How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018

Do you truly know How to Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018?

YES, thousands of people make millions of dollars every month.

You can only make money online in just 2 ways:

–  Offering service

– Selling product

It has always been the question from the masses “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN NIGERIA 2018?”

To make money online has never been and will never be easy, forget about all the stories of making a lot of money over-night with one system that will require you pay for some course or Ebook and things like that.

BUT that does not mean that you can’t truly make good money online in fact allot of young people are making a living online and are living a very comfortable life.


To make a cent online is like making a cent offline,

How do I mean?

Before you can make a cent online you must have something that you are giving out.(a product or a service ) which is the only way of making money online.


A product:

Making money with a product is described by many as the easiest way to make good money online.

You just have to get the targeted client that can pay for your product and showcase what you have to them and you are down with your money in the bank.


A service:

You can also make good money by rendering services to your clients online; this has been the heart of the online money for over some years now.

It is very difficult to see a person that doesn’t know or have not heard of the multi-billion dollars millionaire making platform called with some other popular ones like Odesk, people-per-hour etc.


Should I offer a product or services?

Very good!!!  You can’t just say you choose to do one over the other without closely and clearly comparing the two. You have to know the disadvantage and the advantage on your part of each one.

NOTE: we are doing what we love.

Before you choose if to offer a service or sell a product you should try to put yourself first.

Sorry I said put yourself first and not the client or customer, the truth is that you will surely perform below standard if you are doing something you don’t like. (Straight truth).


  • If you are offering a service:
  1. Learn a skill (this is the service you will be offering).
  2. You should be skillful (to be able to get your way through your competitors).
  3. Ready to take instructions (of how to deliver the services they want as demanded).
  4. Must be punctual (to delivered on time).
  5. Know how to relate with others (irrespective of their size, status and otherwise).


  • If you are selling a product:
  1. Have a product (this is the product you will sell).
  2. Brand your product (get your product a name, logo, packaging).
  3. Learn promotion strategy (this will help you bypass your competitors).
  4. Proof its working (nobody will want to throw a cent way just like that, they will need a proof that your product is worth their money).

Now I am sure you might have come up with some services and product and probably confuse and asking questions.

How to know which product or service to sell/offer?.

CONFUCIUS PHILOSOPHER Said, “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Sell a product that won’t cost you much or better still that would cost you nothing to produce. Advisable selling a product you produce within a short time span and with less stress is the best.

No…  I know some people will be thinking I can produce pizza and popcorn; I will just go ahead with getting ready for the online market. Hahaha (Silly me), keep readingà.

Let me help you out on this.

  • What is your passion?
  •  Do you notice you do a without stress?
  • What is that thing you do without anyone reminding you?
  • What do you see yourself doing in hours and not get tired?

YES, that is your passion.






*Video editing


*Posting content online

Your passion will determine if you will be offering a service or selling a product.

If for any reason you are still not sure what your passion truly is, take a look at these few lists of products and services below.

Lists of product you can sell.

  • E-books.
  • E-Courses.
  • Web-site/blog.
  • Mobile App.


Lists of services you can offer to the online market.

  • Graphics editing
  • Blogging
  • Website designs
  • Mobile app development
  • Social media accounts management
  • Virtual assistant.


Let’s explain a little on the product and services we listed above

  1. How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018


This is one of the first methods that generated the first set of millions online and it is still doing it even till tomorrow.

E-books: as it is called stands for Electronic-Books, they a portable document or we can say they are an electronic document which can be sent, read and compile electronically.

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E-book can be a combination of words, numbers, codes and even images.

How to create your first and selling Ebook even without ideals on what to write on.

Which E-book do I create? Oops! I don’t have an idea, what do I do?

The first thing you will have to do is to look around you and look for the problem that makes people restless. ‘I AM SURE YOU WILL BE SUPRISED’ you shouldn’t be.

Not just the problem that makes people restless BUT the problem which they can afford to spend their money on in order to get a result.

Some of those problems are:

Fat loss in the body,

Make money sleep,

How to move your business from 0$ to 1000$ per week.

Many Ebooks of a related problem have made it and are still making it in the market.

When you are done with the topic of your choice, head straight to the internet and source for as much valuable information as possible.

You have to be considerate when doing this, be sure that the kind of content that you are packaging as Ebook is something that you can actually pay for with no regret, as this will help to build a good string of income for your future Ebook.


