10 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria

10 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria.

Most Lucrative business in Nigeria


Most lucrative business

Most lucrative business

There is always a way to make it in life, that is why we are Smart Income-Pros.

We recently Helped Some of our Readers get the jobs they so desire and we decide to uploaded a step by step guide to the strategy we used.

Check out our post on how to get any job even though you are unqualified and see what people have been missing.

Today we will be exposed to the 10 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria and other countries.

As you know, Business is a guaranteed approach to becoming a millionaire and not just by earning.

It is good to have a job (I am not against that), But earnings have a limit, it can not make you a millionaire in any way.

I always advise my friends that don’t have money to start up a business, to get a job at the same time save money to start a business while working.

If the business grows and can stand on its own without external income coming in, they can now quit their job to focus more on the business.



  1. It makes you Good and steady income if a good approach is applied.
  2. Makes you your own boss.
  3. Gives you room to try something new.
  4. Gives you plenty of time to think.
  5. Business increases your interpreter mindset.
  6. Makes you answerable to yourself.

Now that we know the Importance of having a business let’s take a look at the most lucrative business in Nigeria.


OIL AND GAS BUSINESS (Fuel Filling Station / Cooking Gas Business).

Oil and Gas Business happens to be the first on our list. You will agree with me that oil and gas is a big and wide sector that has the whole world Attention.

Oil and Gas Business is a business that the country or an individual cannot do without in a day. This makes it one of the most lucrative business that anyone can go into and make money.

Depending on your available income, you can start oil and gas business with any amount of capital (though; most lucrative business needs a large amount of capital).

You can start a Fuel Filling Station Business if you have the capital. Filling station business is among the most lucrative business in Nigeria.

The location of the business might affect the profit that’s why going through a nicely written article like how to start a fuel filling station business in Nigeria will help you a whole lot.

In the article, you will get to know

  • The best location for a fuel filling station business.
  • The required amount of capital for the business.
  • Where to get registered.
  • Various Sizes of fuel storage tank.
  • The staff to employ
  • How to build the fuel filling station building and more.

Also, Cooking is one of the most lucrative Business in Nigeria that makes money for the investors on a daily base.
Ever since the price of kerosene went high, people have discovered the importance of using cooking gas at home.

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Cooking gas was known to be used by the rich in the urban area those days, but today even those in the ruler areas now enjoy preparing their meals with a non-smoking cooking stove.
With just N1,600 you can get 5kilo of gas that will last for a month.

You can start a Cooking gas business for as low as N400,000 and even lower depending on your capital.
Read our post on how to start a Cooking gas business to know how to kick start.


Nigeria is known for the production of an agricultural product for both crops and livestock.
If not for the availability of these agricultural products, how will a country with over a hundred million people survive?


Livestock farming is one of the most lucrative business anyone can starting and see a massive return rate within just a year.
Livestock like Pig is very lucrative to startup as a livestock farmer.

Pigs have a very high birth rate ability, they can produce over 12 in a single period and they produce twice a year. Starting a pig farm is very lucrative and you can really make good money.

Also, Fish farming is one of the most lucrative business you can go into and make a profit. The demand for fishes is as high as the demand for food. Learn How to start fish farming.


Crops farming is also one of the most lucrative business of all time.
Crops like cocoa That are used for chocolate which are been taken on a daily basis and crops like bamboo that are used for structure building and the making of toothpick are a good source of the country revenue.
Crops are been exported to other countries and this goes a long way of adding to the country value in the international market rate.

Right from the days of our grandfathers, Agriculture has been one of the most lucrative business for our people and it will continue to be as more people tend to go back to farming.


FOOD EATERY BUSINESS (Fast Food Restaurant business)

I asked a hungry friend of mine(I can him “Boss”) a question some time ago, he gave me a reply jokingly but that his reply was the bomb.

I asked him

Me: Boss, which business do you think someone will go into and be successful.

Boss: Food Nah, Abeg go give me food door.

Me: You nor serious.

