Top Lucrative Business You Can Start With 50, 000 Naira or Below 50K – Complete Guide?

Top Lucrative Business You Can Start With 50, 000 Naira or Below 50K – Complete Guide?

50, 000 naira 50k business. 50, 000 is a lot of money to most of us and we will not want to waste it. To most of us with the entrepreneur mindset, it is better to invest the money than to keep the money in the bank (smart idea).

This question has been coming in ever since we made a post on “Top Lucrative Business You Can Start with 100, 000 Naira or below 100K – Complete Guide?

We received a lot of calls from our followers and readers, most of them were saying that they don’t have up to 100 thousand now and they really want to start up something.


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Some of them particularly asked for this questions (50, 000 naira 50k business.)
How can I invest my 50, 000? I don’t want to spend it.
What if I only have 50k do I wait till it gets to up to 100K?
100k is quite big can’t I get something reasonable to do with 50k?

For the purpose of those question, this post will clearly show some lucrative business that you can start with 50K and still make a reasonable amount of money to step up.


Note: for the fact that you start a business with little capital does not mean that the business is a small business or the business will not bring good profit. You don’t measure your setup with your profit rate.


There is away a reason why you spend money on some business than others.
Below are some of the reasons why some business start with
Reasons why some business starts with a small amount and others with a big amount.

Need for some pieces of equipment: (50, 000 naira 50k business.)
Some businesses require you to buy costly equipment for effective operation while some others with same profit rate do not need the use of equipment.

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Acquisition of lands: (50, 000 naira 50k business.)
Some business needs land as a major requirement for the setting of the business. Some others, you will have to start even right from your living room.


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Registration requirement. (50, 000 naira 50k business.)
Registration is one of the requirements for setting up some business while in some others, you don’t need to register anything.

The above list is the reason some business takes big amount to set up while the others take a small amount. This process required money and it takes some time.

Let’s get to know the list of business to do with 50, 000 naira and less.


Start chin chin business in Nigeria: (50, 000 naira 50k business.)

Chin chin business is a business that has been lucrative but has been in the shade for too long. No wonder the business has not stopped ever since I can remember those days that out parent do buy chin chin for us (usually big in size). Since that time till today if the business is not profitable people are supposed to have stopped the business.


After so many research and calculation (live practical), we noticed that to actually start chin chin business in a big scale will not cost you more than the range of N150, 000 – N250, 000 (doing it from your home).

You don’t expect to start all businesses big (with an office, a car and so on). Facebook as popular as it is never started with its present look. That is why mark said “ideas do not come out fully formed, they only become clearer as you work on them”


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Start shawarma stand business. (50, 000 naira 50k business.)

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Shawarma stand business is very profitable, it is one of the most lucrative business in every developed cities and state. In Lagos, Abuja and even in Port Harcourt the demand for Shawarma is very high. Making the sellers very rich.

Profit potentials in shawarma stand business.

Shawarma is sold for over two thousand nairas, let’s say N2000 per shawarma. and from our estimate, it cost just N300 – N400 to produce one.

if a Shawarma stand business own sells up to 10 to 20 piece of shawarma daily he will be making a profit that amounts

if he sells 10 pieces N1600 x 10 =N16000

if he sells 20 pieces N1600 x 20 =N32,000 daily

that is someone salary.

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Custard production business. (50, 000 naira 50k business.)

Custard production business is a small business with big profit. In almost 70% of the average Nigerians costumes custard. Custard is taken as breakfast in Nigeria and it is consumed with beans or beans-cake (Akara) some people use bread to consumed custard.

The percentage of custard consumers would have increased but most prefer to take the cornstarch (Akamu) which is also called pap.

People believe that custard is expensive, it is not the people’s fault because the so-called companies producing custard only use to produce bigger quantity.

Today custard production business companies now produce smaller quantities in sachet but they still have a very big job to let people know that sachet is cheaper and better health wise that the Akamu they take.

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Liquid bathing soap: (50, 000 naira 50k business.)

This soap making business has created hundreds of self-made millionaires Long gone are the days of white-collar jobs, entrepreneurship has taken over in this new era.

I and my dad were talking some days back and the conversation gets to an extent where I told him if I was to be making 1 million monthly as self-employed and a company gives me a mouthwatering job for a salary of 2.5million that I will gladly ……………..

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(What are you thinking?) I will gladly reject it.

Why! That is quite simple. If you are making a million today you just have to double your effort and you will make double your earnings.

You will be creating a source of income for life, you will learn daily as you go.

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Dettol production. (50, 000 naira 50k business.)

o make a product like Dettol which isselling like garri to today, we do not need any special skill or knowledge.


Dettol production is as simple as just the addition of chemicals in the right proportion, this is why the big companies that are running Dettol production business keep running an advertisement to ensure they retain their normal sales rate.

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Bleach production business. (50, 000 naira 50k business.)

Never underrate any business in Nigeria. I have always known that Nigeria is the best place to make money with anything and any skill that you acquirer.

Not because a business is not going well for you or the people you see doing it, does not mean that the business cannot make someone rich.

Even a business that gives a profit of N5 (five naira) can make you a billionaire in just a week if you are thinking it is not true that’s good.

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Now, you have seen the little business you can start with 50, 000 naira and make money

Alright, thank you for reading please shear the post.


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