What Most Billionaires Have in Common!

What Most Billionaires Have In Common!

Each and every one of us dream of making it big after college, and it’s pretty safe to say that our ultimate goal is to become a billionaire.


There are, of course, many factors that contribute to this end, but it seems that there are common element among billionaires which are listed in this article “What most billionaires have in common” .

A recent study I did last night while you were sleeping, exposed me to the biggest and unseen secrete of most billionaires.

The best part of this is they don’t teach you how to be a billionaire like them apparently most of them don’t know, it’s like an habit to them.

Everyone in a particular stage has something similar they are doing that is keeping them in that stage else changes must occur.

The eight tips am about to show you are something that is common with all the billionaire on our time.

Do you believe that most billionaires don’t know what kept them in that billionaire stage till now? This is really good.

It is an habit, which means no work at all to them.

They just live their normal live and they retain a status that is worth your bed.

What billionaires have in common.

Your love to solve a problem:

Don’t be lazy; don’t run from responsibilities, billionaires today like bill gate and mark zukerberg became billionaire by just solving a problem.

Bill gate saw a problem with the old fashion of computer that is kept in a big room, own by group of people who has millions in their account and the computer is only use to store relativity low document.

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Mark zukerberg saw a social problem at school he wondered how he can give a solution to it. He setup facebook to solve a school problem which is socializing.

And letter taught it’s wise to use his social solution tool he used in school to solve the world’s problem.

By just solving people’s problem you might be creating a way to save billions for yourself in the feature.

Start No Matter how small: there is no perfect time to start a thing than now.

Most of the complains people give are “we don’t have enough to start up”.

Most billionaires always get their fingers deity.

Whenever an idea comes in they start with enquiries, they try to get all the information they can.

They test and try every idea they get and they let go of anyone that does not work.

It is normal to try and fail than to remain without doing anything.

Read books on how others made it:

Those who made it to the top has one or two secret books that boost their success.

You will not know of this except they decide to help you.

There are powers hidden in books and article, no wonder till tomorrow most successful people’s library tends to increase by some reasonable present on a yearly base.


keep doing the little you do, as days goes by unnoticeable growth add.

Consistency is the bedrock of success, show me a successful fellow and I will show you a consistent laborer.

Consistency is like the test of faith. It’s like an assurance to show if you are worth your quest.

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Most people don’t have time to go after something for too long, that will piece them off.

Consistency is what aids growth in any business, when there is nothing like consistencies no matter how much you start that business it will come crashing.

Think like consumer / customer:

when you think like a consumer you will be able to come up with a thousand and one new business ideas.

Thinking like a customer will give you a thousand and one ideas to make your customer satisfy and want to come again.

With these two ways of thinking the world is under your control.

You will not be suppressed to know how No 12 of 12 Entrepreneur Signs and Tips on How To Be A Better Entrepreneur has really helped you in thinking like a consumer and a customer.

Try to meet people: if you read books you will know that it is not good for a person aspiring to be great to work in an isolated world.

No matter how bad they may tune out to be, it is better you meet people relate with them, know how and what they are doing, try to know how they think, find out what keeps them awake at night.

You will be able to know your weakness, and those areas in your life you will give some extra work.

This thinking will give you an edge over most people. You might meet that person that will stand as a rocket fuel to your success.

Build your team: team work is a big factor if you must be a millionaire.

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Their people who don’t like team work but I must tell this, if you must climb top you need a team.

Your team could be you family your friend or any one you fill confortable round or let say any one you trust with your business.

The person must not be around you, it can be online or from a clear distance in as much it fit your business.

You cannot do everything alone as a millionaire; you will need people to help you manage some aspect of your business.

Build other sources of income:

This is the best of all that I listed “give up sleep”.

I desperately don’t want to add this to the list so that the lazy once like me won’t get this information.

Sleep is the number one enemy of a man, even the holy book (bible) let us know this in the book of proverbs 20:13 (love not sleep less, you come to poverty; open your eyes and you will be satisfied with riches).

0ver 70% of most billionaires we have today sleep less that 4hours a day.

I still wonder, if men that have it all can sleep less than 4 hours a day why then most of us that don’t have a thing sleep; we don’t even deserve a wink on sleep.

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