How To Start A Lucrative Sugarcane Farming Business In Nigeria 2018.

How To Start A Lucrative Sugarcane Farming Business In Nigeria 2018.

Sugarcane Farming Business In Nigeria 2018.

Sugarcane Farming Business

Sugarcane Farming Business


If you have ever wanted to start a sugarcane farming business here in Nigeria or anywhere in the world and you need a way to go about it, This guide is all you need to meet up with a successful end.


Below are some uses of Sugarcane farming.

  • Sugarcane is used for sugar production.
  • They are also used to produce sweeteners.
  • There are used to produce none-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.
  • The fibers from sugarcane are used as Biofuel for production electricity.


How To Start A Lucrative Sugarcane Farming Business In Nigeria 2018


  1. Study the Business:

    This is the first thing that needs to be done if anyone is planning of going into any business at all.

    An in-depth study into the business is it farming or sales are required to yield success.

    This can be done through divers’ way s and means. You can go to a farm to study the farming process or you can follow up videos online.
    You can even as those farmers that is already into the business to put you through.

    You need to gather all the information that you will need to get started.

  2. Get A Farm Land:

    Now you are sure what you need to kick start the sugarcane farming business.

    Your next line of action should be getting a land for your sugarcane farming business.

    All types of soil are durable for sugarcane farming except a rocky land. Sugarcane needs moisture to produce well and a rocky land will be a big disadvantage to this.

    If the soil or farm land is well drained and fertile having a PH of about 5.0 – 8.0, you are sure to have a healthy produce at the end of the season.

    You farm land should have an average temperature of about 250 C – 300C, and a rain fall of 1400 – 2600mm per annual.

  3. Planting And Propagation:

    The farm land needs to be worked on, this means we will have to employ the use of farm machinery both for the clearing and the tilling of the soil.

    When you have successful till the soil, you will need to make ridges for the planting process.

    In the ridges you just made, you will have to plant your sugarcane billets horizontally in a deep of about 4inch deep row.

    You can also employ the use of sugarcane planter as this will help to cover a very large space of land within a short period.

  4. Crop Management:

    It normal to expect pest and disease to attack once In awhile, so you should be prepare to fight back as the surface in your farm land.
    You will need to give your farm the time it requires. It don’t end in the planting stage, if you farm is not well taken care of, you are sure to run at lost at the end of the farming period.


  1. Harvest:

    Sugarcane can be harvested mechanically or manually after 10 – 24 months of planting.

    Sugarcane are harvested immediately they get to maturity to be able to get the full sugar quality in it.

    Cane knife are used to harvest sugarcane and machete can be used in the absence of this.

    Sugarcane are harvested by cutting them above the ground level. Sugarcane harvester will do this work fast and stress free.


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