Google AdSense by giving help to those in need.



Do you know that you can make money from blog by selling physical products?

If you are blogging on beauty niche why not start selling makeup things, if your blog is about Tech you can sell things like CCTV, smart watch, Solar Energy and lots more.
This will really help you start up a new string of income.



You can make money from blog as a freelancer, there is how you will do it.

Place two to three ads on your website or blog about your freelancing job and add your contact information for your viewers to see.

If the right client to give you the job visit your website or blog he will easily get in touch with you.



Are you a good tutor?
You can Organize a seminar and promote it through your website.

This method has been in existence for over a reasonable period of time. I can remember attending some seminar then.

You can also decide to market other people’s seminar product for a good amount.


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Google AdSense is a good source income for a blog, but If you have bigger dreams you should dream of stop using it someday.

It pays to manage your own ads on your blog without an intermediary like Google adsense.

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