How To Start A Profitable Mango Farming In Nigeria 2018.

How To Start A Profitable Mango Farming In Nigeria 2018.

Profitable Mango Farming In Nigeria.

Mango Farming Business In Nigeria

Mango Farming Business In Nigeria


Starting a mango farm in any part of the country is no rocket science, infect it is much easier compare to other crops out there.

Mango is almost all weather and soil tolerant as it can do well in all condition.

A lot of money is been made from mango farming business each year by the farmer.

They only need to invest in getting of the land and managing the land for the first 18 months and after that period the are sure that the crops can stand on their own.

Mango is one of the recommended cash crops to go for when looking for a farming business to go into.

Below Are The Required Steps To Start Mango Farming.


Get To Know About Mango Farming And Its Varieties.

This is virtually the wises thing to do when starting any business at all be it a farm or any other business.

You will need to study everything there is about mango farming, this will help you with a clearer picture of what you are expecting and it will help to improve your management ability as you starts the mango farming business.

Mango has a good number of varieties, you will want to be sure you know what you are farming.


Some of the varieties are.

  • Alphonso mango (known as the sweet mango)
  • Benue Mangoes
  • Lippens mango
  • German Mango,
  • Kerosene mango


Get a farm land


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You will need a very big farm land for mango farming business.

Mango can grow in almost all soil type but for a maximum yield a loamy soil is encouraged.

The Farm land you are using to farm should be for you because mango is a cash crop, you will not want to use your mango farm for just a year and the owner of the land will then want his land back.

If you must use someone’s land, then there should be a written agreement.


Preparation of farm land.

Preparation of the mango farming land is essential; also the soil needs to be plough.

A deep plough method should be applied to this.

Planting and managing.

You Can plant directly to the farm or make a nursery bed to grow them.

Also you will have to manage them and watch them grow.

Pest and disease control.

Disease and pest attack mango farm in its earlier stage, at this stage extra attention should be given to the mango farming business area.


Benefits Of Mango To Health.

1. Mango fights cancer.

Mango fruits are antioxidants capsules for properties such as quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, and gallic acid.


2. It takes care of the eye

Mango fruits are very rich in vitamin A.


3. Mango helps to promote brain health

Vitamin B6 contained in mango, are vital for maintaining and improving the activities of the brain.

4. It strengthens the immune system

With its richness in vitamin C, vitamin A and 25 different kinds of carotenoids, mango helps to keep the immune system strong and combat ready against sicknesses.

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5. Mango Enhance And Regulate Sex Hormones

Studies have shown that the vitamin E, which is present in mangoes, does not only help regulate sex hormones, it also boosts sex drive.


5. It Aids Digestion

Mango has been shown to contain enzymes that help in breaking down protein, which also helps to promote natural and efficient digestion.


6. Mango Helps To Controls Cholesterol

With a blend of vitamin C, pectin and fibres, fresh mango does not only help to lower serum cholesterol levels, they also control heart rate and blood pressure.

7. Mango is a skin cleanser

Mango work as a skin Cleanser. Blend a little mango and apply the juice on your body.




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