How To Start A Profitable Perfume Production Business In Nigeria. Free Guide.

How To Start A Profitable Perfume Production Business In Nigeria. Free Guide.

Free guide to perfume production business.

perfume production business

perfume production business


Have you been looking for a way to make your personal perfume or you want to start a perfume production business?
This post will guide you down the path of perfume production with all you need to know.

Perfume production business is a very lucrative and profitable business that has made most people millions and it is still doing it.

Just some days ago a multimillionaire shared his story of how he starting his multi-million perfume business that has over 500 workers.
He said that he started by just reading a post online, after that he went to the chemical shop to buy the needed chemicals then he tried it out and got success.

Some years back that man did what you are doing now (reading a post). He acted on it and that made the difference for him, you too can tell same or better story in the next five years if you act today.


Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds and solvents, used to give the human body, animals, food, and objects and agreeable scent. Wikipedia

A perfume is also a fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to give pleasant and agreeable scent to one’s body.



Perfume has a lot of synonyms, of which most of us don’t know. Below are a few synonyms of perfume.

  • Scent.
  • Fragrance.
  • Eau de toilette.
  • Toilet water.
  • Eau de cologne.
  • Cologne.
  • Spray.
  • Aftershave.


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  1. The use of perfume gives one confidence to identify with people and to be able to speak while in the mist of other people.
  2. Perfume helps to control body odor. This is the main use of perfume know to a lot of people.
  3. Perfume is also used for identification. In this case, the person will have to be using one type of unique perfume and won’t have to change it over a long considerable period of time.



Perfume Production Business is one simple task that is less time consuming, it just requires you to add this to that and the production process is done with.

The profit is another thing that is overwhelming, with just a thousand naira (N1000) investment in the purchase of raw materials a clean profit of three thousand naira (N3000) was realized. This means at the end of the sale the outcome was N4000.

A profit of 300% is a very good one in any business.

Let’s imagine you invested N200,000.00 (two hundred thousand naira) into this perfume business, and you were able to sell all you produce within 3 months (which is very possible).

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You will end up selling the product at N800,000.00 thereby making a clear profit of N600,000.00 within 3months. making N200,000.00 monthly.

It is very rare to get a job that will pay you about N200,000.00 in a month. If the job pays you that much then it will be really demanding (you time and energy).



Perfume production requires a little capital, it will require the use of some easy to get equipment. Also, the raw materials for production will be needed. Having all this those not make the product, The capital, the equipment, raw materials need to be processed and worked on to give the final product (perfume).

Let’s further explain each of the requirements to have a clear view of what we are expecting.



Taking a feasibility study is very essential in starting a business. This will help you know and understand the business very well before making any attempt on the business.

A feasibility study will help you know all the requirements for a business both the basic and the options.

All the methods of production, Steps mode of operation will be known it your feasibility study is well done.

Places to get your chemicals and their possible cost will be known as the cost of this.

You will also know the fragrance that customers like and also the quantity that they easily purchase.

The feasibility study goes a way in reducing your work when writing your business plan.



A business plan is yet another needed requirement if you are starting a perfume production business.

Your business plan will help you get a clear view of where your business is heading to and help you make the necessary calculation before time.

All your cost of production, sales and investment are in a well-written business plan.

You are advised to write your business plan yourself or give it to a pro to do for you.



Capital is the very first requirement in any business. We have seen how tens of million making business dreams got killed and burnt because of the lack startup.

Most times if you want to start a new business you will be thinking that the required money is not much, but after writing your business plan and doing a good feasibility study on the business you intend to set up, you will notice that you need more than you have been thinking and this is where most dreams got killed.

We always advise our readers to start a business with what they have and learn to rise it up. The reason because if you are waiting for the bigger capital to start the business, it might take longer to come. another reason of starting a business with what you have is because, you will always have something to learn from a new business, if you wait to start big, then you might be learning with your big investment which is very risky to a young entrepreneur.

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Perfume production business requires a little capital from N5000, N10000 and above.



  1. New Perfume spray bottles.
  2. Measuring Cups.
  3. Funnel.
  4. Spoons.
  5. Glass jar or big bowl.



  1. Fragrance.
  2. Methanol Same measurement with the fragrance.
  3. Menthol.
  4. You can use essential oil.
  5. Some people add little water.
  6. Propylene.



This production procedure is all about adding the chemicals and shaking.



  1. Get your mixing jar or your big bowl.
  2. Pure your fragrance into it.
  3. Add your menthol of the same quantity and shake.
  4. Add your propylene and shake very well to mix.
  5. Now, to the mixture add methanol and shake.
  6. If you want to can add water.
  7. Our product is now ready for packaging.


This mixing process can be done in a bowl, but when producing in the small quantity you are advised to use an enclosed container.
You can use a container like a 4litters with a cover or even a used bottle water container.
This will help protect your perfume from spillage and excess diffusion.

Fragrance: Most people don’t just settle for one fragrance, they try a combination of 3 to 4 fragrance trying to get a unique scent and flavor for their product.

Methanol and water are agents that dilutes the perfume. We always advise you used an undiluted Methanol (Alcohol), this will help get a better scent.

Methanol is not just a diluting agent to perfume production but also a diffusing agent, it helps to increase the rate at which your product will diffuse thereby increasing the way the perfume will scent.


Packaging is the success factor of every business and brand that has made it in the production industry.
If you have a plan to get success with your perfume production business, then you should have a unique packaging for your product.
Make your packaging unique in a way that from a distance by just seeing the container, people will know that it’s your product.



Perfumes are sprayed, so your packaging should create room for that.

You should also consider those that might not have a lot of money to buy a bigger sized product, thereby creating room for various sizes of your product. This will aid sales.



This is a very sensitive part of a business, the aim of production is for sales and this should be done with all calculation.
This should be in your feasibility study if well done and also in your business plan if well written.

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Marketability covers all about promotion. You have to employ a strategy that will set an example for those already in the perfume production industry.

Your mode of promotion should pull a threat to your competitors in the first 3 months of your business, this is where you will know that there is a good chance of taking over.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are a good start for promotion. Social media happen to get a good number of visitors every hour thereby giving your perfume production business a good impression that will result in sales.

Also, promoting your product on some top visited sites and forums will really help you get a good number of sales and also make your product popular.



You can offer special quality and customized scent to people that don’t use anyhow perfume (the rich). The amount of methanol will be at a minimum because they will want the perfume to stay long.



The below is something we think you should get to know about when starting a perfume production business.
This will help you as the producer to apply care and caution during production and after.
It will also help your customers to be in health and to buy more from you.



Perfume ingredients (raw materials), regardless of natural and synthetic origins, have a possibility of causing health and environmental problem when used.

Most research has been made and others are still ongoing to know the effect of perfume on the human body.


Evidence in peer-reviewed journals has shown that perfume can cause an asthmatic reaction in most individual especially those with severe asthma.


Excessive use of perfume can cause allergic reactions on the skill. A number of national surveys have identified balsam of Peru often used in perfume, has been the top five allergens most commonly causing patch test reactions in people referred to dermatology clinics.


It has been proven scientifically that nitro-musks such as musk xylene could cause cancer in some animals tests, thereby increasing the possibilities on causing cancer to human as well.


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Educating users on how to use your perfume product will go a long way to make more sales for you.
You don’t have to organize seminars or go to them, just on your brand package put some write up and let them read to know.

Alright, Hope you have learned something good.
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