2. Make Money Online In Nigeria


E-Course and E-Book are not same, E-Course is mainly done in series and it involves interactive section between the tutor and the student that applied for the course.

E-Courses are mainly divided into three parts: Video, Podcast, and Web-based.

In organizing a Video E-course you will have to get a good cam-recorder that will show all the actions that your student will be expected to see without stressing their eyes.

In setting up a video E-course the kind of camera to be used depending on the kind of course that you are taking.

Types of cameras are the Onscreen Camera and the Digital camera.

The onscreen camera is the camera that is used to capture all the activities that are taking place on the screen of a computer. This kind of camera will be used for courses like graphics design, programming etc.

While the digital camera will be used to capture live courses like how to make jeering’s, how to improve your make-up skills etc.



3. How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018


Website and blogging are one of the major online income miners for over 20years. Bloggers and website owners are making hundreds of dollars on a daily base.

Don’t get me wrong’ having a website is just like having your own house, and as we all know to have your own house does not guaranty that you will be making money, what guaranty that you will make money depend on what you do with your house same goes for a website/blog.

Giving a part of your house for rent will give you so the amount of income at the end of every month or year, same goes for a website/blog.

the major way people make money is by giving out part of their website/blog to rent form companies that will like to showcase their product their so that your visitors can see.

these companies pay from the range of $0.01 per ads view, so if you happen to have 50,000 visitors per month that means you will be making $500USD monthly.


4. How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018

Mobile App:

Making money with a mobile APP is one of the very lucrative businesses that most young people are doing and it is really giving a very good result based on the research carried out.

To acquire this skill you can pay an offline tutor to get the knowledge you need or you can follow online tutorials.

If you have the skill (meaning you can develop mobile Apps) to get your money will not be an issue. You just need the right information. Where do I sell my apps? Where do I get clients to develop apps for? Simple!!!

You can sell your Apps in the Google play store. Note Google pay-store accept 25$ for you to activate your account (To accept you to the App program).

If your payment is made you are accepted into the program you can then upload your Apps and sell or upload for free.

You can also add ads to your free apps and make a good amount of money from Admob when every your user click on the ads that will display when they are using it.

You can also get clients to develop apps for through some site like, Odesk e.t.c.


5. How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018

Writing:  You can actually do well here if you have the love for writing posts, article, and contents.

Do you know that most bloggers and sites owners don’t have time to write their content? They pay people to help them write posts.

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And they are ready to pay well for a unique content. One good thing about this is that if you offer a good and unique article or contents to your client all the time, you will end up building trust and building a lifetime income string.

Question: Where can I get these clients?

Answer: or search of Google for “freelancer sites”.

You might also want to create an audience around social Medias letting people know what you are doing.


6. How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018


Graphics editing: Image editing and video editing is one of the first five juicy categories in any freelancer site today. The graphics editing niche is a very competitive niche.

There are many experts in the niche but there is still room for young editors.

Be sure you are good in AE (after Effect) or Sony Vegas for video editing. And for image editing, you will want to be good in Photoshop or Corel Draw.


make money




You can also get your clients from or search of Google for “freelancer sites”.


7.How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018


Blogging: blogging is a very lucrative business these and because of its lucrativeness it has become the bread-land of many thereby making it competitive and technical to get a lot from it.

To start a blog you have to know the niche that you want to blog about, at least the bases.


Then you will need to get a hosting plan and domain name (preferably a dot-com domain name). go to and you will see a whole lot of videos as a guide of how to set up your blog.


make money



But before then you will have to be sure about which blogging platform to use, there are two most commonly used blogging platform: – WordPress and Blogger.

I will strongly recommend you use WordPress as it has some useful plugins and theme you wouldn’t want to miss out while blogging, Post unique content regularly and if you don’t have time to draft out content you can just get a write at to do that for you.

8.How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018

Website designs: programmers are making money today by developing apps for companies and individuals.

If you have the skills send your application to the company far and near you. Apply in freelancing site and also create an audience on your social networks.


Mobile app development: with your mobile app you can get paid by uploading it to play store for people to download. You can also create apps for people and make money.

10. How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018

Social media accounts management:

It might interest you to know that many big organization and NGOs usually pay people to manage their social media account.

This includes uploading of content, post, image, accepting the invitation and running a promotion for them so as to get to more people.


11. How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2018

Create a beauty Youtube blog (Vblog).

The blogging world is gaining serious momentum over the years, and this makes many aspiring makeup artists and fashionistas have great zeal to want to start their own Vblog as a means for extra earner money or as a full-time job.

