16 Things Unsuccessful People Do That You Must Know.

16 Things Unsuccessful People Do That You Must Know.

Below are the things unsuccessful people do.

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They are afraid to try: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

most unsuccessful people always feel reluctant to try something new even when they have the idea. they will end up wasting the idea or end up telling someone else to do it. if the person they tell eventually take the risk and do that thing which they can not do and got a good result they will then begin to regret it. they might then want to do it but might be too late at that time.
smartincomepro advise that when every you have an idea to do something, study it carefully and they give it a good try and if the result is negative you can then stop. but don’t forget if plan A fails you still have 25 more characters, you can still try with a different approach.

Trying to be perfect: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

This is almost like the first mistake but this is quite different, when trying to be perfect not to make mistake reduces the capability of the entrepreneur, he will be restricted within his mind to do and think of a new creative way to solve problems and improve his business.
It is good to be perfect, but giving room to some mistakes will help the entrepreneur understands the business and help him know what works and what doesn’t.


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They only do what others do: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

Destinies are not tye together, because this person is doing something and are successful doesn’t mean that everyone that does that same thing will.
this is one main habit of unsuccessful people, thinking out of the box is a problem to them they only look for what others think and then think like them thereby getting the same result as others or getting low because others already got the juice before they came.
To be successful you have to start thinking differently from the way others think because if you think like them you will only become like them. look for those things they are not doing study it and then give it a simply try, judge from your result to know if you can go on.


They talk more and act less: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

This kind of people ends up making others rich while they are busy talking. they tell people what they want to do any expose the result of their research before they start, thereby unknowingly give some other sharp persons their information.
it is adviseable to reduce the rate of talking and covert the energy into acting, this will help you a whole lot.

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Spend too much time plaining: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

This is a mistake that new and intending entrepreneurs make, they think the best business is one that takes years to plan and the launch. the C.E.O of Facebook talked against this in one of his interviews he said: ” Ideas do not come out fully formed, it only becomes clearer as you work on them”.
when you have a plan to do something a little check is okay then start immediately, the more you do that business the more you will find out ways to improve.


Think they have time: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

when you begin to think that you have time you begin to have issue suciding in life. the seconds hand of the clock indicate that time never stops. if you have to make it in life you have to work with the seconds hand.
thinking their is no time will help you give up sleep and work your way out to success.


Lack focus: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

most entrepreneur begins to lose focus when their business starts to expound, this could be caused by overexcitement or fear of failure. fear and excitement are the two factors that destabilize the mind of young entrepreneurs.
An entrepreneur has to expect anything at any time, with this feeling he will be able to overcome fear and excitement.


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Think of themselves only: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

When a person it use to thinking of himself alone he is reduceing his chances of making it to the top. this is very simple lets look at the entrepreneurs we have to day, they product that made them millions were not produce just to serve them.
they think of the masses and them they made their money, this is one secret tool that brings in money like real time.
Always think of how to make the masses confortable, how to solve a problem and they will in reture make you rich. facebook did this, Microsoft also did this.

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Keep unserious friends: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

The holy book asked a question, Can two walk together allest they agree? the anwser is a plain NO!
if you are planing to be successful and you have unserious companies as friends, you are just making a toilet roll plan (will be disposed of the next minutes). After making your plan and the next minute they come and do one of their unserious things thats it.
what you should do is to cut those friends out the minute to want to start a succussful life. how to do this.
call them and explain what all of you have been doing, let them know that you all are becoming of age. Now propose a brake, and ask them all to do same for the main time to be able to reformat your prevoiuse mindset.


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Unable to say No: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

After reading most entrepreneur and motivational books i noticed that i have been doing the wrong thing, I Asked some question… how can I tell my friends NO? how can i tell my family members NO?
Most atimes our friends and family members ask us to do things that will affect our lives completly and we can say NO because of the love we have for them, that will end up distroling things and sending us back.
You can always say No to some certain things that are not good for you and your growth, how to say no matters a lot. let them see reasons why you don’t want to do what they are asking you to do. show them prove and some examples if possible.


Working too long for people: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

Working for people is not bad (atleast you need money for startup) but working too long for people is a sin on my path. some people are very comfortable collecting N30000 every month and don’t want to leive that job.
if you recieve that amount and spend it and you do this for 1 year what comes to your mind?
where do you see yourselve next 2 years?
How do you increase your earnings?
What Happens if the person you are working for no longer needs your services?

If you ask yourself all this question you will have a plan when to quite that work and startup something you can control.


Spend more than they earn: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

My dad use to tell me “my son, before you eat anything in a day make sure you have earn and do not eat up to what you have earned” that is the word of the wise i now know. most people those this, they can spend a month earnings in just a day.
we should be very careful with what we use our money for, a majority of the things we spend money on don’t have a way of inpacting possitively to us.

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Don’t plan their day: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

90% of successful entrepreneurs plan their day to day life. before they come out in the morning they already know what they will do throughtout the day and when they are likly to be throgh with their work.
we should try to emulate good behaivour and character from those that are already at the top.


Don’t seek advise: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

there is an addate that says “if you want to know the way forward ask those that are comming back” this apply to all aspect of life. seeking to advise expecially from those that are well to do in the thing you are making reshearch on is a way to increase you possible success rate when you start.
behave as if you are anovice, as if you don’t know anything, when they advise you make sure you filter the advise they gave you and use the filterat while to dispose of the residul.


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Under rate the power of team work: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

No matter how far you might have gone in business, never underate the power of team work. this is one of the major success secrete of facebook and other platforms owned by the C.E.O.
when i saw his Oculus team, i could only wonder how the facebook team will be.

Lack manner of approauch: (Things Unsuccessful People Do)

Any one without the manner of approauch cannot do anything in this life and be very successful. you have to meet people and people have to meet with you also.
there are times were you will need help from people, if you don’t have this manner you will not be able to get a thing from everybody thereby thinking those areound you are greedy.


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