Top Lucrative Agriculture Business in Nigeria.

Top Lucrative Agriculture Business in Nigeria.

Below is a comprehensive list with explanations on the most lucrative agriculture business anyone can do in Nigeria with easy.

NOTE: All these businesses are very lucrative and you can make a reasonable amount of money from them.


Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria. ( Lucrative Agriculture Business)

plantain farming is one of the most beneficiary investment anyone can ever invest in. do you know that once you succeeded in planting you plantain for that first time that is all? unlike other crops where you have to observe their yearly planting and harvesting period. this makes the farming more interesting.

when you set up your plantain farm your farm should be ready to start producing but 8 – 10 month. this is cool, is it?
some person doesn’t know this that is why the people that are into plantain farming are mainly educated people and those do does research.

one attractive thing about plantain farming is that the harvest process continues, once you have harvested from a plantain plant it begins to produce again, it does not wait for the season to start producing. I say it is harvest after harvest, with just one planting season you can be able to harvest twice a year for over 30years.

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Start Lucrative Pig Farming Business in Nigeria ( Lucrative Agriculture Business)

This is a business that makes a man rich, no wonder the way pig are been rear in very special compared to other animals. Among all the farm animals I noticed that pig is well taken care of when it comes to commercial farming.

Everything is been provided for them, imagine they give them water to drink, water to bath, free big land to play and so many benefits that other animals do not get.

All of that attention will not be given to the pig if they don’t have a special way to payback. The pig so far is the most productive farm animals. They have the ability to produce over 15 piglets and they reproduce 3 – 4 times a year.

The young piglet gets to maturity within 3months and a new circle begins. That is, the pig take-in and giving to birth.

Pigs have one major advantage over most farm animals, they grow fast. This is the more reason why most educated farmers love going for pig farming.

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Goat Farming Business in Nigeria ( Lucrative Agriculture Business)

Goat Farming Business is a very lucrative anyone can start anywhere in the World.

In the whole of the word farming is one business that the world has been benefitting from and will continually see as a blessing until the end of time.

Goat farming business is making a daily increase in the market as the price of purchase of a single goat tends to go higher on daily bases.

This Goat farming business has made many people millionaires in an annual base, young youths who were able to get the idea of the Goat farming business has made it millionaires within a short span of time.

Goat farming business use to be a business for local farmers, I can remember vividly those days if anyone introduces himself as a farmer the way we look at him is disgusting. But today farming has made it to the top in agriculture.

A farmer can confidently tell you today that he is making over N500, 000.00 every month. Yes especially when it comes to Goat farming business and Cattle farming business in Nigeria.

I used to know a friend of mine who made it big with the underrated Goat farming business, today he is an exporter in the business.

We chat on phone some time ago and I told him I wanted to join his kind of business he was happy and gave some advice.

When starting up Goat farming business a lot of discouragement will come your way. It will be very difficult to drive through the business path without devotion and consistencies. The major discouragement will come from those you expected will be there for you.

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Start lucrative poultry farm business in Nigeria Africa. ( Lucrative Agriculture Business)

Poultry cultivating is the demonstration of raising tamed flying creatures, for example, chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to get meat or eggs for sustenance. This includes building poultry pens, dealing with chicks, agonizing, immunization and offering of eggs and meat to the purchasers.

In spite of the fact that the words “Poultry cultivating” covers raising of chickens, turkeys, duck and geese, this post will be centered around chicken cultivating part of the poultry business.

A poultry ranch could be kept running on escalated or broad lodging framework, contingent upon the assets accessible. You could utilize battery confines or profound litter framework, contingent upon your arrangement.

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Today, I will take you by the hand and be demonstrating to you generally accepted methods to begin and profit from poultry cultivating in Nigeria and Africa.

If you don’t mind pardon me as I will accept that you don’t know anything about poultry cultivating business before now, so I will begin from the rudimentary.

What is poultry cultivating / farming?

Poultry cultivating / farming is raising of tamed winged animals, for example, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, to farm meat or eggs for sustenance. Poultry ranches are ranches where fowls (of various nature) are raised, either for individual utilization or for business purposes.

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How To Start Garri Processing Business In Nigeria ( Lucrative Agriculture Business)

Garri processing is so far one of the most lucrative businesses in west African today. it is often said that garri don’t have advertisement but it sells more than a product with thousands of advertisement.

Garri which we often call as gari or garry and others call it tapioca, it’s a popular West African food made from cassava tubers.

Garry, Garri or tapioca is mainly called ‘garri‘ in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Benin, Togo and in Ghana.

Actually, while in school, we are used to calling it G4. For a reason which is actually not worth a sec of your time researching.

It is an essential food widely consumed by most West African countries and has recently stamped its name among the most exported African food products.

The end product is packed in 50kg bags or less, and exported to other countries.

To make garri, cassava tubers are skinned, washed and crushed to produce a mash.

The mash is retained in a porous bag and weights are placed on the bag for some time up to two days more to press excess water and starch out.

It is then sieved (or sifted) and fried in extra-large clay frying pot or a mechanized frying process you have with or without oil.

The resulting dry granular garri can be stored for long periods. It may be pounded or ground to make fine flour.

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How to start fish farming business in Nigeria. ( Lucrative Agriculture Business)

Fish farming business is one of the most lucrative businesses in this era of agriculture. Fish farming has never been given this much attention as it is these few years.

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Most people said it is because our villages are gradually becoming cities and town. Those who were known to be fishermen are charging with the trend of business as it is supposed to be.


What is fish farming?

Fish farming is the production of varieties of fishes or a specific type of fish for consumption. The farmer in control of the fish farming business has a big responsibility of caring for the fish.

Unlike the normal free fishes that feed by them and take care of them self. The feeding and medication are control by the farmer.

Why fish farming business?

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How to Start Cattle Farming Business in Nigeria ( Lucrative Agriculture Business)

The number one most lucrative farming now is livestock farming. Many persons might want to agree with me, let’s consider having a hundred by hundred (100 x 100) land that is used for livestock farming. With that 100 x 100 land, you can generate over five millionaires every year without add fraternizer to the land.

Cattle farming is one of the most profitable livestock. Try visiting any of the abattoir closets to you and run a price scale on cattle to know how much one cost. You will be understood clearly what I am saying.

Looking at the way most extensive cattle readers rear their cattle you will want to believe that the cattle production business is an arduous business and so you can’t do it.

That is not so, those cattle that the cattle farmer carry about are the native breed on cattle and it takes 18months to mature. These days we now have other breeds that can get to maturity sage within just 8month.

Notwithstanding the breed that you want to farm in the Cattle Farming Production Business, you should know that at the end of the farming season your harvest will come bountifully judging from the cost per cattle.

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