Make money teaching people to make money

make money teaching people- one time guide

Make money teaching people how to make money is a very smart way to make money, what do you think? Have you ever thought of this?

Do you know you can make a reasonable amount of money by teaching people how to make money?

Knowledge they say is power and to acquire knowledge you could spend a fortune and Make Money Teaching People how you acquire that knowledge.  Try to flash back to school day if possible try to calculate and you will find out that you have spent allot on trying to acquire knowledge and you could not complain about your spending at that time.

This is the best way ever to make money if you really have something that you are giving out to people.  People don’t mind spending money knowing that they will get the money they invested back which is just simple to you because you just have to Make Money Teaching People.


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How to make money by teaching people.

You can make a good steady income by teaching people online and offline.

What to teach online are:

The things you do

There are many ways to teach people how to make money online but we will recommend you teach them how to do the things you do, ‘WHAT! Won’t I be building competition? ‘ yes you will be giving room for competition but I but I bet you not up to 2% can do what you do even when to take them by the hand. That’s my little secrete.

How to monetize their ideas

You will not only be making money but you will be building a list of network and friends by teaching people how to monetize their skills. You will agree with me that over 70% of talented young people have a problem of monetizing what they are good in. how to do this…

  • Let them know importance of their skill.
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This is a very important factor that helps to build the mind power to productivity. Most people need to be reminded, what they can do. Believe me when I say some people need to be reminded that it’s why we have motivational speakers. They talk you to your success and get paid for their services.


  • Open their eye to see how much they can make.

Show them people who started below where there are and made it to the top most top advisable to give them names and let them know that younger persons have down it so why can’t they. It is always good they feel that you believe and trust them what they can do.

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  • List out the big-fish in their niche and how much they are making.

Show they what they have decide not to see, and why they are not see it.

  • Help them overcome the fear of starting small.

How to withstand competition

Competition is a very important stage in any lucrative business, most people wonder why to Make Money Teaching People is competitive. Any business that has less competition is not good for you, notwithstanding the start-up capital and all the investment involve in the business.

In other to withdraw competition one must work when others are sleeping  “that’s just the real fact”. Just know that as you are thinking of an idea someone else somewhere is thinking of same idea the only different is the person to execute the idea.

Little tips that helps: 

  • Try to keep wake when others are sleeping.
  • Always look for the strong men in your niche.
  • Always ask question about what you are doing?
  • Monitor those that are just starting like you so as to monitor your growth and see you competitor.
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How to be creative:

It is very important to think out of the box like Make Money Teaching People, that is what we call creativity. Let people know that it’s not a sin to try and fail. Trying various ways of getting things done, thinking of the ways of inventing new result from the present problem and how to solve the problems that might come up in the nearest future.

How to realize your skill:

A friend of mine once told me your skill is your wealth and with is you can Make Money Teaching People. The amounts of money you will get depend on how skillful you are. Skill is that which you enjoy doing without been told and it difficult to let go when you are doing it. Always remember a skill is talent that needs to be developed by constant practices.

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Learn other skills:

The word is revolving as my mummy will say. And we all know that technology is changing on a daily bases. It will be good to encourage your students to adopt new promising skill; they should pay for it if they have to.

So now step into the light!

Teaching people how to make money is the best way to make money, online teach what you know and what you have tried.  

Search for new ways to make money:

Always run search to get other ways beside what you are doing at hand so as to have a vast knowledge on methods on what to teach people. While making search think as a person that is actually looking for a way to Make Money Teaching People even when he is not an expert yet. Make the search down to the smallest unknown word.

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Write down a search list, this should contain all the things you will like to know about the topic you are making the search for.

Follow noise makers on social media:

I know you will be like “why should I follow noise makers when I know I will only hear noise?” YOU ARE WROUNG!!! Yes you are.

Let me let you in on this special drop of Make Money Teaching People, you should have heard of the saying that says  ‘out on every non-sense there is a sense in it’ <RIGHT> A friend of mine rephrase his own as ‘out of every noise there is an atom of quietness in it’ which means sense.

Following noise makers is an important and a very good tool to getting information from people that think high of themselves. This is how you will do it… when they make a post read every aspect of their post and search for every word that you seem not to understand.

You can also place a call to them, when you do this get a pen or recorded and make sure you get every part of your conversation with them. When you are done search on those things or words they mention that are new to you.

During your conversation you will notice they talk more on their success, let them do as they will forget themselves and give you leads to the GOLD you are looking for.

These are ways that you can use to make some extra money, as you are doing that which seems as nothing.


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