Make One Million Naira N1, 000, 000 By 25years of Age

Make One Million Naira N1, 000, 000 By 25years of Age

Make one million naira N1, 000, 000 by 25years of age is a post that was written form success stories and mistakes of most of our young readers, friends and family members.

Smartincomepro went into a very important search and wanted to be sure we make an impact (main aim of the blog).

Most of us had made the mistake but there were ways to correct it.

I did set a target to Make one million naira N1, 000, 000 by 25years of age or before, I was trying everything legally possible online when I finished my secondary school I was like YES the time for that is now.

It happens that I had to go to high institute (i never wanted). This is it, I knew something will go wrong if I don’t because I never like letting people down, so being good boy i passed all the requirement.

I was not very exposed to motivational books at this time (that was why I guess I went to school)

To Make one million naira N1, 000, 000 by 25years of age or before is not something that is too difficult to do when you set your mind and goal to do it.


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it is very much easy to save a million naira before 25years of age… Mind you, this is not about saving.


Saving can never make you a millionaire even if you were able to save millions. What makes one a millionaire are the sources of income the person was able to put in place.


Let’s break it down…

if you are 16years you could make a million naira on or before 25years of age if you save N9,260 monthly that is about 340daily.

what about if you are 18years of age you will have to save N11905 monthly or 400 daily.
for those that are already 20years daily saves of N560 or N16670 monthly saves will make you a million naira by 25 years.

if you are 22years saving a monthly N33,340 or daily N1120 will make you a million naira by 25years of age.

for those that are already 24years, it is never too late to start something. this only means that you will have to work extra hard to save N2780 daily and N83340 monthly.
all this estimate are very possible. you can save N8,4000naira monthly or more it only means that you have to earn more than that to be able to save that amount.

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To earn millions you have to set million naira goal. every good result comes from good plainings.



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1. Mark Zuckerberg: Many people forget that when Facebook’s founder started swimming in wealth, he was a young college student. Almost everyone knows the story of Facebook, and Zuckerberg’s now one of the wealthiest people in the world, at around $20 billion, regardless of age.

2. Michael Dunlop: He dropped out of high school after his dyslexia had teachers telling him he’d never been successful. He founded, which today boasts a 12,000 rating on Alexa and earns him a hefty six-figure income. While his blogs aren’t flawless grammatically, his business advice is spot on.

3. Andrew Fashion: Not all teenage millionaire stories have happy endings. Fashion designed mini rocket launchers and was worth more than $2 million by the time he was 20. He then blew it all on women and gambling by the time he turned 22.

4. John Magennis: Starting a Web design business at 14, Magennis is totally self-taught. Initially, he charged just $15 per site, but today he can demand upwards of $30,000 per site. He earned his first million by his 16th birthday.

5. Tim Sykes: The famous and young stock investor used his bar mitzvah cash for his first investment. He started with penny stocks and was worth more than $1.5 million by his 21st birthday. Today he’s also an inspirational speaker and teaches others how to get rich with penny trading.

6. Maddie Bradshaw: Featured on Shark Tank, Bradshaw (along with her younger sister and mom) started by designing locker decorations using soda bottle tops because she couldn’t find anything similar she liked on the market. She earned $1.6 million in her first year, and by the time she was 16 she had lured an astonishing three “sharks” as investors and partners.

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7. Diane Keng: This 18-year-old entrepreneur is working on her third business, but she first hit paydirt with MyWEBoo, which helps teens manage their online reputations. She’s also founded a T-shirt company and a business that helps companies market to teens.




this is the mistake we make most times, we fail from the beginning because we fail to plain.
with a nice plain written or sketch it is very possible to do any goal you set.



Discover your passion.

  • this is the most important aspect of the whole millionaire goal, if you miss it here you have missed it for life.You will agree with me that it is very difficult to go on doing things you don’t have the passion for, you just can’t go far. This is one thing we advise you to out for (passion) when thinking of things to do and be successful.

    To know that thing you really love and that you can do with easy we recommend these approach.

  • Write done ten things you love to doing.
  • Check those ones you can do and cancel those you can’t do.
  • Check those you can do 24hours without getting tired and cancel those that you can get tired of doing.
  • You might have two option left now, pick that one that takes lesser time for you to do.
  • NOW, that is your passion GO for it.


Sketch your plan.

straight away go sketch out a plan on how to operate. This could be your business plan, don’t worry you can always edit it as you go.
A business plan gives a better understanding of how your business should operate and where you are aiming at in the nearest future.

learn how to write a good business plan here.


Let your friends and family know.

Most people will see this as not necessary but it is. letting your friends and family know will help you a great deal, they might not be able to do anything about it but telling them alone will help to want to keep up because you will know that they will be expecting to see you do something.

you have to be ready, you might receive some discouragement from a majority of them just keep to your plan and goal.
your goal should be your motivation.


Execute your plain.

this is the time. there is no better time to start than now, don’t wait a night because you want to start it right NO. it is better to start and make mistake now than later, mistakes will help you know what works and what don’t.
you will never get to do it if you are waiting for the right time.


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Expand and increase your effort.

A little expansion is okay if you notice you can handle that that you are doing with no stress, be sure that the expansion will not affect your initial effort.
this is a goal of ever starting small.


Get help or hire people.

now that we have expanded our business it is time to get help, we can decide to ask for help from our friends and family or we can just hire someone to help us out.

a close watch is needed when you have someone working for you, nobody will take care of your thing the way you possibly can. it will be better to monitor your workers closely.

please treat your workers with respect.


Increase your productivity.

keep increasing your product but make sure it is within your capability to handle.
get more help and increase your business.

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WITH THESE, I AM SURE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO Make One Million Naira N1, 000, 000 By 25years of Age. Your friends will thank you for this so shear.

Updated: November 8, 2018 — 2:30 pm

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