How To Start Lucrative Bamboo Farming Business In Nigeria And Make Millions

How To Start Lucrative Bamboo Farming Business In Nigeria And Make Millions

How To Start Lucrative Bamboo Farming Business In Nigeria And Make Millions

Bamboo Farming Business


A lot of waters have gone under the bridge and if we keep talking about it some more will still go through the same bridge.

Business opportunities are not gist topic they are an eye-opener to flowing strings of income.
Bamboo Farming Business In Nigeria is a business that is done by just a few people in the country.

Despite the importance and the use of bamboo business it still has less investor, looking at the profit potentials of bamboo business lands are not suppose to lye for years without use.

In this post, you will know what it takes to start a Bamboo Farming Business in Nigeria and make a reasonable amount of money.


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  • In Nigeria Bamboo is mainly used in construction like bridge building, flooring and furniture as well.
  • Bamboo Tree is used for making Musical Instruments like drums, flutes etc.
  • It also serves as food for livestock.
  • It is said to serve as food in India.



  • It is very high in demand.
  • It creates a lucrative job opportunity.
  • Its competition rate is less.
  • It is highly profitable for anyone to venture into.



Bamboo is a cash crop that starts to mature from 4 – 5 years after final propagation depending on the variety.
With a 5m X 4m spacing, an acre of land can accommodate about 200 seedlings of bamboo.

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A seedling produces 4 new seedlings every year and its seedling does same each year as well amounting to 80 bamboo sticks for 5 years per initial seedling.

As of the time this post is been written a Mature stick of Bamboo cost N110.

If an acre of land took 200 seedlings and each seedling produces 80, then our bamboo stick will be
400 x 80 = 32,000.
N100 X 32,000 = 3,200,000.

That is a whole lot.



Below are some requirement for starting a Bamboo Farming Business here in Nigeria and open a continuous source of millions.



Carry out a feasibility study on a business you intend to start should always be the first thing to do. The reason is that it will expose you to a lot about the business you never know of while looking from the outside of it.

When running the feasibility study for a Bamboo Farming Business you will get to know all the varieties of bamboo and the one that is best for your environment and that does make money as well.

below is a list of the varieties of bamboo.


  • Bambusa Nutans
  • Bambusa tulda
  • Babboosa Bambos
  • Bambusa Vulgaris
  • Bambusa Polymorpha
  • Dendro calamus Brandisii
  • Dendro calamus Hamiltonii,
  • Dendro Calamus strictus.



Also, weather and soil have a lot to do with the success of Bamboo Farming Business, you might not know if you did less or do not carry out a feasibility study.

Bamboo does not need to much water because water tends to make the leaf discoloration to brown.

Bamboo can withstand any soil condition except for rocky soil, bamboo is a shallow-rooted crop will fall in a rocky soil environment.

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Bamboo attracts snake and for this single reason, your farm should be far from human inhabitance.



Once you convey you have fully studied the market and you know that you can kick-start the business, the first thing to do is to get a Land about 2 acres or more.

You can tend to go as far as your village to get this land (land is always cheaper to the citizen of a place).

Make sure that the land you will be using for this Bamboo Farming Business is registered under your name (the land should be yours and not rented).

The reason for that statement is because we are dealing on a cash crop, it will take up to 5 years or more before we can make any major harvest. That time is too much for anyone to take a turning decision on an agreement formally made.

The location of the land is also an important factor you should consider. You should be sure that it will be difficult for developers to get to the place or the area which you have picked for the Bamboo Farming Business within the mater of 10years.



Bamboo is commonly propagated through the culms and rhizomes, it is naturally propagated by seed but the seed is rare because it takes many years for flowering.

Majority of Bamboo farmers in Nigeria plant Bamboo by cutting the bamboo culm and replanting it to start a new life cycle.



Before your Bamboo gets to maturity, it is wise to have a list of companies that already asked for your product. How do you do this?

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Visit major construction companies in your state and also neighboring states and let them know that you have Bamboo that will get to a mature stage with a year.

You will also let them know the size of your farm as they might be able to buy all.

If an advance is paid for the Bamboo, take as this will help secure your place as they sell. This will help you reduce risk due to disappointment.


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You can make extra money from your Bamboo Farming Business by adopting an Inter-cropping farming system for the 5 years while you wait for your investment to mature.

You can farm cover crops like beans of the farm, this will help to increase the nutrient of the soil thereby reducing the amount of fiberized needed for the Bamboo Farming Business.

Crops like potatoes will be good as well as the will help protect the soil from excess loss of moisture.

You can also plan vegetables, ginger, and so many other crops to have some yearly income as you wait for the bigger one.

This is a little we can come up with on Bamboo Farming Business, hope you now have a clear understanding of how to start a Bamboo Farming Business here in Nigeria.

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Updated: August 25, 2018 — 12:11 am

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