How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria – Free Guide Pictures

How To Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria – Free Guide

Mini Importation Business in Nigeria;

Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 

Join the so-called Gurus that have been making money from mini importation business in Nigeria today and get a cut of the tasty cake.

Mini importation business in Nigeria is just as simple as ABC. following the simple steps below you will be able to get your first imported product delivered to you with the next 8-20 days.

Before we get started it will be nice to look at the requirement for the mini importation business in Nigeria.



  1. Start up capital.
  2. Laptop or mobile phone.
  3. Payment means.
  4. Valid home address.
  5. An email address.



Just like every business you will need a startup capital but this is on a lighter scale, mini importation business in Nigeria requires a very small amount of capital to start the business.

The startup can be from about N10, 000 – N150,000 or even more.



You will need a laptop or a mobile phone to be able to make your search and purchase of your desired goods. your laptop or phone should be connected to the internet because we are doing everything online.



We can’t forget this, we need a payment means to be able to pay for our goods after searching for them.

As you know, we are making the payment directly to China, USA, UK so a payment means to those locations is required.

Our debit card can do this payment, mind you not all debit cards make payment for such transaction. you will need to get a master card or a visa card from any of the Nigeria banks.



For your goods to get to you an address is needed, the goods might not get to your doorstep if your address is not very popular but it will get to the nears post office or bank, making it easy for you to get.



The goods tracking number and some other details will be sent here, so a valid email address is very required.



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The following are products that you can start importing:

  1. phone Memory car
  2. Laptops
  3. Smartphones
  4. Bags
  5. Suits
  6. Ladies Sandals
  7. Male Sandals
  8. Hair Clippers
  9. Shoes
  10. Belts
  11. Computer Accessories
  12. Flash Drives
  13. External DVD drive
  14. Ties
  15. Wristwatches
  16. Motor spare parts
  17. Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, etc.
  18. Designer T-shirts
  19. External DVD drive
  20. Children clothes
  21. Digital Cameras
  22. Phone Batteries
  23. Chargers
  24. Uk phones
  25. Tablet Pc
  26. Android phone
  27. Car parts
  28. Phone screen guide
  29. Brazilian Hair
  30. Bluetooth
  31. Phone accessories
  32. Solar charger
  33. Phone screen protectors.
  34. Computer accessories
  35. Pieces of jewelry
  36. Wristwatch
  37. Blackberry
  38. Home Accessories: like washing machine…

The list goes on and on and on. it is possible to invest all that you see in the market to from this mini importation business in Nigeria.



A lot of website claim to be selling cheap goods online but you should know that they are all scam.

In a few seconds, you will see a list of trusted as a tasted website that you can buy cheap goods and have them delivered to you here in Nigeria.

  1. (China website)
  3. (USA Website
  4. ( UK Website)


The above list of websites is the website that you can buy goods and have your goods delivered to you without stress.

Below you will know how to order goods from and

you can wait to get started right

Now, we can not buy from www, without an account with them which means we have to register (not to worry, registration is free). simply go to and click the join.

You will need to fill the form with the correct details (no faking).

once you have filled and send your sign up details you will have to verify if your email is correct before you can log in. go to your email and click on the confirm like they sent to your email.

if the confirmation was successful you will be redirected to the main page where you can log in and start a market search.

Searching for the right and cheap product.

For you to buy goods on this portal, you need to know how to search for the product you want to buy and you need to know how to compare the price of one seller to another so that you can go for the one who offers best and better price.

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You also need to know how to search for the seller who will ship your product free to your Nigeria home address and also need to know how to select a seller who has a lot of review 1.e Recommendation from their buyer.


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I did a simple search for 2 in 1 table (tablet pc)

Mini Importation Business 

pay close attention to the customer review and number of orders, this tells you who is the real sellar and the will be a scammer.

if you find a good product that has high orders and positive reviews you can now click on the “buy now”

when you clicked the buy now you will be prompted to fill your location if it is your first time to buy from them.

After that, your product info will be displayed. you will notice the shipping fee apply, this is not so for all product (though we selected free shipping)

then you will need to fill your credit card details and submit payment.

How to start mini Importation business 


You will receive an email telling you to check back for your tracking number to use to track your product after 2 days or more.

Some factors like the processing time affect the delivering of the tracking number.

just expect it from 2 days upward.



Mini Importation Business in Nigeria tracking.

After buying goods from this portal, the seller will send you a tracking number either by DHL, EMS or China hair post….It depends on the method he uses to ship out your product…But DHL is the fastest if the shipping fee applies DHL will be expensive.

Once you receive your tracking number all you need to do is to go to the website where the seller instructs you to track your goods… I will use DHL as an example here….

If the seller uses Dhl to send out your goods… All you need to do is to go to On you are on the DHL website….it will look like this.

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And once you click on a track, you will see the information about your product…you will also see whether your product has arrived in Nigeria or not……



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PROTECTION AGAINST SCAM You don’t need to be a worry when you are shopping on this website because they have a service called Escrow.

What is Escrow and How Can It Protect You When You Are Shopping On This Website.
Escrow is a third party arrangement which serves as a protection for the buyer and the seller.

Whenever you shop on this shopping website, your money will be held by escrow and they will release the money to the seller once you receive your product in good condition.

Another benefit of this website is that, If you order for goods from any seller and you found out that the seller did not deliver what he or she promised, you can return the goods and they will credit your credit card with the equivalent amount.

Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 

you might need to pay for the shipping fee back to where the goods come from.



How To Advertise And Promote Your Imported Goods/Products with or without a website



If you don’t have a website you can still promote your imported product. just use the below medium.

  1. creating an account here takes less than 2 minutes.
  2. Facebook fan page: creating an eye-catching fan page takes less than 20 minutes.
  3. Using Bulk SMS: send bulk SMS is much simpler with
  4.  Local Newspapers: this is a very nice means of promotion add your contact like WhatsApp number
  5. Flyers: Do an open promotion, shear your flyers to everything you see.
  6. One on one consultant. meet people that you fill will need your product even when they don’t look capable of buying it.
  7. Radio advertising: Until tomorrow this is still one of the best means to market your product.


I believe you now have an idea on how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria.


let us know how your first importation went and how you felt at the sight of your order.

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