Power Bike Prices In Nigeria And Other Details (2018)

Power Bike Prices In Nigeria And Other Details (2018).

Power Bike Prices

Power Bike Prices

Power Bike Prices


It has been every children dream to grow up and have a power bike, most of those dreams are met while some other lost theirs on the way.

Having a power bike in Nigeria is a very enviable thing, and people within the age range of 20 – 40 can do anything just to get a power bike.


Things To DO Before Cycling On Your Power Bike.

  1. Check the condition of the power bike.
  2. Wear helmets and pads.
  3. Wear bright clothing during the day and reflective at night.
  4. Plan your route of journey.


Things To DO When Cycling On Your Power Bike.

  1. Obey traffic signals.
  2. Ride at safe speed.
  3. Always keep your hand on the handlebar.
  4. Always pay attention to parked vehicles as their doors might suddenly be opened.


Advantage of Having a Power Bike.

  1. It has speed.
  2. It can cover a long distance.
  3. Power bike are safe compare to normal bike because they have good balance.
  4. Power bike are build strong.


Brand New

Ducati Superbike 2017 N4,400,000 – N5,400,000


Tokunbo Power Bike Prices In Nigeria.


Kawasaki 400cc Power bike 2014 N1, 550,000 – N1,800,000.
Kawasaki 600cc Power Bike Prices  N700, 000 – N1, 050,000.
Kawasaki GPZ Power Bike N800, 000 – N900, 000


Yamaha YZF 2011 N2,400,000 – N3, 500, 000
The Yamaha R1 Power Bike Prices N600, 000 – N900, 000.
Yamaha R6 600cc Power Bike 2005 N750,000 – N1,200,000
Yamaha MT-03 2010 660cc Power Bike N600,000 – N900, 000

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Honda 2002 900cc Power Bike Prices N2,000,000 – N2,500,000
The Honda CBR 600cc Power Bike N750,000 – N1,100,000

Ducati Mobster 700cc Power Bike Prices 2013 N2,000,000 – N2,500,000

Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson 2014 Power Bike Prices N5,200,000 – N6,000,000

BMWS-Series N3,550,000 – N4,600,000

Buell XB Series
Buell XB Series 2009 N1,700,000 – N2,500,00

Qasa Qlink
Qasa Qlink Power Bike Prices N420, 000 – N600,000

Locally Used Power Bike Prices in Nigeria

Kawasaki 400cc Power Bike 2014 (Black) === N550,000 – N850,000
Kawasaki Vulcan 2010 Power Bike (Silver) === N800,000 – N1,250,000

Suzuki Epicuro Power Bike === N160,000 – N350,000
Suzuki Gsxr 4000- 600 (Yellow) Manual Power Bike 2002 === N400,000 –

Sinoki Supra 150 Power Bike === N170,000 – N320,000

Haojin Power Bike HJ-150-50 Fabio === N150,000 – N300,000

Electric Power Bike === N300,000 – N480,000

Yamaha YZF-R6 Power Bike (Black) === N120,000 – N320,000

Peugeot Power Bike (Blue) === N200,000 – N380,000

Honda Power Bike 900cc 2003 === N180,000 – N480,000



Power bike is built for speed, and that makes it very good and too dangerous. Total care should be taken while biking.

You should ensure to use your protective kit for safety purposes, don’t forget its safety first.

Power bike can travel far, don’t force yourself trying to go far if you are not feeling okay to cover the required distance.



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