10 Simply Services on Fiverr You Can Offer Without Investing Anything.

10 Simply Services on Fiverr You Can Offer Without Investing Anything.

Simply Services on Fiverr anyone can offer is not an over exaggeration, there are lots of services one can offer for some dollars.








Having a lot of contacts daily asking the kind of Simply Services on Fiverr one can offer without investing money and time learning the skill. that has to lead to this post and we will be revealing so simply yet working service you can offer on Fiverr and make money.

the reason for this post is for anyone to get paid for their passion rendering Simply Services on Fiverr.


10 Simply Services on Fiverr You Can Offer Without Investing Anything.


Blog post commenting.


Our 1st Simply Services on Fiverr is post commenting.

It will interest you to know that lots of people pay for their blogs or website to visited and commented on just as how people pay for traffic.

On fiverr.com you will find a lot of services like this and they do not take much time to offer.

For you to offer this service successfully you will need some devices (with internet) and also a network of people that you can direct to the website or blog to start a conversation.

To be successful with this you will have to get your competitors and make them your business partners. This is what the wise guys in some part of the world do.

They will create a group (WhatsApp group) and they add your competitors that as agreed to be your partner in the business if anyone in the group has a job he or she will come to the group to alert the group to comment on the website or blog. this is how every member will get paid with less hustle.

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Voice Over.

Our 2nd Simply Services on Fiverr is Voice over.

Are you a fluent speaker? are you free to talk? Do you have a deep voice? do you have a tiny voice? do you have a funny voice?

If a YES is to any of the above you are good to go. We can be making money from Fiverr with just our voice.

Most people have an animation that needs a human voice and does not want to use computer filtered voice so they will look for a service on Fiverr that will work for them.

For you to know exactly what to offer go to Fiverr and take a look at their voice over niche and you will have a clear picture on the kind of service you can be offering.

We always advise you think outside the Big convenient box. Do something no one has ever done.







Our 3rd Simply Services on Fiverr is singing.

If you have the voice or talent you could be making a good amount of money by just offering a singing gig on Fiverr.

you can offer this service / Gig like this.

“I will Sing a Merry Christmass Song Calling Your Name on Centerclus Outfit”.
For that Gig above you will need a Sentences Outfit, here the voice those not matter at all.
Most parents will get this Gig for their children during the Christmas period.

“I Will Sing With Your Company Name Playing the Keyboard”

Most startup will need this to show on their Instagram page to keep their customers and viewers engaged.




Our 4th Simply Services on Fiverr is songwriter.

Most musicians actually don’t own every sentence of their music, they can buy two or more gigs from songwriters and then work on them by cutting and adding to them.

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If you are a good songwriter you can write songs for people developing your skill more while you make some money from it.

Take a look at the kind of service that is been offered in the gig niche to know how it is done.


Creative writing.

Our 5th Simply Services on Fiverr is writing

Gigs like …
“I will do a Professional Writeup for your Softwares”
“I will write a Creative content for your Website”
do you know that the above Gigs are making over a thousand sells on Fiverr each year?

Most people are looking for Creative writers to help them out in writing a review for their websites, software, application or so.

This is paying very well because of the research involved before an article can be made.

Check out the creative writing niche of Fiverr.



Article and blog posts.

Our 6th Simply Services on Fiverr is Blog posts.

Are you a content developer? Do you know how to write articles or blog post?
this could be a great opportunity in making some few dollars.
articles are been charged at the rate of $0.01 per word. you can offer post or articles in any language that you are comfortable with it as much the need for it in that language is high.



celebrity impersonators.

Our 7th is Simply Services on Fiverr is Impersonation.

Do you have any feature with any of the celebrities? can you impersonate people like presidents and past leaders?

This is a money making the machine that people use to get a lot of money from people on Fiverr.

You will see Gigs like…

“I will let Jesus say anything in Spanish for just $5”
“I will let Jesus say anything for you.”
“I will make obama call your name and company name”
“Donald Trump will approve your business”

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people with a look-alike feature with those people will make money with gigs of those nature.


Our 8th Simply Services on Fiverr is Translation.

Can you speak, write and read in multiple languages?
this Gig is selling very well in Fiverr, you do not need to know everything in a language before you can start this gig just the understanding of the language is okay.

“I will translate 500 words from Spanish to English for $5”

That is a simple example of the gigs that are making good sells of Fiverr.

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Viral Videos.

Our 9th Simply Services on Fiverr is Viral Videos.

“I will dance to your song”
“I will tweak to your song”
“I will tell you how much I love you to make your boyfriend jealous”.

For $5 you can use your phone and chat with your client on WhatsApp tell her how much you love a lady or a guy.

you can dance to someone song and make money or even tweak to a song.

more videos like that.

Relationship Advise.

Our 10th Simply Services on Fiverr is Relationship Advise.

People do as far as getting relationship Advise from Fiverr, this niche is not just for advise. you can offer to be someone’s Girlfriend or boyfriend.

Hope you understand how you can make money online by offering the Simply Services on Fiverr.

Try them out and let us know how you are doing by a comment.

Updated: July 24, 2018 — 12:01 am

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