Toyota Venza Prices In Nigeria (2018)

Toyota Venza Prices In Nigeria (2018)

Toyota Venza Prices (2018)

toyota venza prices

toyota venza prices


If you are seeking a relatively small SUV that looks beautiful and attractive, then the Toyota Venza is one of the cars you should fall in love with.

However, the Toyota Venza is by no means becoming more and more famous.

And with the fact that there are Toyota spare parts majorly available in Nigeria, you can never go wrong when you purchase a Toyota Venza in Nigeria.

If you seek to find out a brand new Toyota Venza, then you might not be happy to hear that Toyota has halted the production of the model in the year 2017.

Moreover, the Toyota Venza US production was stopped way back in the year 2015.

The reasons why they stopped the production of the Toyota Venza was that there were a low demand and sale of the Toyota Venza as well as there was a change in what the customers wanted.

However, since Nigeria is somewhat the home of used cars, it should not be a surprise to you that the Toyota Venza would still be invoked and remain relevant in Nigeria for some time to come for about 10 – 15 years.

Prices of Foreign –Used (Tokunbo) Toyota Venza in Nigeria

  1. 2009 Toyota Venza Prices: N6,000,000 – N7,200,000
  2. 2010 Toyota Venza Prices: N6,200,000 – N7,800,000
  3. 2011 Toyota Venza Prices: N6,500,000 – N8,200,000
  4. 2012 Toyota Venza Prices: N7,300,000 – N8,500,000
  5. 2013 Toyota Venza Prices: N7,500,000 – N10,000,000
  6. 2015 Toyota Venza Prices: N12,000,000 – 14,000,000


It is important to note that the prices which are stated above ranges on the basis of trim, mileage, presence and absence of faults and others.

That is to say, that is possible for a 2011 cost of Toyota Venza to be more expensive than the cost of a 2012 Toyota Venza meaning that the 2011 Toyota Venza is better than the 2012 Toyota Venza on the basis of trim and mileage.

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Prices of Nigerian (Locally) Used Toyota Venza in Nigeria

It is a natural phenomenon that the prices of Nigerian used cars are always cheaper than the prices of Foreign used cars.

The reason being that most Nigerian used cars were bought as used cars already (tokunbo) and not brand new.

Basically speaking, the cars have already been used abroad for a while, and then also used in Nigeria for also a while.

And that is why the prices are always much lower.

The normal Nigerian used car is about 60 – 80 percent of the price of the tokunbo version. And the Toyota Venza is always very much included.

The prices of Nigerian used Toyota Venza include:

  1. 2009 Toyota Venza Prices: N3,600,000 – N5,800,000
  2. 2010 Toyota Venza Prices: N3,800,000 – N6,300,000
  3. 2011 Toyota Venza Prices: N4,000,000 – N6,600,000
  4. 2012 Toyota Venza Prices: N4,400,000 – N6,800,000
  5. 2013 Toyota Venza Prices: N4,500,000 – N8,000,000
  6. 2015 Toyota Venza Prices: N7,200,000 – N11,500,000


Toyota Venza: Some Things You Need To Equip Yourself With

The Toyota Venza can contain 5 passengers with its mid-size crossover SUV, with the inclusion of both a front-wheel and an all-wheel version if you want any of them.

The Toyota Venza shaped up and has a wagon design while being closely talked about with similarities to the Toyota Camry because of the design it possesses.

The latest models of the Toyota Venza were produced in LE, XLE, and limited trim options.

The LE option contains alloy wheels, reverse camera, touchscreen infotainment interface, USB port, Bluetooth satellite radio with the inclusion of a power driver seat.

While in the case of the XLE, the trim increased to have keyless entry and ignition, hot front seats, leather upholstery with also Toyota’s Entune smartphone integrated system.

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The last version which is the limited version has both the features of the LE and XLE version but with the inclusion of panoramic sunroof, increased sound system, navigation system and as well as xenon headlamps.

The Toyota Venza is perfect on roads that are curvy, although it does not give a sporty experience while driving. One good thing that relates to the Toyota Venza is that its economizes fuel a lot with the 4-cylinder engine option.

Things You Might Like About The Toyota Venza

  1. Beauty: If you are a fan of cars that are beautiful in production, then with the Toyota Venza, you are just in the right place. People who love the Toyota Venza, often love it by giving the reason that it is beautiful.


  1. Versatility and fuel economy: The Toyota Venza economizes fuel a lot which makes people like it and get drawn into it. In addition to that, the Toyota Venza is also versatile in production, in that you can do various things with the car.


  1. With the Toyota Venza, you are assured of the space and location in which you can keep your documents. The Toyota Venza is loaded with large storage for you to be able to organize your documents very well.


  1. The features associated with the Toyota Venza are something to boast of. The features include anti-lock braking, vehicle stability control, brake assist, smart halt technology, tire pressure monitoring system, seven standard and reliable airbags, hill-start control, automatic locking retractors, and so many other features.


Things You Might Not Like About The Toyota Venza

While there are things you might like about the Toyota Venza, there are also things you might not like about the Toyota Venza.

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The things which you might not like about the Toyota Venza may include:

  1. The Toyota Venza when moving is always closer to the ground making it prone to damage on time.
  2. The Toyota Venza is not what people might think it is. That is to say that it is not really an SUV but a wagon. It is not in line with cars like Highlander, 4Runner, Prado and some other rugged cars. To sum this point up, the Toyota Venza is not really a strong car if that is what you aim to have in a car.
  3. The Toyota Venza does not have the feature of a third-row seat in it. If you are in search of a car with a third-row seat, the Toyota Venza is definitely not the one for you.

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