How To Start A Lucrative Potato Chips Production Business In Nigeria Free Business Plan.

How To Start A Lucrative Potato Chips Production Business In Nigeria Free Business Plan.

Potato Chips Production

Potato Chips Production


Potato Chips is a snack that is loved by most people.

This snacks is taken as desert or breakfast. People like the snacks with a chilled bottle of soft drinks during launch hours. This makes the snacks a 24 hours snack.

The Profit gotten from potato chips production business is good enough to drive a lot of competition rate in the market.

A specific amount of potatoes can produce Profit over 10x it worth when converted to potato chips.

This means in potato chips production business, if the rest ingredients take 4x the cost of the price of the potato, the producers will still have 5x of the potato cost as Profit, which means 500% of pure profit.

To setup a potato chips production business, there are some things that are required and you should know them.


Requirement To Start A Potato Chips Production Business.

Are as follows ;

Get a business plan:

This is the first thing to do whenever you are faced with a new business idea.

The business plan will help review a lot of things about the business you intend to start.

A business plan will help your potato chips production business set an achievable goal.

It will also creates a successful management scheme for an effective running of the business.


Develop your skills:

This is the simplest of all the requirement, what it means is to play with potatoes, make different flavors and add different sweeteners to your potato chips production.

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Flavors like coffee, milk, will sell very well, so also will sweeteners like chocolate, honey, and many others boost sales.

Note that your skills is what will make your product unique.


Get a nice location:

Location is very important to business as it has a part to play in the profitable of any business.

For the effective sales and production of our potato chips production business, we will target a location in the market or very close.

This will help to reduce the cost of transportation to purchased raw Materials, which might affect the cost of production.

Also, having your potato chips production business close to the market will increase sales.


Setup a functional potato chips production Structure:

You will have to erect a functional building or Structure that will carry all the production process and its staffs.



You will need a store for your potato chips finished product, a store for raw Materials and also a store for non useful  things.



The potato chips production business needs an office to keep records, attend to customers and do some other important things.


Buy equipments and machines.

This depends on the type or rather size of the potato chips production business you plan to build (small scale or medium scale).

For a large scale production, you need to buy automated machines that start and finish the production process without human intervention.

For a small scale, you will have to employ staffs to do the manual production.

Buy raw Materials (potato, oil, Salt, flavors, sugar e.t.c.)

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Every successful business takes an extra step to become successful.

If your product must be cheap, If you must make profit then you must do extra work.

These extra work include, going to the Farm to get raw Materials at the best price, others might include getting a means of transportation.



A unique packing technique should be applied.

This will cost you money but always apply window not to spend too much on packaging.


Marketing strategy for potato chips production business in Nigeria.

We will be targeting a lot of human traffic because we will be producing in large quantity

We will be starting up with just one city which is our place of production. If we can produce a larger quantity then we will expand the supply.

Our supplies will be going to all the supermarkets in our city and all the social event center like the cinema, game center, gym fitness center, and Even provision stores.

Hawkers will be a good marketing strategy for our potato chips production business.

An agreement between you and the Hawkers on how much they will make per sales should be stated before any form of business.


Every great business started with just an idea.

Ever idea is worth a Million.



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