Blogging about your lifestyle or your favorite beauty products is easy and fun – yet it is actually a feasible way to earn a good living?

The beauty market is huge and very competitive there are already so many beauty Vblogs out there, so how can you become one of the most popular Vblogs and stand a chance of making a living with it?

Alright, we will try to break everything down to the minimum we can so as to make it very easy to start your own Vblog and start making money from if, awesome!


Your vblog is Your Bank

If you are really driven do turn your passion into a career, you will need no ten commandments to tell you to take it seriously and put all your possible effort to work.

To get views or viewers as it is often called, you need to create very unique and eye-catching video with a good intro (as many people don’t have the patience to get to the end of the intro is not eye-catching).

Ooops! Hope you don’t expect to money at this stage?

It is only when you are a popular blogger with a very high amount of view and subscriber that you will get to see the sponsorship deals rolling in like a diamond rush.


make money




Most Vbloggers will generate around 70% of their income from promotion they made so it’s important you start running some promotion as soon as possible. Most Vbloggers have facebook page for their vblog and they run facebook ads mostly which is very easy to setup. Other as individual difference is concern will rather go for twitter for promotion.

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Which every way they are both good for promotion.

Get started with Google Adsense – it’s pretty easy to set up as the adverts are decided for you and simply placed on the site.

You only get paid when someone watches the advert at the beginning of your video without skipping– so you see it pays to have more subscribers and viewers to your Vblog already.

As your Vblog grows, you may end up being approached for bigger advertising campaigns. It’s a big money maker but remember never rely on advertising for your entire blog income.

bad g

Run Affiliate Programs

Vbloggers have access to a wide range of beauty affiliate programs they run, at a stage they begin to turn down offer from affiliate but for a start it would be crazy not to take advantage of them.

From make-up products to spa passes, you can promote anything to your viewers and your subscribers and you will earn commission for each person who buys from your recommendation or with a promotional code the affiliate industries would give you.

However don’t sign up for everything that is suspicious or anything that will end up demising your image, always remainder your reputation is your money – only join affiliate programs or profit shares if you genuinely love the product and would recommend it to your friends, family and your all-important viewers and subscribers.

Ask for a free sample to review yourself first before recommending to others.

Another great advantage of these programs is that you’ll often receive a discount on the products yourself – so you can stock up on all your essentials for video tutorials to be placed on your blogs.

Once you’ve got started with these simple steps, your beauty vblog will grow and you will have more viewers /subscribers and soon many more opportunities for earning money will arise.

But you’ll have to be patient – it takes years of hard work and commitment to creating a successful blog with high numbers of subscribers. So keep uploading your beautiful face and looking out for ways to make your blog earn cash.


Odesk /Upwork: I am very sure that you might have heard that the mind is the greatest wealth you can have on earth. This is so true because no one can ever take away the skills you have to handle specific tasks.

Even when everything that one has is take away from some natural disaster, you know the only thing one will have at that point is his SKILL/KNOWLEDGE.

There is an easy way to make money online if you leverage those skills.  One of those skills many people use to make money online is writing.



image from


Take Tests.

This platform has tests to prove your proficiency in the skills you purport to have as your profile denoted.

Taking these tests, and passing them, will validate your profile. It will also help you learn what you need to improve on to help you access jobs in particular fields.

So we recommend you do this as you are doing your real job.

Create and Update Your Portfolio

Prospective clients would love to see the kind of work you do before they engage you so you will need to have some demo or samples of your products.

That will serve as an assurance that they will get value for money for every task extended to you, no one wants to throw money away.

That is why including samples of demo you have done as part of your portfolio is important and you need to update it constantly as well.


Get a killer Title for Your profile: your title is the only thing that will give you a job, most time we recommend you use a whole day to search for a good title. Like à “I will do awesome/ unique ……….for just $20”


Make Use of Targeted Tags:  you Meta tag related to your niche as this will help to display your profile when a client is running a search on whom to give his job to.


A Nice Description is mandatory: without a description nobody will know what you offer and without a good description the world will not know how good you are.


Your Replies Should be on time: now you should be have some demand, it might not be much at first but keep your eyes down for any request or question, reply straight away. Most clients will want to give their job to someone that is always connected, should the need any review on their job.


Alright we wrap it up from here. If you have any suggestion or question let us know in the comment box.

Have a great day and make the best off it.

 you can contact me here


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