Know if your Personality Scaring Your Friends Away

Know if your Personality Scaring Your Friends Away

We are of different personality and we also have people with different personalities as well. There are some people that their personalities resonate throughout the environment.

They don’t waiting for their presence to be announced, they just announce the selves. Talk about what they have done, what they have been able to acquire and things of that nature.

And others will always isolate themselves from things that have to do with crowds, loud talks and self-boosting.

It may be worth considering that you’re one of those people! While there’s nothing wrong with being confident, it’s always worth checking your behavior to ensure it doesn’t make those around you feel small.

CNN asked a question some years ago; Does you career fits your personality?

Want to know if you fit the bill? Here are five signs that your personality is powerful enough to intimidate your friends.




No 1 – Ignorance annoys you more than most other people (Personality imparts)

I don’t just get, what the heck, are you for real, you are not serious. This like these are the output whenever you noticed that someone know little about something you know of.

You simply cannot stand it when other people don’t know as much as you do about the topic at hand! What’s even worse is when people make passing comments that demonstrate their lack of knowledge, which REALLY grinds your gears.

You might not be ready to teach them at that time.

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While we all get frustrated from time-to-time, consider that you’re probably as guilty of this yourself as anyone else is. Taking note of this will really help preserve a good relationship your relationship with those around you.



No 2 – There’s no such thing as an excuse in your world (Personality differs)

You might be the type of person who works 24/7 throughout the year, always busy try to meet up the demand of your work. Forgetting that everybody can’t be the same you won’t give an ear for excused!

In fact, it’ll take nothing short of knocking at death’s door for you to accept that someone can’t complete a task. Consistently pushing yourself to do better is second nature, so why can’t everyone else do the same? As a wonderfully diverse human race, not all of us want to work ourselves to the bone. Try accepting that we all have different limits.

Besides, if everybody works as hard as you do, how would you look so good for your own efforts? If they don’t deliver less how will you be above them?

Question like these will help you in understanding those around and will help you keep running your life know that you have an height to climb.



No 3 – You despise simple conversations (Personality expose)


This article is as a result of observation carried out on friends and on me as well. Sometimes we shy away from conversations that are not money related or work related.

The conversation of thing like weather, news, sports and other aspect aggravates us. You could be a little scary to those around you if you are a type of person that can’t have a conversation that isn’t deep.

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While deep conversations are an excellent way of getting to know those around you, it’s amazing what you learn from small talk!

Next time someone appears as though they’re engaging in a dull topic, employ your listening skills – all seeds planted have a type of crop it will germinate; meaning you never know where the conversation may lead.



No 4 – Superficial attention cravings isn’t even in your dictionary (Personality overrides)


Facebook likes? Comments about how great you look? Forget it. You’d rather let your hard work and achievements speak for themselves.


Admittedly, this is an admirable trait in a world that’s becoming increasingly more superficial by the day.

While it IS irritating when those around you preen and gossip, it certainly isn’t worth getting angry about. In the words of Elsa, “Let it go,” and just bask in your own glory.

This will motivate you to search for your feature as no one else will do that for you.



No 5 – Striving opportunities (Personality fabricates results)


Why wait for opportunity to come knocking when you can go to it? While others sit and think about how they can grab that new promotion or head off to a far-flung country, you just get on with your adventures.

Sure, this means you have your fair share of exciting stories to tell. However, it also means others may feel a little timid around you, especially when their dinner party tales pale in comparison!

Try spacing those achievement brags out and let someone else have their moment.

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It’s not bad to go after opportunities and accumulate them but sometimes try to give some out to others they might still come back to you.

NOTE: Not everyone can do what you do.

I admit been guilty of some of these before now. Have been working on it so I thought should let you know. Who knows who is wearing my shoe right now?


Thanks to you INCOMEPROS.


Updated: May 2, 2018 — 8:16 am

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