Later that same day, as I was thinking of the business that someone can do and be successful, his reply flash through my mind, I laughed and say “Boss is always not serious”. But then I thought of it the second time and said, “That is the Bomb!”.

At that time he was hungry and in the next 10 to 12 hours he will still be hungry again.

People eat 3 times a day to maintain a healthy living, some other eat more than that.

Starting a food restaurant business will actually make you good money as it is one of Nigeria most lucrative business.

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With just N500 you can get a plate of food to eat, saving you more money that will be needed to buy foodstuff to eat and time and energy to prepare the food.



When you hear an Igbo man talk of the container, you will know the man is talking about goods that are in the importation process or already been imported.
Importation business is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria right now.

Importation business those days used to be for the rich but with the introduction of mini importation, Small capital can be used to other small things online directly from UK and China.

Things that can be imported are.

  1. Phones
  2. Laptops
  3. bags
  4. shoes
  5. Motor Spare Parts and even
  6. Cars

Check out our guide on Mini importation to know how it is done and how to make money from what you imported.



It will interest you to know that a lot of persons are making a good amount of money by reading how to make some simple toiletries like Bathing soap, perfume body, cream and more.
After shearing a post on how to start a perfume business, a lady contacted me and asked me some question about the business, I gave her the right answers she needed.
I was thinking, it is like one of the normal daily questions and answer routines, Surprisingly see showed me are final product packaging I was like wow!.

I concentrated on giving her advice and giving her the expo to get a lot of traffic.

By just mixing 1 and 2 she is making good daily Income.

You to can start today by just reading some of our posts.



The advertisement business niche is one of the most lucrative business in our day today.
over hundreds of million are been spent on advertisement worldwide on a daily basis.
The reason why advertisement is one of the most lucrative business of all time is that the service is never enough for a client.

No matter how popular a client or his product is, he never gets tired of putting it in front of new people.

Let me tell you something, The reason why big companies like Dangote do advertisement is not that they don’t know what to do with money, but rather to keep up the market appearance.

What do you think will happen in the next 2 years if Dangote should take off all his ads today.

Having a billboard advertisement platform will help you start a string of constant recurring income for years to come.

Learn how to start a billboard advertising company in any country here.



Another most lucrative business to start is the Viewing center business. Apart from fashion, the next profitable niche to spend money and make money is the fun niche.
A lot of money is been spent just to have fun.
having a cinema or a football viewing center is a stressfree source of income generation.

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Cinema business is a profitable business that carries other business along, like popcorn business, Softdrinks, and snacks. If you are operating a cinema or a football viewing center business you will have room to make extra money from the viewing center business.

Viewing centers are among the most lucrative business that make good money to the investors on an autopilot mode.



Is it possible to have a fully developed country in Africa?
In as much the question is yet to be answered, that means building materials business will be pulling out a good profit.
Those in Abuja dei dei market confirm that building materials are one of the very most lucrative Business.
This has made many millionaires and it is still in its business of making investors a millionaire.
Building material business is a very wide sector of business that comprises of everything that will be needed from start to finish of a building.

This starts from the bricks used to set up the structure, cement, the casting rods, the roofing word, the roof, the floor, and a lot of others thing needed.

Building materials business has retained his position as one of the most lucrative business that can make an investor millions.



Having a hotel business is also one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria today. Investors tend to make money by building a hotel, which is a one-time huge investment.
A lot of money is been made from handling hotels in big cities and states like Abuja, Lagos and others states.
To setup, a hotel required nothing more than a little work.
Click here to know how to start one.



Among the most lucrative business is the driving school business. Education and learning is one aspect that we will not stop investing money in.
Most people believe in using the money to achieve something, the reason is that that is where the motivation comes in.

A one month course of 1 hour per day is N30,000, if it extends to 2 months it becomes N60,000.
A less busy driving school can have up to 5 students every month. Now, you can imagine how much that is been made by 5 students in just a month.
Here is a detailed guide on how to start a driving school business anywhere.



Most business we see each and every day are lucrative but the approach makes them seems as if they are not.
If you are intending to start any of this business, take your time to go through the full article to know everything about the business.

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