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Free shawarma business plan sample pdf.

After writing a post on How to Start a Shawarma Stand Business in Nigeria African– Free Guide, multiple of request has come from over Nigeria on a free Shawarma business plan sample pdf or any other format. so today we decided to make a post on a free Shawarma Business Plan.

below is a free guide on how to write your own business plan, you can use this as a template. just do a little editing according to your location and other factors that might be different.


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Shawarma Business Plan:

This is a business plan sample for shawarma business own by Mr. Gentle Saleh Henry (blogger who lives in Abuja FCT Nigeria.



Brand cover:

Cover brand Shawarma Business Plan


Company name: shawarmaberry.



Sloga: Taste at its best.


Logo Shawarma Business Plan


Shawarmaberry is one of a kind that has never been seen, it is embedded with a lot of plans to make the customers, clients, and visitors relaxed while in our domain.

We will be offering different types of shawarma spices and combination to those who will want to have a different taste and look of shawarma.

We will offer recipes like shawarma- catfish, shawarma-shuya, peanut butter-shawarma and other new recipes our team is working on.

Eating shawarma in one look, same flavor and same taste made it monotonous and Shawarmaberry was beginning to get tired of shawarma but the ingredient of preparing was readily available, so I thought of having a new taste of shawarma I used peanut butter for shawarma for the first time, I could not believe my tongue (the taste).
I made the same recipe for both friends and family they all loved it. I was motivated to develop some other recipes. I did the catfish recipes wow it was unbelievable then I tried some other like the shuya etc.

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I was enjoying preparing shawarma and I make for friends and invited them over for shawarma night, they saw different recipes they have never seen.

This prompted the idea of Shawarmaberry.
Shawarmaberry will offer home delivery of shawarma within the city of our business so customers can order from the comfort of their home.



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Menu sample:

Our menu contains the different recipes and their prices. Our menu is designed in a way that User will tick the check to order, this means will be disposable after a customer used it.

Reasons for the disposable menu:
It’s to prevent any form of argument that might seems to arise between customers and shawarmaberry staffs.
Below is a sample of our menu.

Disposable Menu for Shawarma Business Plan



Our staffs welcome customers with a smile on the face and customers are made to sit and they are been given a menu to make a choice in their recipes. The prices of every recipe are shown on the menu beside every recipe.
During the time the customer will be waiting for the order to be prepared he will be entertained, the television set will be switched on and entertainment channel will be navigated to.


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Management team:

We currently have 3 persons in the management team, I and two other people (Mr. smart and Miss. joy).
Mr. smart is really a smart person, he graduated from Accounting Department from FUT Minna (Federal university Minna), he has been doing a great job in the aspect putting down possible sketch to minimize our expenditures.
Miss. joy also is a graduate of AAU (Ambrose Alli University) Ekpoma Edo State. She graduated with a second class upper from the department of Home Economist. she is very good when it comes to thinking out of the box especially to get some good recipes.

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Target market:

The youth from age 20 – 40 years of age consume over 97% of shawarma produce each day. some non-aged people also like shawarma.




The location we are targeting is a very big well populate place in Abuja. Our reason for picking this location is because of the numerous advantages.
the location has over 7 clubs around
nothing like shawarma business located there.
buying and selling starts at 5 am the market sell till 12 am. A location is a responsible place for the rich who wants to spend money.



Marketing and publicity:

during our first 4 months into the business, we will shear flier to all the 7 clubs around our location.
Since we will be running home delivery we will have to broadcast our business on local radio and television.
Our first 6 hours of starting the business will be a get one free, this will help in publicity, anyone that got free shawarma from us there is sure to tell someone else and with our various recipes, we are sure to be the talk of the town.


Specialists and consultants:

Mr. Sam, the manager of the operation in Mr. Big Abuja accepted to work with Shawarmaberry for the next 3years and we have written agreement signed.
Also, Shawarmaberry has sent out consultants request to 3 others to well know and effective staffs of the top leading Food companies in Abuja.


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Business structure:

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Below is an image of the business structure.

Shawarma Business Plan structure




How shawarmaberry get its startup capital, how much profit it makes and how much they pay will be treated below.



Get Startup Capital:

Shawarmaberry currently has N2,000,000.00 from savings and will be applying for lone of N2,000,000.00 from First Bank Nigeria for the business startup.



Make Profit:

Based on our recent market view and finished product view, we noticed a pure profit of N1000 per sells.

one shawarma cost N2000
our production cost is N500
that is a profit of N1500
the utility bills transport and salary will cost extra N500
giving a profit of N1000.



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Pay workers:

For a start, our workers will be paid N25,000 each so as to have a clear view of the market.


To get the P.D.F format of this business plan, just email with the pdf request and I will forward it to you immediately. if you will like us to write any business plan a business just comment below.

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