How to Make Money With Your Pet


You can make money with your pet.

Do you have a pet or are you planning on getting one?

Let me open your eyes to the gold behind the seen, this is like a secret that only a few knows about.

Having a pet can fetch you some good amount of money, did I say some good amount of money? Sorry I mean constant amount of money.

Which pet can I have to make money? Know that is the question that you will be asking right now, nice question you have asked.

At the end of this post you will able to have a pet in mind if you don’t have one already.

Besides being profitable I must let you know the truth before you think so far and think everything is okay.

Before you can make money with your pet be prepared to spend a whole lot of money on your pet or in getting a pet that will give you that constant income AND beside other things you will need time for that you pet.

Now let’s jump straight in to making money with our pet.

  1. Photo Short:

Making money with a pet is something that is becoming very popular by the day;

you will be wondering how those magazines that use pets for their page cover get their image and how they got it as clear as it is or how those ads were pets will hold a banner carrying some ‘take quick action’ or promotional write-ups, all those were done by the owner of the pet.

If you have a pet you can create a social media account or page for your pet were you will display and post your pets behavior and doings.

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You can also decide not to create a social media account for pet but to feature you pet to yours, this is good as this will help client to have easy direct contact with the owner of the pet.

Search online for photo stock sites, register and….. wait a minute did I just said register? Hell no.

preview other peoples work about your kind of pet know their best short and their week short.

Let’s say you have a dog (which happen to be a very common pet to have) while on any of the photo stick sites you should browse through the site and see your competitors, know how they are doing, learn from their mistakes, their poor sells and their best sells (you don’t want to make the same mistake they made, do you?).

Since we are good to go it’s time to get a good camera that will give you an HD short.

You will need a very high quality camera for your demo or samples as this will be the first thing your client or intending client will see before he or she will want to preview you collections of demos or samples.

Note all you will be uploading as a demo or sample should be your best short (I don’t mean something you can’t do again).

Something you shouldn’t do: Never borrow a camera for your demo or sample if you don’t have the hope of getting same whenever your client want you do a job, A client will only ask for your short if he likes your demo or sample judging from your demo quality and other things he or she might have in mind.

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2.. Video: This is another method you can use to make money off your pet.

You might have noticed that many people post videos of their pets online to social Medias without getting a cent for it;

Ignorance they say kills faster that AIDS, imagine them getting free likes that would have got them some dollars.

To make money with your pet using a videos of your pet, you will have to create a Youtube channel or blog (so called) as that is the best paying video blogging business of our time.

Make daily post of your pets and show what your pets can do, you will be surprise to know how many thousands of view you will get per post (that is the real money).

with a large number of views on your Youtube channel or Youtube blog.

Also you can make videos for your client on instagram, instagram is a good place to get client from different publication to do a video with your pet.

3.. Shows/competition: Have you ever watched a Dog race or a boo fight? Now tell me, how do you think the set-up will be? What made the dogs to run or boo to fight? What to do spend to watch the fight and the race?

These entire questions should have an answer in your head which is Training should be your answer, if that is it then you are very correct.

This is why I earlier said you need time and money, you will have to teach your pet what to do, how to performance the way you will want it to.

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To teach your pet what to do you might not have the skill, time or knowledge to do this the best way you desire it, so you will have to user your money to enroll your pet into an academy that do that which you want to do, and you will have to make time to check up on your pet to be sure the pet is really learning and you are not wasting your money.

you will want to make money with your pet in no time.

With these I am sure you are ready to start making money off your pet.

If you don’t have a pet yet and you are not sure which pet to get here are simple scope to get a pet for money.

  • Write down three pets you like.
  • Among the three pick the two that plays your best pet sport.
  • Now pick the one that pays more for the sport because we are here for the money not just the game.

4.. your way to MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR PET (comment it below). We will update with you as contributor.

This post will be edited and updated time-in time-out. Your idea can also be number 4 drop it in the comment box

Thank you.


Updated: May 25, 2018 — 2:36 pm

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