Top Reasons Why Blog Fail In Nigeria And How To Avoid Them

Top Reasons Why Blog Fail In Nigeria And How To Avoid Them.

Why blog fail in Nigeria reasons and how to avoid them.




Do you want to start a blogging career and looking for information or you already have a blog and want to learn so as not to fail in your blogging career?

Then, get a glass of water as your long search just ended here.

Starting up a blog is the simplest and the hardest thing to do (i have my reasons).

Blogging is easy in the sense that you know what it takes to become a blogger, both the time and finances.

Blogging is also the most difficult of jobs to do if you come into blogging with the wrong motive and orientation.

The orientation and motive you had before blogging, go a long way to determining your success in the industry.

It will interest you to know that only 20% of blogs survived the first 2 years and it goes down to 10% in 5 years.
If your blog made it to 5years, you will have less stress with promotion.

But why do blog fail?.


Below is a simple break down list, on why blogs fail and how to avoid them.



Over 80% of the blogs online today started without a goal, The means, those blogs are among the blogs that will fail in time to come.

Not having a goal set before starting a blog is one of the reasons why blog fail, all days and night that was devoted to the blog at the initial stage go to waste.

Setting a goal does not mean, taking a 60leaves exercise notebook to write down the goal, No, A simple sketch will do just fine, in as much you can understand what you sketched.

I did this with my blog and I check every stage that I cross, This gives me a clear picture of what I want and how to go about it.

So, when next someone asks you “why blog fail?” just tell the person to set a goal and work towards it.


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Blogging is not rituals, and even rituals these days don’t give you a close date for making money.
Most people come into blogging with the mindset of making money without even giving the blog some good food and water to drink.

Setting up a blog does not mean you have done work, and you should not expect money if you did not work, That is simple.

I use to tell people, if you are starting a blog today, put it in mind that you will begin to make money after a year.

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The above can only be possible with hard work. If you set up a blog without working on it and want to get money after one year, you lie.

If you are able to deal with this feeling, why blog fail will not be a question you will ask in the nearest future.



Everything has its ups and down including blogging. You have to know this and plan for it.

The first 7months of blogging used to be very difficult. You will need to put in your whole best and believe that you are a madman (this really helped me).

Only madmen talk to themselves. if your blog is new form 1 – 3 months you are a top madman, because you will not have a single comment and your views will be very low.

If your blog stays up for 4 – 6 months you are a normal-madman, because you now have some people you can talk to even though they might not respond, and those that will respond will want to ridicule you.

Why blog fail is because most people don’t assume something that will keep them going even though it might just be imagination.



Criticism is okay, in fact, is a must if you are starting any new thing except what you are doing don’t have anything special it is giving.

When I Started blogging, I had it from my friends that I was thinking will help me with promotion, I screenshot most of the comment, group chat and private messages I receive for future use.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, criticism gives me the moral and motivation to want to work hard.

You will need to see criticism as a boost juice, energy or a driving force that makes you focus to want to make it in whatever you do.
Criticism is one of the factors why blog fails and if you can overcome it, you are on your way to success.



Lack of patience is a major factor why blog fails, Most people that got the wrong impression about blogging will be expecting too much from it the moment they kick-start their blogging career.

Few days into the blogging career people tend to find out that it was not as they expected.

The whole aspect of blogging requires patience.

You need patience to get approval from your advertisement agency (Google Adsense). You need patience to start getting visitors, you need patience as well for your post to start to rank in search engines.

I can openly tell you that lack of patience is a major reason why blog fail.

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You will agree with me that everybody has a passion and an area of expertise. You can’t do everything and even when you think you can do everything, you can not do everything perfectly.

Why blog fail could be because of the wrongly chosen niche, and this is mainly because the person or the blogger did not settle down to know that he has a passion that he must work with.



Just as important as know your passion is, also choosing the right niche is extremely important.
You will not want to pick a niche that gets just 100 global visitors in a day.

A well-studied research should be carefully taken out on niche picking if you are an intending blogger. We have an article on profitable untapped blogging niche that will help you make the right niche pick or give you an idea of what might be profitable for a new blogging niche idea.



It will interest you to know that most people don’t even know how to run a simple Google search let alone running a YouTube search (How unbelievable).

I learnt how to run not just Google search but all searches with my first small mobile phone and my desktop computer when I was still in my junior secondary school.
While my friend where business playing games and listening to music on their mobile phone, I was business typing “How To”.

The search engine database has an algorithm that uses the sign (%). The sign % means anything. Just ask anything on a search engine, it is the algorithm job to look for the best combination of your typed words to come out with the possible result.

The reason Why blog fails is that only a few persons go into research before setting out to do something.

Research is what has made life interesting, Thinking about getting my research done makes life worth living, trying and failing makes the whole process fun.



To get success in anything, you need the motivation and the drive to want to be successful in that which you do.
The best-driven force to success is motivation and the best motivation you can ever get is when you motivate yourself.
Not having the drive to want to attain success, is one thing that brings a blogging career to a stop, and I can say that it is a big contributor to why blog fail.



Why do things the way everyone else those it if you what to go far and higher than them? Life has a way to treating the early comers.

If you start a business with a particle strategy and got success, four years time when your strategy is been used by everyone try that same business and see (your thought is as good as mine).

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The reason why blog fail is that people do things like everyone, they are not willing to risk a trial.

It is normal to try and fail, in fact, it is fun to me.



PROMOTION! PROMOTION!! PROMOTION!!! Over 99.9% of today’s business will do well if the right promotion strategy is put in place and observe correctly.

Traffic is the main aim of business, be it an online business or an offline business.
New bloggers find it very challenging to do promotion and as new bloggers, their promotion strategy might be weak.

To have a good promotion strategy requires you to study the business and those that have been there before you, find out what they are not doing and know those things they are doing as well.
low or bad promotion strategy is a reason why blog fail.

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I commended yahoo boys for this in one of my yahoo boys article, and I also advise them to bring the same spirit into the real word for a real business and they will get success as a plaything.

Show me a man who is consistent in his business and I will show you a business worth millions of dollars.

As a blogger that you are, you have to set a target and be consistent to get your target. This will help avoid the failure of your blog and save you time looking for reasons to why blog fail.




As a blogger, you don’t look at what you are doing right now or the gain of your little hustle, It is like a car you are driving, you only look front and not where you are, so you won’t get into an accident.

Imagine what your new useless blog will be like in the next 5 years with same or doubled effort that you have right now.
Sure, your blog will get a lot of traffic and that is what your business needs.


This is also applicable to all business. If you take this into consideration, above the sky is your limit.
See you at the succeeding-end; from Gen2general (Saleh Henry)

Shear this post and comment let’s know what you think.
GOD Bless You. Njoy 😉


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