Top Lucrative Business You Can Start With 100, 000 Naira or Below 100K – Complete Guide?

Top Lucrative Business You Can Start With 100, 000 Naira or Below 100K – Complete Guide?

100000 naira 100k business. Problem is inevitable in life every stage has its own problem that we must try to overcome. Looking for money is a problem when you don’t have it and spending that money when you have it is another problem.
Many people will argue that it cannot be a problem to them (that’s because they don’t have it) when they do, I bet you they will surely have one.
Have been receiving a lot of calls, emails, and messages from different people all over the world on which business to start with a specific amount they have at hand. Smartincomepro has been able to help them out with the best advice due to some important things we consider.


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Things to consider if you want to start a business.
Location and market agreement.
Targeted market.
Your startup capital.


location is the skeleton of any business, how well the business will stand, walk and run depends on the location where the business is placed. There is a need to notice the roads when considering the location for your business, it the road good, can it carry the weight of your business?

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Location and business agreement:

this is one of the most important factors to look out for whenever you are considering setting up a new business. You will not want to sell candle wax (local light source) in a place that has 24hours light in a day, you would not want to sell meat in a camp of vegetarians, would you?
Once you have a location in mind also try to look for a good business that the people around the location you are targeting cannot do without.
This is how to get a business idea that will sell you in any location you chose.

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Do you want to know? It’s just a few words.

“Solve a problem”.

When you want to do a new business in a location just look at the problems that those in that location are going through, then try to solve it.
Let’s take a simple example.

I want to do a business in a location where there are a lot of people, I will look at the most pressuring need of the majority of them.
If there is no light in the environment majority of they will need light.
What if the market is a bit far from their area of resident? I can build a mini supermarket.
If they lack efficient mobility, I will buy bikes and tricycle then employ people to work for me.
What if they don’t have schools in their community, nice! Will build a school.
How about health care, I will set up a nice hospital and employ doctors.

Targeted market:

your targeted market should be over 60% of the population in a place before setting up a business in that location.
If you target below 60% you might end up getting just below 40% that will need your product or services and then getting 30% to actually buy from you.
Targeting a higher percentage will place you at an average level where you will get up to 50% potential patronage.

Startup capital:

Startup capital is the amount needed, required to set up a business. Start-up capital can also be the amount at hand or budgeted for the setup of a business.
You will need startup capital according to the demand of the business you are setting up. If your business needs equipment, registration, and promotion the amount summed up will be your startup capital for that business.

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Now here is some lucrative business you can do and make a cool amount of money.

(100000 naira 100k business)


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Start Red Oil / Palm Oil buying and selling business.

You can start a medium scale red oil/palm oil buying and selling business with capital as low as 100, 000 naira in Nigeria. We all know the importance of palm oil in our home, I am tempted to say that needs as endless. Beside just cooking palm oil is used as first aid to stomach pain, body reaction and so on.
Almost every home must use palm oil every day which makes it very lucrative.
Consider starting one if the conditions above permit it.
Here is a simple guide on how to start a palm oil buying and selling business.

How to Start Red Oil/Palm Oil Buying and Selling Business in Nigeria/Africa – Free Guide

Start a beer parlor business.

(100000 naira 100k business)

If you are in a nice location for this business or you are targeting a location that will suit this business, then do it. Beer parlor business is very lucrative. A living has been made from this business.
A lot of people who asked me for a business plan come back to that me for both my advice and the business plan, they shear their success story with me.
Here is how to start a beer parlor business

How to Start Lucrative Beer Parlor Business in Nigeria Africa.


Pig farming business.

(100000 naira 100k business)

Pig farming is another lucrative business but in the agriculture line. Agriculture, as we know, has been the source of income of our fathers and the country (Nigeria). Till today millions are been made from Agriculture especially livestock farming.
Pig is one of that livestock that brings in money in the agriculture line. Pig farm has a lot of advantages you might want to find out….
How to start Pig farming business.

How to Start Lucrative Pig Farming Business in Nigeria African. Free Guide.



Poultry farming system.

(100000 naira 100k business)

Poultry farming business is a simple to understand business yet very profitable. Thousands of people including youth have made a step up just from poultry farming business. to set up a poultry farm or to own one do require B.Sc certificate, just with the base knowledge of how the rearing process is done you are good to go.
Learn how to start poultry farm business.

How to Start Lucrative Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria Africa – Free Guide


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Start eggs distribution business.

(100000 naira 100k business)

Egg consumption is almost a daily habit for most of us because of the health important of egg to us. Eggs contain a high amount of protein which is very essential for building the body.
Find out how to Start Eggs Distribution Business.

How to Start Egg Distribution/Supply Business in Nigeria – Free Guide


Start block industry business. (100000 naira 100k business)

This is a very lucrative business if you are targeting a developing environment. There is a lot of benefit in this business if you have the right location (developing location). This business can be done with an amount greater than 100k but if you use the manual process you will be fine with that amount.
How to start block industry business.
Start the fish farming business.
You can start the fish farming business and make your profit within 6 – 8 months. The farming process and requirement are quite friendly and affordable. You will just need a basic knowledge of how that business is done.
Read up to know how to start a fish farming business.

How to Start a Lucrative Block Industry Business in Nigeria – Free Guide


Today we have solved the problem of which business you can start with 100,000 naira and less. Hope you liked it.
Thank you all.
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