Mikano Generators Best Prices and other details 2018.

Mikano Generators Best Prices and other details 2018.

Mikano Generators.

Mikano Generators

The Mikano Generators

Having a setup in a place like Nigeria is always very challenging because of the condition of the power supply in the country.

How can a business servile with less than 4 hours of electricity supply in a day? No I really need an answer.

If you have a company, school, hospital or another setup that has a lot need for power supply, you should consider going for a Mikano Generator.

Mikano generators are the best source of power supply for any company or organization in Nigeria and they come with different futures and in different prices.


Diesel and Gas

Mikano generators are of two types when it comes to the fuel they use.

There is the one that uses GAS and there is the normal / popular one that uses Diesel.

It is very clear that GAS is more expensive compare to Diesel but that of Gas his better and it cost more.



Soundproof Mikano Generator

You must have noticed some Mikano Generators make less or no noise.

This is because that mikano generator is a soundproof generator.

The Soundproof generators have a thick body or cover that helps to compress the noise within it seal.

The soundproof Mikano generators are always very expensive when compare to the normal type of generator.

Places like hospitals and schools should go for the soundproof Mikano generators.

KVA is a generator’s total power output. The more KVA you want the more you should be willing to pay.


The lowest priced Mikano Generator is:


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9 KVA Mikano Generator

It has the lowest output and costs around ₦2,770,000.


If you need higher KVA you can check the list below to see.

13 KVA Mikano generator
15 KVA Mikano generator
20 KVA Mikano generator
30 KVA Mikano generator

₦3,000,000 to ₦4,000,000 should be what you should budget if you need any of those without disappointment.


You can go for higher once form 40 KVA – 80 KVA.

40 KVA Mikano generator
50 KVA Mikano generator
60 KVA Mikano generator
65 KVA Mikano generator
80 KVA Mikano generator

You budget should fall within the prices range of ₦5,000,000 to ₦6,000,000.


There are other bigger ones from 100 KVA.

100 KVA Mikano generator
800 KVA Mikano generator

₦7,000,000 to ₦53,000,000 should be what you are targeting or setting as your budget.



Mikano Generator is a very good source of power for businesses, churches and other setup.

If there is need for a bigger and better power supply the Mikano generators should be on your look-out list.

If your business cannot afford any of the mikano generators or does not require the mikano generator please do not fight the growth of the business just to get a generator.

For those companies that has need for electricity, the higher KVA, Soundproof and Gas power will be a better choice, though it will cost real money.



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