How to Make Money from Instagram Followers

How to make money from Instagram followers

Can you money from instagram followers? A very big hello to you all, I know the topic up will be making you all ask the same question “HOW?”

YES, I am right, now let’s have a little chat. How many followers do you have on your Instagram page?

A 100k or 50k maybe 10k can still be 2.5k

Now let’s say you have 2.5k followers on your Instagram account you should not be broke or you should not just be watching videos and image, you should be making money off the team you have created.

ooops! What’s that a team? I never created any team. Why should you say a team ;-)? Not to worry let me explain to you.

Yes, you created a team. “You think it easy to get up to 2.5k followers on Instagram” that my friend will always say.

For you to have up to that amount of followers on Instagram you must have been doing something that you never knew will fetch you money.

Now let’s try to view our previous activities to know what made us that large amount follower.

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look closely at all your uploads and try to see how many likes you get per post, its normal not to have the same number of like in all your post BUT you should try to be observant to the post with the highest likes that should be the main interest of your team.

Let’s say we can’t tell what made us that amount of followers on our team, how do we get what we want by giving them what they will love?

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Make a list of what you can do, try to consider some things like high demand, delivery time and many other factors.

Among your list do you have anything related to these

GOOD AT COOKING (money from Instagram followers 1)

GRAPHIC DESIGNER (money from Instagram followers 2)

FASHIONISTA (money from Instagram followers 3)

WRITER (money from Instagram followers 4) e.t.c.

If you do not have either of those mentions do not mean that you cannot do anything with this post, we are just using those as an example for you to relate what you can do and see the opportunity in getting something done.

Let’s explain from our examples above:


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GOOD AT COOKING. We had to start with this so many people will have no excuses. Now here is how we will start.

Get the pictures of all your recipes, if you don’t have any it’s a good time to start putting down good samples of what’s you cook.

Once you have a good number of recipes down and clear pictures of them, its time to start setting the money light.

1st: you will need to watermark all the images of your recipes (with your brand name) you will be uploading; we will not want some other persons to making money out of us.

2nd: post your watermarked pictures to your Instagram account and write reasonable post after it. Post once daily but reply to comment anytime one comes in.

Once you noticed you are getting so good amount of likes it’s time to produce our first cookery book. You might be saying you don’t have time write a book, That’s no problem head over to and search for good writes.

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Explain to the writer what you want to write about and if the recipe is a new one you will have to send the writer the steps on how to create your book. All these could cost you some money.

When our book is ready (E-Book or hard book), It’s time to take it back to our platform “instagram”. Promote you book here and upload images/post daily, the money can only locate you.

Create an account on a stock photo and other photos selling site upload your real image (without watermark) and watch the money come in as people buy them.

You can create a food blog and post all your recipe and how to achieve them there.

Apply for Google AdSense when your post are quite high you will be sure that your blog will soon begin to fetch some good amount of income, BUT before that you should make sure to post all you do on your blog to your Instagram account.

The 2.5k follower is mainly for this reason when every you write a new blog post link it to your Instagram account and make sure your followers read it through a link to your blog.

If you have 500persons from your insagram account read your post on your website you will be making about 5$, so imagine where you have over 2000person reading your blog from your Instagram account, that’s what we call free traffic.

If you are a GRAPHIC DESIGNER you can follow the same steps and you will get result, Make sure you view out a comprehensive post on how to make money as a graphic DESIGNER

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FASHIONISTA, WRITER what every you can do you can follow these simple steps and do some little tweaking and get a result at the end of it all.

This post money from instagram followers will be frequently updated.

ALRIGHT take care and keep making decisions as a pro.

Updated: May 20, 2018 — 7:02 am

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