How To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent In Nigeria.

How To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent In Nigeria.

Real Estate Agent In Nigeria

Real estate agent

Real estate agent


Do you want to become a real estate agent? do you have the passion for landed property marketing? Are you a good intermediary between to people in business? Do you know little or more about property analysis? Are you good at negotiating prices either buying or selling?

If any of the above is a yes, you are a good fit for this business.



Real estate has become a very profitable business that anyone can venture into and get profit within a very short period of time.
It has been proven that real estate business tends to increase with time.
If you buy a piece of land today or a house today, the price you used to purchase that piece of land today will not be the same if you are to by the same land in the next 2 years.

The price of things in the market tend to fluctuate, but that of real estate maintain an upward trend.

The profit in real estate depends on one special factor, which is TIME.

Before we go into how you can become a successful real estate Agent in Nigeria, Let’s take time to know a little about real estate.


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  1. Real estate.
  2. Real estate agent.



Real estate is the property, land, building, air right above the land and under right below the land.
The term “Real Estate” means real or physical property.
“Real” comes from a word “rex” meaning “Royal” since king owns all the lands in their communities.

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A real estate agent is a professional and skilled personnel that coordinate all business transaction process from start to finish between the seller of a property and the buyer.
A real estate agent deals directly with the key player like, home inspectors, property managers, mortgage loan officers, government agencies, and bankers also with prospective buyers and sellers.

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Now That we know the meaning of real estate and who a real estate agent is, we will want to go into business right?
But a minute…
Do you know that there are for types of real estate? If you want to be successful as a real estate agent you must know the types of real estate.


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There are for types of real estates and they are as follows.

  1. Residential Real Estate.
  2. Commercial Real Estate.
  3. Industrial Real Estate.
  4. Land Real Estate.


Real estate agent

Real estate agent



This is the type of real estate that a lot of people are familiar with. The residential real estate includes both new construction of the home and the resale of homes.
These agents are fully involved in the sales of single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, high-value homes, vocational homes and other related.



Commercial Real Estate is places that are used for commercial purposes and this includes places like, Hotels, Offices, Educational Buildings, Shopping centers, and also educational buildings.

Apartment buildings like Estates are often referred to as commercial real estate because their used and aim is to bring profit to the investor.



Industrial Real Estates the manufacturing of buildings, Industries, property and also warehouses.
Any building that can be used for production, storage of goods and also distribution is categorized under Industrial real estate.



Land real estate agent deals on land that are vacant, working farmlands, ranches and so on. The vacant farmlands can include the undeveloped lands, Early developed lands, developed lands, and the reuse lands.

After you have made a choice on which of the type or niche you want to play in the real estate industry, we can now talk about making it happen.

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How To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent In Nigeria.

To make it as a successful real estate agent here in Nigeria and anywhere in the world, you will need to train and test yourself to have the below qualities.



A successful real estate agent is a person that knows how to engage with various kinds of individual personalities. He must know how to work with all the temperament of people and how to easily understand people.

A real estate agent should be able to mingle and mix up with people even in a new environment, this will help bring people to a lighter ground of familiarity, and will help him get information when he needs one.



A Real Estate agent has to be very attentive to information given to him by both the sellers and the buyers during a business transaction.
Always been attentive will help an agent get in the right deal without unnecessary mistakes that might cost him money.


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How will you be able to stand competition, if you do not understand the market very well to be able to respond to any question your clients might ask.
Most clients are very sensitive to know when a person knows what he or she is saying.

You will not want to be disappointed by disappointing you, clients.



Being a network player is same as being a team player, most times you might not have clients that fit your area of specialization, be wise enough to link them up with those that deal in the same niche with the client. Don’t worry, they will refer back to you when they have the same.

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If you can have a lot of others people in other niches to partnership with you, you will have a very good business experience as a real estate agent.



In the real estate business the old saying “If you are not informed, you are deformed” still apply to it.
An agent will need all the information he can get to be able to attend to a client well and give his or her client the right information about a property.



You will always perform below standard if you are doing something that is not your passion.
A lot of real estates agents have gone down this line and the result was tragic. Passion is a must have for any business before a long-standing success result can be met.



Honesty is what makes you stand out in this real estate agent business because a good number of agents that operates in the real estate niche do not have an atom of honesty.
Though most of the real estate agents think that honestly has a bad impact on the business, I don’t think so.
You might not be having returning clients, That means no second-time business with a client if he or she finds out a trick was fulled by you during the business transaction.



You should be able to provide a solution to those that are having issues with things related to your business for free.
For you to be good enough to render a solution to people, you must make deep research or give solutions based on the previous engagement or experience and the possible way out.

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