The Truth You Should Know About MMM (MLM)

The Truth You Should Know About MMM (MLM)

MMM Multi-Level Marketing is the first MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that made a great impact in Nigeria. some MLM like HNLD have been existing but MMM made wave because it trades the real asset that people wanted (currency).

when MMM first started people were happy, it there was one same phrase in everyone’s mouth “it is paying”. I can remember when it all start people were okay with the system but

letter what happens?
the system went down, why?


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now, let’s understand why MMM stopped paying.

MMM is a Multi-Level Marketing scheme. Not just being a Multi-Level Marketing scheme it is a clear PYRAMID Scheme.


Pyramid Scheme as the name implies is a scheme whose operation takes the form of a pyramid.

let me explain the best way I can.
in every MLM Scheme, you need people is that right? some of these schemes require the user to invite other people to the scheme for some benefit. some of these benefits could be extra pay, quick payment, level step up. etc.

let’s take for example you register and make your payment to an upline you are to receive payment from two persons (downlines).

if you receive payment from them, you know that your downlines need two downlines each and their downlines need two downlines as well and so on.

Starting with you (1 person) you can now see how the tree has grown so wide.
That increment from one person to the people we have now form a pyramid shape.
This is why MMM is called a Pyramid scheme.

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Fact about MMM Multi-Level Marketing

MMM did not go with any body’s money.
The owner or should I say the CEO knows that the system will someday stop.
MMM members killed it fast.
MMM made some rich.
MMM made many homeless.

YES! I said so, based on the image above the below level gave their money to the level above them, as the tree grows it became impossible to maintain the pyramid (could not get the number of people needed to maintain the system) and so it begins to die.

 MMM Multi-Level Marketing members killed it fast.
It is a must that the system will someday crash but the member killed it fast because those that are coming in are expecting to make money fast and easy after some hours they did not see anything they begin to scare those that are supposed to join the circle.
The impatience of the members of the circle killed it fast.


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The CEO of MMM knows that the system will crash though might be pretty too soon than expected. he was aware of the steps of the business.

MMM made some risk takers very rich. it is very difficult to see those that made it through MMM but is you see any you will understand what I am telling you. though it is a thing of luck that they were not caught unaware.


HOW DO PEOPLE SEE MMM Multi-Level Marketing TODAY.

Nigeria learned their lessons the hard way. MMM has really made so many to give up on MLM completely.
As you will know there are always sheep among sheep, some people can’t just learn a thing.
people don’t want to look at the best entrepreneur opportunity around them. millions are been made daily on entrepreneur platforms. there are over a hundred and one things you can do and make real money.

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if we could put half of the money and time we invested in MMM then into the entrepreneur section of our lives we will surely make it with no hindrance.

why not stand out from those who don’t want to build themselves as the bill gate of the word. with hard work success if sure.

here are some business you can start up with little capital…

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and this


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