How to Start a Lucrative Block Industry Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

Lucrative Block Industry Business in Nigeria

block industry business is the most lucrative business today in construction. every day people are building houses, hospitals, factories, schools and so on, to do all this construction one important factor in common with is concrete block.

I visited a friend of mine earlier this year in Edo state he asked me on how to start-up blocks production 2 years ago and now I must confess he is doing well.

The Requirement to Start up a Lucrative Block Industry Business in Nigeria


A land we use to say is a free gift of nature, it might still be a free gift in some villages but I am sure some requirement had to be met.

If you don’t have a land yet then you just have to buy or rent one, Land is one of the fundamental features and that this business cannot stand without.

You will be at a high advantage when you get a land that’s close to a developing place where construction and structure are ongoing.

The rate of building is alarming these days; if you take a very close look around you everywhere seems to be a construction site. This is the right time to expound out income source.

When you have secured the land in an ongoing construction area, it’s time to build a small store office and shade.

Think of how to get water supply for your business, this is a business and we will want to make a profit. We can’t be buying water every day; we need a free source so we will dig a well.

If you are in a please where well can’t function, you will need to but three tanks. You can decide to get two or one but to prevent failure from water suppliers you need three.

If you’re very serious about the lucrative block industry business in Nigeria, digging a borehole will not be a bad idea if you have what it takes which is finance.

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The list of equipment you need in other to start your concrete lucrative block industry business in Nigeria is given below.

  • Cement Block Carrier: These are wooden flat formed pies of tool use in the lucrative block industry business in Nigeria. It is used to carry the newly produces block from the area of production to the sunning area for proper dryness.

Its importance is to carry the block without letting it to be destroyed or to brake. You will need a few thousands of these if you are planning to go into a large production.

  • Shovels: a shovel is a little bit popular; it is used in the lucrative block industry business in Nigeria by the laborers to make a mixture of sand water and cement. This is used to blend up the combination of this three raw materials that give the products.
  • Head pans: Head pans have an important role to play in the lucrative block industry business in Nigeria. The conveying of sand from the area it is kept to the vibrating block molding machine is done with the head pan.
  • Vibrating Block Molding Machine: this is the machine that is used to produce the blocks.
  • Distribution truck for delivery: production is not complete until it gets to the final consumers and to do this you will need a truck.

You might not have one for yourself that is normal but you should have a place to hire one if the need for it comes.

  • Power supply (Generator): leister is the type that is recommended for this production.

The reason we said leister is because it has a very reliable energy to carry the weight of the vibrating block molding machine.


You want me to be frank with you? This is the truth; without any of these three materials I bet you can’t do a thing, the lucrative block industry business in Nigeria cannot start without any of the three.

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These raw materials are very important to every lucrative block industry business in Nigeria.

Water Supply: contact the people to dig the borehole for your business; this will be the most profitable idea in the feature.

In a case where you can’t dig one then buy the tanks and contact water suppliers, you can also dig well in your work area. Well is a free source and it will save you money.

Cement: You need to search for good cement that will help you produce quality blocks. 15 bags of cement can yield over 520 cement blocks. I live the math’s for you to solve how much that will give you if per 9inch block goes for N170.

Sand: you have to be very careful in the type of sand you use. Sand has a big factor in describing the block and telling how strong the block will be.

If it warrants to talking to one of those that has been in business before you to know how they get their supplies of sand, the type they prefer and why.


This will help your country in creating employment opportunity for some people. You will need an operator, a manager, and laborers.

The operator is the one to control the block molding machine throughout the production process. The operator is aware of the quantity of a ratio of sand, cement, and water to add.

Laborers are those who are in charge of carrying the sand with cement and water to the operator to mix.

The laborers also take charge of carrying the block from the molding point to the desired location.

Perhaps, you can also employ a manager who will also keep account of how many blocks that was molded, supplied and stored. You can decide to take up this sensitive aspect

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You will fill the importance of having a truck whenever there’s an order to supply blocks in high quantity.

You can buy a truck or better still you can hire whenever there is a need for it. (It will cost you).

The truck you bought has created another source of job employment form someone else. You will need a driver to drive the truck you can decide to do the driving yourself or use your manager

However, this is a crucial aspect you shouldn’t overlook. Mode of transportation should be given serious thought because virtually every order will require a delivery.


Every investment has its percentage of risk which must be taken, what distinguishes success from failure in business is your business plan.

Be very sure to preview your business plan well, if you are not guaranteed of making a profit please back out (don’t do it).

A good business plan should be able to tell you what your business is all about, should be able to estimate your business budget, your expectation, your output and the minimum time required.

Make sure you have a business plan before you start any business, a business plan is quite easy to draft but if you can’t do it or you are not sure then get an entrepreneur to do it for you. It won’t cost you much.

And please try to treat your worker well, let your personality be an example to all.

awaiting your success story, keep being the INCOMEPRO that you are.


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