How To Start A Lucrative T-shirt Printing Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Lucrative T-shirt Printing Business In Nigeria.

T-shirt Printing Business In Nigeria.

T-shirt printing business

T-shirt printing business


A Friend of mine from Newcastle contacted me about this T-shirt Printing Business, so I thought I should make a detailed Guide on how to start a T-shirt Printing Business not just in Nigeria but across the globe.

She actually needed a business to do in college and make money, what a smart idea.

Most of us passed through high school depending fully on our parents or guidance, and that made our stay in school very stressful and boring.

Back then in the university, my next door neighbor was a fine boy, he likes flexing but never use his hands to hustle.

He had to collect the school fee every semester from his parents.

I was looking at a missed used opportunity in the process but can’t do anything.

I and my neighbor had gotten into a countless argument during the Course of advising him.

But life after high school is one thing he was blinded to.

I never had the opportunity back then in high school, but I choose to make myself the opportunity by working.

I don’t know if to say good news or bad news, but I and my then neighbor are in no match today, in fact, am the fine boy now.

There is a popular saying that says the best time to become a millionaire was five years ago, another best time is now.

Try to work before you eat.
Try to earn before you spend.



Have you ever wondered why most of our celebrities are going into fashion-related businesses when they noticed a downtrend in their careers?

This is because of how lucrative the fashion niche is.

Anything that has to do with fashion is a sure marketable business in Nigeria and across Nigeria.

T-shirt Printing Business is indeed a very lucrative business in the fashion niche.

Can you count the number of times you have seen a T-shirt with designs on them? Impossible you should say.

T-shirt these days carries design on them no matter how small the design might be.

These designs are sometimes logos, words, images that represent an entity which can be a person, a cooperative, or an event.

The profitability of a T-shirt Printing Business depends on the capacity of the business you intend to set up.

In this post, we will discuss two T-shirt Printing Business capacity which is the low capacity and the high capacity.

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  • Low Capacity T-shirt Printing Business.
  • High Capacity T-shirt Printing Business.


Low capacity T-shirt Printing Business is an aspect of T-shirt Printing Business that do not require much capital and popularity.


High capacity T-shirt Printing Business is an aspect of T-shirt Printing Business that requires a large amount of capital and popularity before it can be successful setup.


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With just N20,000 you can start a low capacity T-shirt Printing Business that will later grow and become a high capacity T-shirt Printing Business In any country.

The reason for the possibility of starting up with an amount as low as N20,000 is Because we are not buy anything aside from the T-shirts that will be designed on.

N10,000 might be able to buy up to 30 T-shirts from cheaper sources like aba market and another clothing market that deals with Importation.

The other N10,000 will be enough to run the T-shirt Printing Business process until the end.

Thereby making your T-shirt Printing Business procedure Cost roughly N20,000.



All printing on T-shirts are designs that pass one information or the other.

These designs are made by various designers.

Not are drivers are good drivers, which simply means, not all designers are good designers.

It will be nice to have a good T-shirt design idea and have a designer give you exactly or more than your expectations.

There are places to get very good designs for a very cheaper rate, is one of them.

With just 5$ you can hire a professional designer to help you with your design.



Since our capital is N20,000, we will not be able to afford any printing equipment and machines.

That only leaves us with an option which is, The printing press.

If you are starting a T-shirt Printing Business for a small amount, a printing press will be our only alternative.

Most printing press charges based on the design size and the number of colors used in your design.

So, if you don’t want to spend more, you can ask your designer to keep the size to a minimum.

Also, you can select a color that will fit the color of T-shirt you have for the T-shirt Printing Business.



In starting a low capacity T-shirt printing business, you have to plan your method of promotion way before you kick-start the business.

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promotion is the key to the success of any business.

For a low capacity T-shirt printing business, our mode of promotion will be a free one.

We will look for all possible means to get our T-shirts to prospective buyers without spending on promotion.



  1. Social media
  2. School
  3. Church



No one will deny the importance of social media to business, especially small business.

Businesses that can’t run paid promotion on social media can still promote themselves to their viewers and followers to get more attention.

The free promotion will be done by posting or tweeting depending on the social media.



Schools like collages and the university is a great place for T-shirt printing business if you are a student or are close to a high school.

students love customizing their wears with their Nicknames.

They can spend any amount to get that, and if one person gets a good job from you, you are sure to get more traffic coming in.

Also, T-shirts are printed for special events in school like a departmental day, graduation or convocations.

If your designs look good and the work is neat, you will sure get promoted.



The church is another free but yet powerful source of promoting your T-shirt printing business.

Your church can give you free time to promote your business if you request.

The church usually prints T-shirt for special events or programs, if you let them know that you are into T-shirt printing business they will give you their business to do as a member of the church.

You can as well print a black and white cheap flyer to give to members after church service.


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Since we are starting a bigger T-shirt printing business that is likely to be called a company, we will need to have a very good business plan.

All the required equipment and capital will be discussed in the business plan including how to raise them.



You will have to study some of the T-shirt printing business in your locality, if there is none then you can go far to meet any of them.

know how they bill by sizes, color and time.

You won’t know everything yourself, you need to ask questions where necessary.

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This can be done by an expert or a member of your intended company.



Capital is a required factor for business and production.

About N500, 000 to N5, 000, 000 will be good to kick-start your T-shirt printing business.

How to get the capital might have been dealt with in your business plan (if well written).



All your T-shirt printings should look good.

Designs are what people look while making a choice of which T-shirt to buy, so you will want to offer a pro design.

You can learn how to design T-shirts or get those that are good at designing to do your work for you.

You can also get good designs for 5$ each from



Once your capital is ready, you can order your printing equipment from China or UK via mini importation (Alibaba) or go to an open market to get them.

A reason for the feasibility study is to expose you to all you will need to know about T-shirt printing business including all the tools and equipment that will be needed for the T-shirt printing business.

Don’t forget safety first so, safety guide should not be forgotten.



In starting a high capacity T-shirt printing business, you will have to plan your promotion very well.

A paid promotion like Google ads, facebook and twitter will be very productive.

Also, promoting on Tv stations, radio, and publication media like newspaper and magazine will help your new company get noticed easily.

You can also choose to promote via outdoors advertisement like billboards.



T-shirt printing business is a very lucrative and profitable business to start.

T-shirt printing has gotten a lot of fame lately.

If you are starting as a low capacity T-shirt printing business, you will need to put your destination (the hight you intend to get) in mind at all times.

Your work day and night should be motivated by your desire to make it big in the industry.

You should never settle for your current position when there is still space in front for you to stand.

Thanks for your time.
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Your comment is much welcome. God bless.


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