What To Know About Product Launch In Nigeria 2018.

What To Know About Product Launch In Nigeria 2018.

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Product Launch In Nigeria 2018

Product Launch In Nigeria 2018


Launching a new product or service in the market is both exciting and a cautious effort on the part of the company or an individual.

The product might have taken so much effort and time to put together, you will not want to let excitement make you take the wrong path.

Launching your own product can be very profitable, successful or frustrating and resources wasted.

Before presenting the product to the masses, a few things are to be considered.


Product Launch In Nigeria.

Steps in Product Launch

New strategies are required to get the attention one deserves.

Following 10 steps are essential to be considered while launching a new product in the market

●      Start early

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Reporters will write when there is a news and not when you want.
Get a head start and start preparing long before the release date.

Initiate outreaching practices 6 to 8 weeks before the official release date and then keep the news and the level of practice going up and above the official release date.

●      Reach out to your influencers

Product Launch In Nigeria.

It is considered as a sub-step for the first step. Influencers can be cordial customers, aspects, prospects, or even bloggers who have a noticeable online presence.

Motivating people to use the products or services and then documenting it to review articles or posts.

These people are excellent resources to interact with analysts offering an excellent pre-launch platform.

●      Brief the industry analysts

Product Launch In Nigeria.

During the initial phase, it is very important to analyze the industry completely. Scheduling calls with industry analysts and investing time to document compelling briefing requests is very crucial.

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●      Fill the social space with leaks

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Focus on people who are naturally anxious to learn about the offerings. For example, ‘arriving shortly’ tweets and ‘leaked’ photos of a product creates intrigue and builds interest.

●      Don’t expect a “big bang” release

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Until and unless the product or service to be launched is truly revolutionary, or unless you have a huge release event planned, the official launch date should only represent the day that the product will be actually available.

●      Keep the release rolling

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Nobody knows when reporters will have time to write, so give them their own space and some chance to write about the offering after the official release date. Update the products with some fresh news like announcements concerning the novel use of the product, discounts, customer stories, details about how the offering provides a return on investment (ROI) to customers, etc. to stay in the news.

●      Do something unusual

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Do something out of the box, to generate curiosity about the product or service and grab attention rather than following the usual product launch method used by zillions of companies.

●      Involve all the partners

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Channel and marketing partners who have a financial stake in the successful launching of the product are natural allies.

As the number of people that are talking about the launch increases, the better chances it will gain market share.

●      Make the product accessible

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Free trials, downloads, product videos, and demos make it very easy for the customers as well as the sellers to learn and study about the product or service, so this should be taken care of.

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●      Ignore the elements that do not drive the business

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Unless the contribution appeals to the mass customers, don’t stress on likings on social site like the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers you collect. Instead, try using these social channels for more meaningful engagement.


Simple product launching trick in the world.

Product Launch In Nigeria.
Blogging has exceptional benefits for businesses, including promoting a new product.

Take advantage of your existing blog.

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Find ways to talk about your new product without sounding too salesy.

Your audience knows you’re biased, so you can acknowledge that.


Talking about the product in your blog will build anticipation for your regular readers.

They’re already familiar with your voice and brand, so they may be likely candidates to make a purchase when the item finally gets released.

These are both ideal scenarios for anyone getting ready to launch a new product.

The increased traffic to your site increases the chances of more sales.

You can also use guest-blogging as a strategy to talk about your new product.

In most cases, this is a free advertisement for a new audience.

The website you are guest-blogging on benefits because they get new content without having to do any work.

You benefit from the exposure. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Don’t wait until your product is released to start marketing it.

Start building hype in the early stages, even when the product is still being developed.

Segment the market within your overall target audience. Test your product, and blog about it.

You can use teaser videos to pique your customers’ curiosity.


Promote the product at a special event, and use video demonstrations to show how it works.

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Use all your marketing channels as a promotional method.

Start collecting money with pre-orders.

Once your product is ready for launch, make sure everything is working properly.

You don’t want consumers to experience any problems.

Get your sales team ready.

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Your customer service representatives need to be educated and ready to answer any questions.

Don’t lose momentum.

Product Launch In Nigeria.

Keep promoting your product hard, even after the release.

If you follow this guide, you’ll have a successful and profitable product launch.

Thanks for your time. A nice comment will be appreciated.



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