How To Rank Nigeria Blog No1 On Google

How To Rank Nigeria Blog No1 On Google.

Rank Nigeria Blog to No1 on Google.


rank nigeria blog

Rank Nigerian Blog


Rank Nigeria blog No1 on Google has always been a problem and it call for audience.

This question is mainly asked by new bloggers that needed a way to rank top on search engines.

The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is an enviable place to want to have your blog appearing.


  1. You will get more organic traffic to your blog.
  2. Your blog will rank well.
  3. Your earnings will increase.
  4. You will get more exposure.
  5. You will need no promotion.

Being on the first page of Google is a major fight that all blogger are fighting. It is very lucrative and Profitable having over 60% of you blog post on the first page of search engines like Google.

It has been proven that the first page receives over 90% of a search traffic, and the first or Number one post on the search receives 45% of the total traffic.

If one of your post appears on the first page and the first position of a very popular keyword, it will increase the organic traffic to your blog.

When a blog organic traffic increases it tends to increase the blog overall ranking.

An increment in the number or organic traffic a blog gets and an in increment the alexa ranking means an increment in the blog earnings over time.

The site worth increase as the alexa ranking Increases.

If your blog post appears on the first page of Google, your blog will get a lot of exposure and your blog name will become easily memorable by your constant visitors.

This means that most people will begin to come to your blog directly rather than going to Google to search for what is attainable in your blog.

Google Adsword are paid advertisement or promotion that appears on most related searched pages.

Companies and individuals that can’t get their blog or website to the first page of Google pay to get their post on first page.

If you have your blog on the first page of most search you won’t need apply for promotion for those post, thereby saving some money.

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  2. DA and PA


Alexa ranking system is a system of ranking that was developed by Amazon groups.

Alexa ranking range from 30,000,000 to 1. The smaller the better. Google happens to be the number one.

If a new blog is created, it starts to rank at 30,000,000 the more active the blog is the lower its alexa ranking will get.

When two blogs of different alexa ranking post an article of same quality and quantity, the blog with the smallest number of alexa ranking tends to outrank the one with a higher number of alexa ranking on search engine.


Blogs with higher Domain Authority and Page Authority rank on Google than those with lower DA and PA.

DA and PA are dependent on the amount of backlinks a blog can get. Backlinks tell Google how relevant your blog is to other bloggers.

High numbers of backlinks shows that your blog is important, Google will take any of your post seriously.



Competitive power is very important if but I wonder why people gets to talk less about it.

Competitive power is the strength of your blog to be able to rank on Google for keywords.

It helps to know the keywords your blog can rank for organically. If you have a higher competitive power that is very high, you will have no issue rank for a lot of keywords.

Competitive power range from 1 – 100. Competitive power above 50 is a good start to rank and blog.


To Rank Nigeria Blog and other blog your blog needs to be rich in SEO both on page SEO and of page SEO.

Articles and post that you upload to your blog should be in deep And very lengthy.

It has been proven that post that are over 2000 words have the chance to rank higher on search engines. So, to rank Nigeria blogs you will be willing to write-up to 2000 words per post.

Your post should contain headers H1 H3, this is very important in ranking your post to the first page.

You are also advice to use list items like numbers and bullet to indicate a list for clear and easy reading.

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Using Italy and bold on some special words or sentence improves your post quality for a proper ranking ability.



For a blog to rank on Google, the blogger needs to know how to use keywords. Not all keywords that works for blog A will work for blog B.

You can write for same topic with blog A but you will have to use a different keyword if your competitive power is very low and you want to rank.

It has been proven that new blogs and blogs with lower competitive power can rank with a longer keyword.

What it means is this, if you are writing a post that is highly populated by top blog like
“How to start a Lucrative bar soap production business “and the keyword is” bar soap”,
as a new bloggers or a blog with low ranking ability, you should not use same keyword as theirs.

You have to make your keyword longer for you to rank.

Your keywords should be something like “bar soap production business”.

Having a long keywords makes it easier to rank on Google search engine.

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  1. Blog every day.
  2. Use longer keywords.
  3. Make your post long.
  4. Use H1-H3
  5. List using bullet and numbers.
  6. Add images to post.

Let’s do a brief run down on those list items.


It has been proven by and that blogging daily helps to build a blog ability to rank rapidly.

Who will believe that entmirror in  just a year old and it is ranking very well.
If you blog daily, you will rank Nigeria blog to No1 on Google.


This is advisable if your blog is new, there is no way you can fight with those blog that have been up and running for years.

Using a longer keywords will help you to rank if a good number of similar words that are found in your keywords are searched for.

That is how you can rank Nigeria blog using longer keywords.


You need to make your post long, over a thousand if not two thousand words long.

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Try to avoid post that are from 300 words to 500 words, short posts are easily been out ranked.

A good research work will help you write longer post at all times. This will help you rank Nigeria blog easily.


USE H1 – H3

Post with complete H1 – H3 are said to rank. This post are regarded as detailed post with subheadings by Google.

A single H1 should be used on a post as advised by YOAST SEO.
They mean that not two title can be used for one article.

You can have as many H2 as you can but, try to keep the numbers low between 5 – 10.

H3 should be subheadings to H2 if you must use them.



If you have a list of items in your post, don’t just leave it blank.

Using bullet and number will make you post easy to read and Google take this factor seriously.



Image is needed for proper ranking of a blog post.
Your image name and alternative text should contain your keywords.

You should consider your blog speed when adding images. Images that are too high should not be added. Also try to keep the number of images below 5 per post.


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Blog is a very simple and Lucrative source of income if you agree to see it that way. Blogging requires patience if you want to remain in the game for long.

This post “How to rank Nigeria blog No1 on Google” is a free Guide that can be used in any country.

The title and keywords used here is to help rank the post on search engines based on what we learnt from this article.

If you are a new blogger, make YouTube your friend or tutor. There are a lot of videos that will teach you how blogging work.

Drop a comment to air your view on this post, also you can drop a suggestion of what is obtainable for success.

Don’t forget to share this post.
Love you all. 😉


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